Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2383 - Shocking the Continent

Chapter 2383 – Shocking the Continent

Upon seeing the Hellfire Legion members’ dissipating corpses, the spectating members of the Dark Dragon adventurer team fell into a daze.

So, these are Tier 3 players? Dark Dawn’s heart quaked after seeing Cola and the other Tier 3 experts’ performance.

It was no exaggeration to say that fights between Tier 2 players and Tier 3 players were on entirely different levels.

Although Dark Dawn had understood that Tier 2 players couldn’t win against Tier 3 players, he had never dreamed that the gap was this massive. Although every member of the Hellfire Legion possessed the Demonic Hell World’s special Legacy, none of the Hellfire Legion’s Tier 2 players had lasted more than one hit against Zero Wing’s Tier 3 players.

The strength of Tier 3 classes completely exceeded Dark Dawn’s expectations.

From the fight between the Hellfire Legion and Zero Wing, Dark Dawn could tell that Tier 3 players were superior not just in terms of Basic Attributes but also in reaction speed. A Tier 2 peak expert himself, Dark Dawn could tell that his reaction speed was slower than Cola’s and the others’ by a heartbeat.

Although the difference wasn’t massive by any means, it was still enough to determine whether one could block an attack or not. This difference was why the Hellfire Legion’s Tier 2 players failed to block the attacks launched by Zero Wing’s Tier 3 players, and ended up getting killed instantly.

After watching the performance of Zero Wing’s 24 Tier 3 players, Dark Dawn concluded that even an army of 10,000 Tier 2 experts would suffer annihilation if they tried fighting against these 24 Tier 3 players.

At this moment, the other members of Dark Dragon shared similar thoughts. The frightening power and reaction speed Zero Wing’s members displayed simply weren’t something that could be overcome with numbers.

While Dark Dragon’s members were quietly discussing among themselves, Cola and the others suddenly looked in their direction. This situation frightened Dark Dragon’s members, and they very nearly turned around to flee.

“Commander, they’re not mistaking us for Starlink’s members, right?” the Dark Cleric standing beside Dark Dawn asked worriedly.

Having witnessed the combat power Cola and the others displayed, the Dark Cleric was sure that if Zero Wing’s Tier 3 experts took action, then Dark Dragon’s 100-man team would definitely share the Hellfire Legion’s fate. In fact, the Dark Dragon team might die even more quickly than the Hellfire Legion.

Now that they had already reached Level 100, getting killed even once would pose a significant setback. After all, the amount of EXP required to go from Level 99 to Level 100 was massive. Moreover, the difference in strength between Level 99 and Level 100 players meant they would also miss out on many exploration opportunities.

“I don’t know. We should head over and greet them first,” Dark Dawn replied, shaking his head. He then steeled himself to step forward and take the initiative to greet Zero Wing’s members.

However, by the time Dark Dawn stood up from his hiding place, Cola’s group had already collected the items the Hellfire Legion dropped. They then brought the other Zero Wing members onto the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship and disappeared from the stone forest.

Dark Dragon’s members breathed out a deep sigh of relief.

“They’re actually ignoring us?” Dark Dawn could not help a bitter smile when he saw Cola and the others leaving.

The Dark Dragon adventurer team was an existence that even the expert teams of superpowers feared. However, in the eyes of Cola and the others, Dark Dragon’s members were akin to Common monsters.

However, Dark Dawn also understood the perspective of Zero Wing’s Tier 3 players. Cola and the others possessed the qualifications to look down on the Dark Dragon adventurer team.

At this moment, Dark Dawn regretted his previous hesitation. Had his team moved to help Zero Wing earlier, they might’ve been able to form a close relationship with Zero Wing’s Tier 3 players.

“Commander, they’re gone. Should we head back to the canyon?” the Dark Cleric standing beside Dark Dawn asked. “No, we’re returning to White River City,” Dark Dawn said, shaking his head.

“We’re returning? But we still have plenty of time before we run out of gas,” the Dark Cleric argued. “Returning now will be a huge waste.”

Level 100 neutral maps were quite distant from NPC cities. Even with the help of a Mount, players still took a very long time to reach a Level 100 neutral map. Hence, every team that visited the Cold Spring Forest would endure to their very limits before choosing to return. Their team had spent just half of their expected time in the Cold Spring Forest, yet Dark Dawn was already calling for them to return.

“We’re returning. The sooner, the better. It’ll be best if we can join the Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance before news regarding this matter gets exposed,” Dark Dawn said seriously.

