Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2381 - – Difference in Foundations

Chapter 2381 – Difference in Foundations

In one of the quiet stone forests in the Cold Spring Forest, a 100-man team was hunting the Level 100-plus monsters residing in a canyon here. In front of this team, the Level 100, Great Lord ranked Three-headed Lizard, which posed a huge problem for the teams of major powers, was not a challenge at all. The team thoroughly suppressed the Great Lord and continuously shaved away at its HP.

“Everyone, put in more effort! The Boss is nearly dead!” a blue-armored man, who looked to be in his thirties, shouted as he blocked an attack from the Three-headed Lizard using his two-handed hammer.

The Three-headed Lizard could launch attacks simultaneously with all three of its heads. Aside from the two MTs in the team blocking two of the lizard’s heads, the hammer-wielding Demonic Fighter was holding his own against the third of the lizard’s heads without losing any ground.

If the experts of the various major powers operating within the Cold Spring Forest were to see this scene, their eyes would most likely fall out of their sockets, because this 100-man team was not a Guild’s, but one made up of independent players.

At this stage of the game, Level 100 neutral maps were still extremely dangerous for players. Even the main force of the various major powers would have a difficult time surviving in a Level 100 neutral map. If they stumbled upon a Level 100 Great Lord, they would try to avoid it as much as possible, since defeating such a monster required quite some time. After all, the longer a battle took to end, the higher the likelihood of the battle attracting nearby monsters. If too many monsters joined the fray, a team-wipe was guaranteed.

This 100-man team, however, had actually taken the initiative to attack a Level 100 Great Lord. Moreover, it was perfectly suppressing the Three-headed Lizard. The team’s strength could practically rival that of the exploration teams of superpowers.

After a few more minutes of battle, the Three-headed Lizard finally lost all its HP and collapsed before the 100-man team, the experience bar of every team member increasing by a sizable chunk. At the same time, a few pieces of sparkling Level 100 equipment dropped around the Three-headed Lizard’s corpse.

“Our leveling speed here really is fast. At this rate, I’ll reach Level 101 in less than two days.”

The leveling speed isn’t the most important point. Look at the Attributes of the loot. They’re on an entirely different level compared to our Level 95 equipment. If we can get a full set of Level 100 Secret-Silver Equipment, our Attributes will surpass even those of players geared in Level 95 Dark-Gold Set Equipment.”

“It’s too difficult to obtain Level 100 Secret-Silver Equipment. Normally, only Grand Lords will drop it. Even until now, we’ve only come across a few Grand Lords, and some of them are too strong for us to raid. Plus, our operation time is very limited. Collecting a full set of Level 100 Secret-Silver Equipment is simply too difficult.”

“Zero Wing sure is lucky. It actually managed to transfer Stone Forest City to this place. If our Dark Dragon adventurer team could get a resting spot in a Level 100 neutral map as well, let alone Secret-Silver Equipment, even Level 100 Fine-Gold Equipment would be possible. We could start challenging our Tier 3 Promotion Quests.”

When Dark Dragon’s members spoke about Stone Forest City, envy filled their eyes. Compared to players that had yet to venture into Level 100 neutral maps, they had a much clearer idea of how valuable a resting spot in a Level 100 neutral map was. However, as Stone Forest City was not open to the public, they could only stare at the city from outside.

“Commander, I heard that Zero Wing has established an adventurer alliance. Silver members in the alliance can enter Stone Forest City. Why don’t we negotiate with Zero Wing? With our adventurer team’s strength, I believe Zero Wing will be happy to recruit us and promote us into a Silver-ranked adventurer team right away,” a Level 100 Dark Cleric said as he looked at the Demonic Fighter leading the team.

Everyone else on the team nodded in agreement with the Dark Cleric’s words.

Dark Dragon was one of the famous top adventurer teams of the Demonic Hell World. Dark Dragon might have only 1,000 members or so, but it was fully capable of toppling the main continent’s first-rate Guilds. If Dark Dragon decided to join Zero Wing’s newly established adventurer alliance, Zero Wing would definitely be more than willing to offer Dark Dragon additional benefits.

“It is indeed inefficient for us to continue like this,” Dark Dawn, the commander of Dark Dragon, said after giving the matter some thought. “After this grinding trip, a few of you should go and negotiate with Zero Wing. Say that our bottom line for joining the Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance is for us to become a Silver adventurer team. If Zero Wing isn’t willing to give us that much, then we can forget about any partnerships.”

