Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2377 - - Enviable Stone Forest City

Chapter 2377 – Enviable Stone Forest City

When they received the reports about Stone Forest City’s new location, the various superpowers nearly went mad.

“Impossible! I thought we needed to raid Team Dungeons in Level 100 neutral maps before we could obtain a Town Transfer Token for those maps?!”

“Damn it! Zero Wing was actually able to do it!”

“I want this investigated! We need to find out how Zero Wing accomplished this feat!”

When the various superpowers discovered Stone Forest Town’s new location, the joy they had felt over Zero Wing’s misfortune vanished instantly. Now, only envy and admiration remained.

The various superpowers were desperate for means to accelerate their exploration in Level 100 neutral maps. Unfortunately, they had found nothing, and their teams were helpless against these maps’ environments and monsters, yet the areas were the future of God’s Domain.

Players could earn significantly more EXP from the monsters in those maps than monsters in lower-level maps. In addition, Level 100 maps were the only sources of Level 100 weapons and equipment at this point. The various superpowers could only afford to send a large number of players to challenge their Tier 3 Promotion Quests once they had a sufficient amount of Level 100 weapons and equipment.

Moreover, fighting the monsters in Level 100 neutral maps would be very helpful to players trying to improve their combat standards. Lower-level monsters were almost entirely different creatures, after all.

Now that Stone Forest City was located in a Level 100 neutral map, Zero Wing had an unimaginably massive advantage.

Meanwhile, in the Dark Night Empire’s Dark Night City…

“It’s no wonder why Zero Wing dared to sever one of Starlink’s main income sources. So, the Guild still had such a card to play,” Illusory Words muttered, shock and envy flashing in her eyes.

A Guild City in a Level 100 neutral map would do more than increase the Guild members’ leveling speed; it could also become a new source of resources fo the Guild.

Level 100 neutral maps had more abundant resources than Level 90-plus maps, and these resources catered to Level 100 players. The advantage these resources would provide was imposingly large.

With Stone Forest City’s new location, Starlink would likely be rendered powerless against Zero Wing. The two Guilds were no longer playing on the same field.

Even if Starlink could target Zero Wing via its various adventurer alliances, the tactic would only be effective against Zero Wing’s lower-level members. Any Level 98-plus members could easily avoid Starlink’s bounty hunters by relying on Stone Forest City’s Level 100 neutral map. Moreover, they’d gain far more than they would from grinding in Level 90-plus maps.

At this stage of the game, even mainstream players had reached Level 95. Needless to say, Zero Wing’s members, who were known for their high-quality, would’ve reached higher levels.

And the idea of Starlink targeting Zero Wing in a Level 100 neutral map was a joke.

If Starlink attacked Zero Wing in the Cold Spring Forest, Zero Wing could rely on its city’s inherent advantages to beat its enemy to a pulp.

Trying to sever Zero Wing from its resource sources was even more laughable.

The various powers Shops might still need lower-level resources, but they needed Level 100-plus resources far more. If Zero Wing were willing to trade these resources for lower-level items, no power would refuse it. Furthermore, Zero Wing still had the Secret Pavilion’s support.

“Stone Forest City will be very helpful to players when they challenge their Tier 3 Promotion quests, Vice Guild Leader. If we can secure a temporary Residence in the city, we’ll have an edge over other superpowers when it comes to nurturing Tier 3 players.” the Level 100 Berserker beside Illusory Words realized, glowing with excitement.

Players had to conduct their Tier 3 Promotion Quests in Level 100 neutral maps, yet these areas were far too dangerous. Finding the lost Tier 3 Legacies was also quite time-consuming.

However, if players had a city like Stone Forest City, they’d be able to complete their Promotion Quests in far less time.

“I know. Unyielding Soul has certainly secured a huge advantage.” When Illusory Words thought about Unyielding Soul, which had allied with Zero Wing a long time ago, she could not help but envy the Guild. “Make the necessary arrangements. We’re going to negotiate with Zero Wing.”

“I’ll get it done immediately,” the Level 100 Berserker answered.

Aside from Crimson Emperor, a few superpowers had considered obtaining a temporary Residence in Stone Forest City. Like Crimson Emperor, these superpowers promptly sent representatives to White River City. Nothing was more important to them than helping their players complete their Tier 3 Promotion Quests right now.

Meanwhile, in an adventurer alliance’s Residence in the Fire Dragon Empire…

“Nothing can stop Zero Wing now, Big Sis Jade! Zero Wing actually has a city in a Level 100 neutral map! Not even

Azure’s Demonstone Town can hold a candle to Stone Forest City!” the blue-clad Assassin youth beside Jade Bamboo exclaimed.

“So, he was telling the truth!” Realization dawned on Jade Bamboo when she read the latest report regarding Stone Forest City.

When Shi Feng had declared that Zero Wing could nurture Silent Wonder just as well as the Azure Chamber of Commerce and without Azure’s resources, Jade Bamboo had found the notion laughable.

And yet, times had changed. With Stone Forest City’s new location, Zero Wing would have no trouble acquiring the necessary resources to continue its rapid development. Not even the Otherworld’s various powers could affect Zero Wing’s progression.

Meanwhile, in one of White River City’s restaurants…

“How is this possible!?” Burning Owl felt as if he were dreaming as he read his subordinate’s report.

Zero Wing had successfully transferred Stone Forest City to a Level 100 neutral map, which was something the various superpowers could only dream of accomplishing.

Shortly after the various powers had learned about Stone Forest City’s relocation, news had spread among the game’s independent players, particularly those in White River City.

“Stone Forest City is amazing. If I could travel to the city, I’d reach Level 100 in no time.”

“That’s not the only benefit you could get by operating out of Stone Forest City. One of my close friends is a core member in Zero Wing, and he told me that the city even enhances players’ senses. If you train in the city’s Battle Arena, your progress will be miraculous!”

“This won’t do! I’m going to take the test to join Zero Wing!”

The latest news about Stone Forest City inspired many independent experts to join Zero Wing.

Aside from the help the city could provide as players challenged their Tier 3 Promotion quests, the fact that the city could help players gain more progress when training made it impossible to reject.

For a time, the independent experts that had hesitated about joining Zero Wing due to the recent incident with Starlink fervently applied to the Guild. Some of the independent experts from Starlink’s adventurer alliances even decided to switch sides, applying to become a Zero Wing member rather than target the Guild…

“Because of Stone Forest City, many independent experts are now applying to join Zero Wing, Guild Leader. Based on the latest statistics, we’ve received over 10,000 new applications. Some of them are even from Starlink’s adventurer alliances,” Liang Jing excitedly reported. “I doubt even Starlink expected that the experts it sent to attack us would end up joining our Guild.”

Zero Wing had constantly been trying to recruit new members and expand its operations, yet its efforts had yielded limited results. However, due to Stone Forest City’s new location, a flood of experts had shown up to join the Guild. This would undoubtedly make it easier for Zero Wing to manage its territories.

Moreover, since a large number of experts from Starlink’s adventurer alliances had turned traitor, the pressure on Zero Wing’s members in Star-Moon Kingdom had lessened considerably.

“It’s too early to celebrate,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “Since Lu Xingluo wants to play, we’ll have to humor him. Spread the news that Zero Wing intends to establish a Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance in the kingdom. Any alliance member that reaches the Silver rank will have access to Stone Forest City, while Gold members will qualify to purchase a private house in the city!”