Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2378 - Popular Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance

Chapter 2378 – Popular Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance

Star-Moon Kingdom, White River City:

Flashing lights filled White River City’s Teleportation Hall as group after group of players arrived. If one carefully watched these players, they’d notice that many of them wore cloaks embossed with symbols from various adventurer teams.

Most were top adventurer teams from other kingdoms and empires. There were even some from Otherworlds.

“This is insane! Even Origin Curse, the Dark Night Empire’s third-ranked adventurer team, is making a move?!”

“I’ve heard that Starlink is going all-out to eliminate Zero Wing this time. The organization is even offering certain benefits in addition to the current bounty. Depending on how much players accomplish, they can even earn special Legacies.”

“Zero Wing’s in trouble now. Most experts might have a problem with the environment and monsters in a Level 100 neutral map, but peak experts and top adventurer teams shouldn’t.”

“I know, right? Getting to the Cold Spring Forest might be easier for Zero Wing’s members, but once they’re there, Zero Wing’s ordinary experts will fall. Besides, exploring a Level 100 neutral map is still a problem. Even if Zero Wing sends reinforcements from Stone Forest City, they’ll likely suffer significant losses.”

As bystanders in the Teleportation Hall watched the various top adventurer teams and peak experts arrive, they were shocked, but they also began to place bets on which would survive to the end, Zero Wing or Starlink.

“Starlink really knows how to splurge, sending so many peak adventurer teams here.” Shi Feng, who was still working in the Candlelight Trading Firm, was similarly surprised when he heard the news.

Hiring a top adventurer team to attack a Guild in a Level 100 neutral map was incredibly expensive, yet Starlink had dispatched so many of them. It had likely paid a high enough price that even Super Guilds would wince.

“Guild Leader, I just received news that Starlink’s Hellfire Legion members are starting to move toward the Cold Spring Forest. By the looks of it, they intend to attack our teams grinding in the area,” Silent Wonder, who was grinding for EXP, worriedly reported. “Why don’t I negotiate with my family to borrow some of their experts?”

Zero Wing’s members had Stone Forest City to fall back to, but they still had to leave the city to level up. Unfortunately, Zero Wing’s foundations were still unsteady. Although an expert could rival a peak expert with the Crimson Sunset, Zero Wing didn’t have enough of the sets to match the number of peak experts Starlink had dispatched.

Of course, Starlink would suffer tremendously for taking such drastic action, but the organization was supported by the Starline Corporation. It had far more funds and resources than its opponent. Most importantly, several adventurer alliances worked for Starlink. If this persisted, Zero Wing’s position would become even more disadvanta^

“That won’t be necessary. You should just focus on leveling up,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “Starlink’s foundations might be vast, but Zero Wing’s no weakling.”

Shi Feng wouldn’t have dared consider clashing with Starlink directly before he had transferred Stone Forest City to the Cold Spring Canyon, but things had changed.

“Alright. My team and I will try to reach Level 100 as quickly as possible,” Silent Wonder said, nodding. She knew that she could only display the Crimson Sunset’s full strength by reaching Level 100.

After Shi Feng disconnected his call with Silent wonder, Liang Jing entered the Basic Meditation Room.

“Guild Leader, I’ve planned the basic organization and benefits for the adventurer alliance. The alliance’s Residence is ready, as well. We now have Residences in White River City, Star-Moon City, Zero Wing City, and Stone Forest City. We can begin to recruit members at any time,” Liang Jing proudly announced.

She brimmed with anticipation and confidence about the new adventurer alliance Zero Wing was about to establish.

Independent players might consider the benefits the other adventurer alliances offered outstanding, but those benefits were nothing compared to what Zero Wing’s adventurer alliance had to offer.

“Alright, make the announcement to the public now, then.” Shi Feng nodded.

He had wanted to wait until the Asura adventurer team had grown powerful enough before he established an adventurer alliance on the main continent with Asura’s help, but since Starlink had bared its fangs, he had no choice but to move his plans forward.

With Shi Feng’s go-ahead, Liang Jing published the news on Star-Moon Kingdom’s official forums. She also sent her subordinates to manage the recruitment at the newly-established Star-Moon Adventurer Alliances’ Residences. In no time, the kingdom was in an uproar.

“What? Zero Wing’s establishing an adventurer alliance?”

“Maybe it’s a move to counter Starlink’s assault, but Starlink’s adventurer alliances offer incredibly generous benefits. I doubt many people will be interested in Zero Wing’s.”

“Wait, you’re wrong! Look at what benefits the Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance is offering! Any Silver member will have access to Stone Forest City, and Gold members will qualify to purchase private houses in the city!”

“A private house?! Isn’t that a little too generous?! So far, Zero Wing has only leased Stone Forest City’s houses, yet countless people fought over them. If we could buy one of our own, our leveling speed would skyrocket!”

“That’s not all. The Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance has quite a few Residences, as well. There’s even one in Stone Forest City and Zero Wing City, and members can rest in the Residences for free!”

When the kingdom’s independent players saw the benefits the Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance offered, they were ecstatic. Many even dropped what they were doing and ran toward the recruitment venues.

Stone Forest City was the only city in God’s Domain located in a Level 100 neutral map. Countless experts dreamed of entering the city, not to mention purchasing one of Stone Forest City’s private houses. Not even the various superpowers’ peak experts had that privilege.

And yet, as long as they became a Silver member in the Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance, they could visit Stone Forest City whenever they wished.

For a time, independent players crowded the entrances to the Star-Moon Adventurer Alliances’ Residences. These players easily outnumbered those applying to join Zero Wing by more than a dozen times. There were even some peak experts among the crowds.

Meanwhile, the adventurer teams that had come to White River City to target Zero Wing’s members began to jump ship, one after another, applying to join the Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance. The kingdom’s various major powers were stupefied.

However, they found these results reasonable. How could Starlink’s meager resources possibly compare to the benefits Zero Wing offered, after all? Just being able to enter Stone Forest City would give players a massive lead in levels, not to mention the ability to purchase a private house in the city. Who would willingly miss out on the opportunity?

Even independent experts from other kingdoms and empires made their way to Star-Moon Kingdom when they head the news. The adventurer alliances the various Otherworld powers controlled rapidly lost members…

While the Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance’s member count ballooned, Shi Feng received a message from Cola.

“Guild Leader, we’ve completed our promotions!”