Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2382 - – Overwhelming Strength

Chapter 2382 – Overwhelming Strength

“Why does Zero Wing have so many Tier 3 players?!”

The distant spectating members of Dark Dragon felt their minds screeching to a halt when they saw the newcomers. Cola and the others were not wearing Black Cloaks, boldly flaunting their Tier 3 life aura. When they jumped off the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship, it was as if two dozen primordial beasts had just dropped from the sky.

Tier 3 was the goal that all experts dreamed of reaching at this point. Even the old monsters of Super Guilds had most likely just started challenging their Tier 3 Promotion Quests. Now, however, Zero Wing revealed that, aside from Black Flame, it had 24 other Tier 3 players.

At this moment, let alone Dark Dragon’s members, even Silent Wonder and the other beleaguered Zero Wing members were stunned by this situation, utterly speechless as they stared at Cola and his companions.

Silent Wonder, in particular, was filled with an indescribable sense of shock. Originally, she thought that she had already seen through Zero Wing’s foundations. She had never imagined that what she saw was merely the tip of the iceberg.

With these additional 24 Tier 3 players, Zero Wing could definitely reign supreme over the entire Cold Spring Forest.

Meanwhile, gloom descended upon Starlink’s members at this sudden development. The imposing aura they exuded before was now nowhere to be found. They also tried to remain as silent as possible, lest they catch the attention of the newcomers.

“You punks from Starlink! Weren’t you guys having fun chasing our people? Why are you stopping now?” Cola demanded, smirking as he retrieved the Titan Shield slung on his back and glancing at the Hellfire Legion members before him.

“Cola, why are you wasting words with them? Since they dare ambush our Guildmates out in the fields, the only outcome awaiting them is death!” Shadow Sword said as he glared coldly at Bright Dawn’s team. “Moreover, the sooner we get rid of them, the sooner we can return. The Guild Leader is still waiting for us to report back to him.”

Upon hearing Shadow Sword’s words, Yan Tianxing and the others nodded in agreement and promptly readied their weapons. They then stalked toward the Hellfire Legion, each step they took making the hearts of the Hellfire Legion members shudder. At the same time, the Hellfire Legion members also started retreating unconsciously.

Vice Guild Leader, what should we do?” the Berserker standing beside Bright Dawn asked anxiously. “Zero Wing has far more Tier 3 players than we anticipated. Our 100-man team can’t handle this.”

The Hellfire Legion had come to the Cold Spring Forest, assuming that Shi Feng would take action against them.

Hence, they decided to hunt for Zero Wing’s members in teams of 100. That way, even if Shi Feng made a move, they could handle him.

Now, however, 24 Tier 3 players had appeared before them.

This was totally different from what they planned!

“Zero Wing!” Bright Dawn gnashed his teeth in anger as he looked at the Tier 3 players. “We don’t have any other choice! Use all the Deification Crystals we have! Everyone else, do your best to escape!”

Even now, Starlink remained considerably fearful of Shi Feng’s existence as a Tier 3 player. Hence, the Guild had specifically assigned 10 Deification Crystals to each of the Hellfire Legion’s 100-man teams. That way, a team could instantly produce 10 Tier 3 players, enough to take down even an expert like Shi Feng easily.

Now, however, their Deification Crystals would only serve to buy time for the others to escape.

After saying so, Bright Dawn and nine other peak experts of the team took out a Deification Crystal from their bags and activated it, instantly raising themselves to Tier 3. Immediately afterward, all 10 of them charged at Cola’s group. They were prepared to pin down Cola and the others to the best of their abilities and allow the rest of their teammates to retreat safely from the area.

“To think that Starlink made such preparations as well… Although Zero Wing is powerful, Starlink is no pushover, either. It seems Zero Wing won’t be able to just swat the Hellfire Legion,” Dark Dawn said, his understanding of superpowers getting refreshed upon seeing Bright Dawn’s team use 10 Deification Crystals.

After Dark Dragon became a top adventurer team in the Demonic Hell World, Dark Dawn had believed that Dark Dragon was superior to the main continent’s various superpowers in terms of peak combatants.

Looking at this scene now, however, that was not the case at all. Even if Dark Dragon’s members had the Demonic Hell World’s special Legacy, the main continent’s superpowers possessed powerful treasures like the Deification Crystal, which could forcibly promote a Tier 2 player into a Tier 3 player for a short period.