Previously, Dark Dawn had still been hesitating over whether he should get Dark Dragon involved in the struggle between Zero Wing and Starlink. After all, the potential risks of siding with Zero Wing were greater than the potential gains. Now, however, he no longer cared about that.

Twenty-four Tier 3 players!

With this many Tier 3 players, Zero Wing could rule over the Cold Spring Forest with an iron fist. The various superpowers would be crazy to pick a fight with Zero Wing here. Not to mention, Zero Wing also had Stone Forest City as its base.

Once news of Zero Wing’s Tier 3 players got out, adventurer teams and experts would definitely flock to the Star- Moon Adventurer Alliance. Hence, Dark Dragon had to join the alliance before that happened and quickly accumulate CPs to raise its position in the alliance. After all, once the demand for the alliance’s CPs increased, acquiring CPs would become more difficult.

The Dark Cleric immediately understood what his commander meant. Following which, Dark Dragon’s members hurried back to White River City.

Meanwhile, shortly after the Dark Dragon adventurer team left the Cold Spring Forest, the shocking news that a 100- man team from Starlink’s Hellfire Legion got annihilated reached the ears of the various superpowers.

“A 100-man team from the Hellfire Legion got annihilated? Twenty-four Tier 3 players? How is this possible?!” Burning Owl, who was currently raiding a Field Boss, was astonished as he read the report his subordinate just sent him.

Starlink’s Hellfire Legion had shocked the various superpowers with its might. Even Burning Owl was not confident that his Heaven Piercer team could survive an encounter with the Hellfire Legion. After all, the Demonic Hell World’s special Legacy was no laughing matter.

Now, however, a 100-man team from the Hellfire Legion actually got annihilated?

Moreover, Zero Wing now had an additional 24 Tier 3 players?

Burning Owl could understand how a monster like Shi Feng had come into existence. After all, as the Guild Leader of Zero Wing, Shi Feng could utilize all of his Guild’s resources to go on dangerous and rewarding adventures. Hence, his reaching Level 100 and completing his Tier 3 Promotion Quest so quickly was still within the realm of probability.

However, Burning Owl simply couldn’t bring himself to believe that aside from Shi Feng, Zero Wing also had 24 more Tier 3 players. After all, even Long Xianglong had just started challenging his Tier 3 Promotion Quest. Burning Owl himself felt unready to take on the challenge.

Shortly after the various superpowers received this information, news of Zero Wing’s 24 additional Tier 3 players spread quickly to the ears of the various major powers as well.

“Over 20 Tier 3 players? How did Zero Wing accomplish such a feat?”

“Amazing! Too amazing! Zero Wing is actually patrolling the Cold Spring Forest using its flying ship, combined with those 24 Tier 3 players! Nobody will dare target Zero Wing in the Cold Spring Forest now!”

Aside from the various major powers’ members, quite a few independent experts also heard about Zero Wing’s recent achievements and were stupefied by this situation. As for the top adventurer teams that were originally planning to attack Zero Wing’s members, they gave up on the idea—especially after seeing the mobility of the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship.

After this incident, the number of players seeking to join Zero Wing and the Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance skyrocketed.

“Guild Leader! The commanders of many top and well-known adventurer teams have just contacted us. They’re hoping that we can increase the variety of rare resources we’re accepting so that they can earn more points and get promoted to the Silver rank a little sooner. Some superpowers also want to form a partnership with us in exchange for letting their members enter Stone Forest City,” Liang Jing announced excitedly after contacting Shi Feng.

“It seems the actions of Cola’s group yielded quite a result,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “How are things coming along with Stone Forest City’s private houses?”

Shi Feng had to admit that the deterrent effect of having over 20 Tier 3 players was much greater than just having one Tier 3 player. Now, even the various superpowers that had adopted a wait-and-see approach could no longer sit still.

“It’s done. I’ve already refunded everyone who asked for one. Currently, we have over 12,000 empty private houses available in Stone Forest City,” Liang Jing reported.

“Good. Make an announcement stating that Stone Forest City will not be opened fully to the public. Candlelight will also be holding an auction for the leasing of Stone Forest City’s private houses, and anyone who rents a private house in the city will be able to live in it immediately,” Shi Feng said, smiling.

Shi Feng had set aside the matter of leasing Stone Forest City’s private houses, as the time hadn’t been right. However, now that Cola and the others had completed their Tier 3 Promotion Quest and Zero Wing already had its own Knight Division, including Stone Forest City’s current popularity, it was the perfect time to lease Stone Forest City’s private houses.