In Dark Dawn’s opinion, the only benefit of joining the Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance was the right to enter Stone Forest City. If Dark Dragon’s members could not enter Stone Forest City immediately after joining the Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance, then there would be no point in seeking membership at all.

Meanwhile, as the Dark Dragon adventurer team’s members were resting, explosions resounded, and dazzling lights appeared a short distance away.

“Commander, some players are fighting against each other nearby!” a Ranger that had been monitoring the surroundings suddenly shouted.

“Who are they?” Dark Dawn asked.

“There aren’t many of them. One side is wearing Zero Wing’s emblem, so they should be Zero Wing’s team. As for the other side, I think it’s Starlink’s Hellfire Legion,” the Ranger reported.

“The Hellfire Legion? It seems Zero Wing’s members are in trouble.” Dark Dawn frowned at the mention of the Hellfire Legion.

As an original inhabitant of the Demonic Hell World, Dark Dawn understood just how powerful Starlink’s Hellfire Legion was. The legion’s members all possessed the Demonic Hell World’s special Legacy.

This special Legacy was something all players inhabiting the Demonic Hell World wished to obtain. Unfortunately,

Dark Palace kept a tight grip on the source of this Legacy and would release only a small number to the public. The Dark Dragon adventurer team had paid a steep price and secured merely a dozen or so of these special Legacies. Even so, these special Legacies were already more than enough to let Dark Dragon undergo a qualitative transformation and become a top adventurer team in the Demonic Hell World.

Meanwhile, all 1,000 members of Starlink’s newly established Hellfire Legion actually owned this special Legacy. One could easily imagine how powerful the Hellfire Legion was.

“Commander, should we lend Zero Wing’s members a hand?” the Dark Cleric asked. “If we help them now, our negotiations with Zero Wing should go much more smoothly.”

“No rush. Let’s head over and suss out the situation first,” Dark Dawn replied, shaking his head.

After saying so, he hurriedly led his team to the scene of the battle.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the stone forest, one of Zero Wing’s core teams was fending off the Hellfire Legion members’ assault while desperately retreating toward Stone Forest City.

“Big Sis Wonder, these people are too strong! At this rate, we won’t make it back to Stone Forest City! You should leave us and run!” a female Druid focused on healing said hurriedly when she saw that the members defending the rear of the team kept getting pushed back.

In terms of Basic Attributes and combat standards, the Hellfire Legion’s members were superior to them by a large margin. If not for the complex terrain here preventing the scale of the battle from escalating, as well as the few Zero Wing players geared in the Crimson Sunset, their team would’ve long since suffered annihilation.

However, although they were currently holding off the Hellfire Legion, their deaths were still only a matter of time.

“Don’t even think of getting away so easily. We’ve already placed a tracker on all of you!” Bright Dawn, one of Starlink’s Vice Guild Leaders, shouted. He then commanded, “Everyone, make sure none of them leave here alive!”

As soon as Bright Dawn said so, four Void Realm experts from the Hellfire Legion immediately adjusted to prevent Silent Wonder from escaping. Silent Wonder did not have Brilliant Silver with her, so she could rely on only the strengthened Crimson Sunset to do battle. As a result, her advantage over the Hellfire Legion members in terms of Basic Attributes was small. Facing the combined assault of four peak experts, even Silent Wonder had no choice but to focus on evading for now.

While Silent Wonder was occupied, a few Hellfire Legion members used this opportunity to break through Zero Wing’s defensive line and charge at Zero Wing’s healers.

“Commander, should we make a move?” the Dark Cleric from Dark Dragon asked the Demonic Fighter.

“We don’t stand a chance. That’s a 100-man team from the Hellfire Legion. Even if we join the fight, we’ll only delay the inevitable,” Dark Dawn replied, shaking his head. “Although Zero Wing has Stone Forest City, it still doesn’t stand a chance against Starlink out in the fields.”

The Demonic Hell World’s special Legacy would give a peak expert the strength to contend against an apex expert and possibly even a decisive advantage. Meanwhile, if such peak experts fought in a group, their performance would be even more amazing. Unless Zero Wing’s members gained this special Legacy or its equivalent, they would not stand a chance against the Hellfire Legion members at all.

As Zero Wing’s casualties were increasing, however, a loud hum suddenly came from the sky, immediately attracting everyone’s attention.

When everyone turned to look at the origin of this noise, what entered their sights was a giant crimson vessel made of steel.

Before anyone could react, two dozen figures jumped off the steel ship.

Meanwhile, along with the appearance of these two dozen members, Starlink’s and Dark Dragon’s members all fell into a stunned silence.

Tier 3 players?!