Cola revealed an excited expression when he saw Bright Dawn and the others becoming Tier 3 players. He then raised his shield and charged forward all by himself, the confidence he exuded making it seem as if the 10 Tier 3 peak experts before him were no different from Common monsters.

“Coming at us alone?” Bright Dawn sneered at Cola’s recklessness. “If you want to die so badly, we’ll grant your wish! Everyone, get rid of him first!”

Although they were at a numerical disadvantage in terms of Tier 3 experts, every one of them was a true peak expert. This was also the reason why Bright Dawn dared harbor the thought of distracting Cola and the others. Now, Cola was actually charging at their group all alone. Even if Cola was an MT, this was simply suicidal.

After saying so, Bright Dawn swung the Whitebone Greatsword he wielded, the violent aura of death the greatsword released transforming into three ghosts that flew at Cola. Not only did every one of these ghosts carry 120% of Bright Dawn’s Strength, but these ghosts were also akin to doppelgangers; Bright Dawn could control them for 10 seconds.

Tier 3 Undead Knight Skill, Undying Rage!

Aside from Bright Dawn, the two Tier 3 Elementalists positioned behind him also finished casting their Spells. Immediately, pillars of fire descended from the sky, and earth spikes shot up from the ground; these attacks perfectly coordinated with the three ghosts Bright Dawn summoned, thoroughly sealing off Cola’s paths of escape.

This scene dumbfounded both Dark Dragon’s members and Silent Wonder’s group. The power, rapid execution, and coordination the Hellfire Legion’s Tier 3 players displayed were simply inhuman.

Just when the fire pillars and earthen spikes were about to devour Cola, however, Cola released an angry bellow and executed a powerful stomp on the ground. The resulting shockwave shattered some of the approaching earth spikes.

At the same time, he raised the Titan Guard and summoned eight translucent energy shields around himself.

Tier 3 Skill, Heavenly Defense!

In the next moment, the eight energy shields stopped the fire pillars and remaining earth spikes, preventing the attacks from damaging Cola. As for Bright Dawn’s three ghosts, despite their frenzied assault, they failed to break through the eight energy shields’ defensive net.


Bright Dawn gaped at Cola in confusion. He knew about the Heavenly Defense Skill, one of the standard Skills of a Tier 3 Guardian Knight. Many Tier 3 NPC Guardian Knights possessed it. It was not an Invulnerability Skill; the energy shields created carried only 100% of the user’s Strength and Defense. In other words, Heavenly Defense was a Skill that provided the user with a more thorough defense. It did not offer any damage reduction effects whatsoever.

Now, however, even after receiving multiple Tier 3 attacks, Cola had actually come out unscathed.

If Shi Feng were present, he would not have found this situation surprising at all. Setting aside the fact that Cola wielded a Fragmented Legendary Shield, his Tier 3 Mana Body alone already allowed him to trample pseudo-Tier 3 players like Bright Dawn.

The Deification Crystal did temporarily promote a player to Tier 3; however, the improvements provided applied only to Skills, Basic Attributes, and physique. The Deification Crystal did not grant players a Tier 3 Mana Body. Meanwhile, without a Tier 3 Mana Body, players couldn’t fully exhibit the power of Tier 3 Skills and Spells.

In contrast, Tier 3 Skills and Spells empowered by a Tier 3 Mana Body would manifest drastically stronger effects.

Before Bright Dawn and the other Hellfire Legion peak experts could react to the situation, Cola had already arrived before Bright Dawn and executed Shield Bash.

Sensing the incoming attack, Bright Dawn instinctively raised his Whitebone Sword to block the attack.


Upon collision, Bright Dawn felt as if a truck had just rammed him. His entire person went flying backward, his HP falling by over 40,000. The two sides were on entirely different Strength levels.

At this time, Zero Wing’s other Tier 3 players had also made a move. Similar to Bright Dawn, the Hellfire Legion’s other Tier 3 players were overwhelmed in both raw power and agility. Unable to put up any resistance whatsoever against Zero Wing’s members, they rapidly lost HP.

As for the Hellfire Legion’s fleeing Tier 2 players, they were like fragile glass before Yan Tianxing, Yi Luofei, and Zhao Yueru. Every attack the trio from Zero Wing executed would reap at least one life. Rather than fighting experts, the trio felt as if they were slaughtering chicken. The difference in strength drove the Hellfire Legion members to despair.

In less than 30 seconds, Zero Wing’s members had not only disfigured the surrounding terrain completely but also reduced all 100 Hellfire Legion members into corpses that gradually transformed into particles of light.