Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2386 - Another Inferior Legendary Quest

Chapter 2386 – Another Inferior Legendary Quest

System: Inferior Legendary Quest, “Last Knight” triggered. You have three minutes to accept the quest or not. You will not be penalized for refusing the quest.

System: If you choose to accept the quest and complete it, you will gain Holy Knight Alba Gray’s favor. Alba Gray’s Favorability of you beyond the corresponding reward will depend on the quest’s completion rate.

System: If you fail to complete the quest, all Basic Attributes will be permanently decreased by 100 points. You will lose five levels, and your Reputation in the Ten Saints Empire will be reduced by 500 points.

The system notifications repeated three times.

He’s Alba Gray?! Shi Feng stared at the frozen, middle-aged man before him in astonishment.

The penalties for failing the quest didn’t particularly surprise him. In fact, for an Inferior Legendary Quest, the penalties were a bit light. Even Epic Quests had more severe consequences for failure.

What truly surprised Shi Feng was the Hero’s name.

Alba Gray!

Every player in Shi Feng’s previous life had known this name. Alba Gray had been one of the eight Famed Smiths in the past. Before him, even a talented Grandmaster Forger amounted to nothing.

The various superpowers had gone crazy over Alba Gray in the past because only the Famed Smiths could forge Legendary items. The easiest method of obtaining a suitable Legendary item was to seek the help of a Famed Smith. Relying on players to craft such an item was barely a dream.

Hence, the various superpowers had done everything they could to gain any of the known Famed Smiths’ Favorability.

Even Tier 6 God-ranked players would go crazy for a custom-made Legendary Item. They’d even destroy an entire kingdom to get their hands on one.

Unfortunately, gaining a Famed Smith’s Favorability was easier said than done. Players would be lucky enough to meet a Famed Smith, much less earn their Favorability. Famed Smith’s enjoyed even higher status than Kings, and even the War God’s Temple, one of God’s Domain’s few apex powers, treated such NPCs with great respect.

It was easy to imagine how difficult it would be to earn such an influential individual’s Favorability.

Shi Feng had never thought that not only would he meet the legendary Alba Gray here, but he’d even get a chance to earn the NPC’s Favorability by simply accepting the quest. If the various superpowers of his past life found out about this, they’d kill him out of jealousy.

Without any hesitation, Shi Feng accepted the Inferior Legendary Quest. He then received another notification stating that his Favorability with Alba Gray had increased by 10 Points. The rest of the team was also notified of the quest.

“Are we really going to challenge this Inferior Legendary Quest?” Blackie asked, worriedly glancing at the Last Knight quest’s rank.

Major powers’ upper echelons, like himself, were very familiar with quests’ difficulties. He was beyond feeling fortunate just because he accepted a high-rank quest.

Great rewards came with great risks in God’s Domain. Many major powers had suffered grievously for accepting high- ranked quests that they couldn’t complete. Some Guilds had even destroyed themselves due to uncompleted quests.

Meanwhile, not only was the Last Knight an Inferior Legendary Quest, but it was also in such a dangerous location. Even with Zero Wing’s 25 Tier 3 players, Blackie wasn’t confident in completing the quest.

The rest of the team was just as concerned. The weakest monster they had seen in the Demonwolf Mountain Range had been a Level 100 Lord, and throughout their journey, they had spotted Level 110-plus Great Lords and Grand Lords. Aside from Shi Feng, they were all new to Tier 3. Furthermore, they had yet to upgrade their weapons and equipment. Just standing in the Demonwolf Mountain Range was incredibly risky for them, let alone trying to complete an Inferior Legendary Quest.

“The quest rewards are incredible. Not accepting it would be a waste,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. He didn’t bother to explain his decision, however. “We’ve already reached Tier 3. Even if we fail and lose five levels, we can earn them back quickly. Enough worrying. Let’s get going.”

The 10 Favorability Points they had just gained were far more valuable than the Basic Attributes and levels they risked losing. Countless superpowers would willingly make such a trade. There were many methods to increasing Basic Attributes, and gaining levels was even easier. Furthermore, if they completed this quest, they’d gain even more Favorability with Alba Gray.

Regardless of the outcome, accepting this quest would only benefit players. Only a fool would reject it.

Shi Feng then approached Alba Gray, and after a moment of thought, the rest of the team saw their Guild Leader’s reasoning. Now that they had reached Tier 3, their leveling speed was far faster than Tier 2 players’. Even if they lost five levels, they could recover and maintain their advantage over others relatively easily.

“Lord Hero, may I know what we need to do to remove your seal?” Shi Feng asked Alba Gray.

Unfortunately, my Knight Division came across the Jealous Witch at a bad time, and she cursed us, adventurers. Since my comrades lacked the protection and blessings of the Gods, they died when they were frozen. Although I am protected by the Gods, I cannot fully stop the curse from eroding my body. I ask that you collect some of the Mana the Jealous Witch left behind in this land. I will also need you to stop the Ice Elf, Ulunium, whom the Jealous Witch left to oversee my demise. That will buy me enough time to break free from the curse,” Alba Gray mentally relayed.

System: Inferior Legendary Quest, “Last Knight.”

Quest content: Collect 1,000 strands of Mana the Jealous Witch left behind in this land to remove Alba Gray’s curse. Before removing Alba Gray’s curse, you must do all you can to stop the Ice Elf, Ulunium. You have 10 days to complete the quest. The less time you spend completing the quest, the higher the quest’s completion rate will be.

Shi Feng’s teammate gasped when they saw the quest’s contents.

“Crap! This quest is fraudulent!” Blackie’s face twitched as he read the quest details. “Collect 1,000 strands of Mana in 10 days? How are we supposed to do that?”

They were all familiar with the concept of collecting Mana for a quest. Normally, players could complete the task by killing Great Lord rank or higher monsters in a specified location. Although killing Level 100 Great Lords might be easy with their strength, collecting 1,000 Mana strands within 10 days was a joke.

Level 100 Great Lords had incredibly high HP. Even their team would need at least 15 minutes to kill one. Although God’s Domain’s days consisted of 48 hours, they’d have to grind non-stop for five days to complete this quest. To make matters worse, Great Lords only had a chance of dropping the required Mana.

To put it simply, this quest was the system’s way of toying with them.

It’s no wonder why only a few superpowers had earned enough of the Famed Smiths’ Favorability to commission an item. Shi Feng couldn’t help his bitter smile after listening to Alba Gray’s request.

Not even a 100-man, Tier 3 team could complete this quest, especially since players had just recently reached Level 100.

“Guild Leader, we should call in all of the Guild’s experts,” Yan Tianxing suggested.

“That’s not a viable option, I’m afraid,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head.

More help would increase their chances of success, but the Ten Saints Empire was quite far from Star-Moon Kingdom. The teleportation fees alone would be a huge burden on the Guild, and players would need a long time to travel from the Ten Saints Empire to the Demonwolf Mountain Range. Most importantly, ordinary Tier 2 experts would have no hope of surviving in this forbidden land.

“But at this rate, we won’t be able to complete the quest,” Yan Tianxing insisted. He had considered the same issues with his suggestion, but their team of 25 simply couldn’t slay enough Great Lords within the time limit.

“We’re not completely out of options,” Shi Feng said after giving the matter some thought. “Blackie, contact Melancholic and tell her to gather all of the Secret-Silver Guards I asked her to find in White River City’s Candlelight Trading Firm. I’ll head over right away. While I’m gone, I want the rest of you to collect as many Mana strands as possible.”

He had already instructed Melancholic Smile to locate high Growth Potential Secret-Silver Guards for him. He had even shared all of the clues he knew of with her. He had intended to use Soul Strengthening to upgrade these Secret- Silver Guards to Fine-Gold rank and use them to boost Zero Wing’s combat power. While Secret-Silver Guards could fend off peak experts, they’d be no match for apex experts.

The same couldn’t be said of Fine-Gold Guards, however, especially a full team of them. If they worked together, Fine- Gold Guards could slay Domain Realm experts as easily as playing with children.

“Secret-Silver Guards?” Shi Feng’s order confused Blackie. He didn’t understand why Shi Feng would want a bunch of Secret-Silver Guards, but he did as he was told.

Shi Feng then boarded the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship and left the Demonwolf Mountain Range, which prevented any form of teleportation, in a hurry. Once he was free of the forbidden land, he used a Return Scroll and teleported to White River City’s Candlelight Trading Firm.