Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2375 - New Stone Forest City Opens

Chapter 2375 – New Stone Forest City Opens

“You’re the one who caused this?” Silent Wonder was stunned. For a moment, she even assumed Shi Feng was joking.

Starlink’s removal from the Secret Chamber of Commerce had already caused a commotion among God’s Domain’s various superpowers. It made them all insecure, and they used everything at their disposal to look into the matter.

They all wanted to know what kind of power could force the Secret Pavilion to make such a decision.

And yet, Shi Feng had just told her that he was responsible. How could she bring herself to believe him?

“That’s right,” Shi Feng said, chuckling at Silent Wonder’s incredulous look. “Starlink was the reason that Zero Wing had been kicked out of the Secret Chamber of Commerce a while ago. I’m only returning the favor.”

“Returning the favor? How are you still in the mood to joke around at a time like this, Guild Leader?!” Silent Wonder asked, exasperated. “Starlink is going crazy over this right now. If it finds out that Zero Wing is responsible, things will become”

Very few powers could rival the Secret Chamber of Commerce’s expansive connections in God’s Domain. These connections might be of limited use to a pseudo-superpower like Zero Wing, but for Starlink, it was a different story.

Losing Secret’s resources and connections would be a huge blow to Starlink’s operations. Coins and resources were the foundation of a Guild’s development, and without enough of both, it’d be surprising if Starlink didn’t regress, let alone continue to dominate as a superpower.

This incident would likely force Starlink to delay or cancel most of its plans. It would suffer unimaginable losses.

If Starlink found out that Zero Wing was responsible for its removal from Secret, it would do everything in its power to annihilate the smaller Guild. It wouldn’t hold back as it had thus far. This time, Zero Wing had damaged Starlink’s foundation, and practically every superpower in God’s Domain had heard about the incident. Starlink would become a laughingstock if it didn’t retaliate.

However, Starlink wasn’t the same Guild it had been in the past. Based on what Silent Wonder had learned from the Azure Chamber of Commerce, not only had Starlink grown stronger after the Planar Passages’ opening, but it had also formed close alliances with a few Otherworld superpowers. Recently, Starlink’s shadow had stretched across adventurer alliances that had been rapidly developing in the main continent’s various kingdoms and empires. Now, even the Fire Dragon Empire’s Super Guilds were wary of Starlink.

These up-and-coming adventurer alliances were impressively powerful. They might not look like it during peaceful times, but if they decided to move against a particular power, they could easily deal a devastating blow.

God’s Domain’s various large Guilds had a lot of members, but most of the materials these Guilds needed for their normal operations came from independent players, which were the majority of God’s Domain’s player base. As long as Starlink paid the adventurer alliances it secretly supported a small price, it could sever any power’s source of resources.

While Silent Wonder tried to figure out how she could keep this horrific information secret, the various superpowers received reports from their spies in the Secret Pavilion.

Zero Wing was responsible for Starlink’s removal!

The moment the various superpowers’ upper echelons received these reports, they gasped in shock.

“How is this possible?!”

“The Secret Pavilion abandoned Starlink for Zero Wing?! Have its upper echelons gone mad?!”

The various superpowers could not believe their eyes as they read their subordinates’ reports, yet with the facts before them, they had to believe it.

“Amazing! Truly amazing! Zero Wing actually pulled such a feat off!” Unyielding Heart was both overjoyed and stupefied when he heard the news.

Neither Unyielding Soul nor Crimson Heart had been able to move against Starlink, yet a pseudo-superpower like Zero Wing had dealt an unprecedented blow.

It was unbelievable!

The Secret Chamber of Commerce had been as precious as an arm to Starlink, and now that it had lost Secret’s connections and resources, it had lost that arm. Even if Starlink retained its strength, its development speed would slow significantly.

“Zero Wing is actually this powerful?” Illusory Words read her subordinate’s report in confusion.

Although Zero Wing’s performance in the Dark Night Empire had been extraordinary, the Guild shouldn’t be capable of threatening Starlink’s foundation in her opinion. Starlink was supported by the Starline Corporation, after all.

And yet, Zero Wing had just severed one of Starlink’s main income sources. She doubted that even Starlink’s upper echelons had ever imagined that events would unfold like this.

“It’s no wonder why that kid so boldly rejected me. So, his Guild has the Secret Pavilion’s support.” Long Xianglong was greatly surprised when he discovered the perpetrator for Starlink’s removal from the Secret Chamber of Commerce. However, his surprise quickly turned into disdain as he sneered and hissed, “It’s a pity the Guild’s efforts are a waste. Starlink cannot be stopped by a single Tier 3 player. The Secret Pavilion will pay for its foolishness, as well.”

Long Xianglong knew a little regarding the conflict between Zero Wing and Starlink.

Although losing the Secret Chamber of Commerce’s connections and resources was a major loss to Starlink, the setback wouldn’t cause the organization’s fall. Long Xianglong, who spent his time on the western continent, knew this.

Starlink had already sent the majority of its manpower and resources to the western continent to establish a foothold, and as a result, it had lacked those assets on the eastern continent. Now that Starlink’s position in the west was secure, Zero Wing’s recent actions were tantamount to suicide.

As for the Secret Pavilion, Long Xianglong found its decision to abandon a superpower like Starlink to be utterly foolish.

“Third Uncle, since Zero Wing is responsible for such a major incident, Second Sis will definitely run into trouble. Should I head over there now?” Burning Owl asked.

He only had a moderate impression of Zero Wing, and he agreed with Long Xianglong about Silent Wonder returning to the Azure Chamber of Commerce. She’d have more space to develop in Azure, and if she remained in Zero Wing, she’d never reach her true potential.

“I doubt Zero Wing will last much longer. Head over there with your team,” Long Xianglong said, nodding, sending Burning Owl to Star-Moon Kingdom.

Long Xianglong wasn’t the only one with such thoughts. The various superpowers’ upper echelons shared the sentiment.

As long as Starlink posted a bounty on Zero Wing, the independent players from the adventurer alliances it supported would move against the smaller Guild. Not only would this restrict Zero Wing’s resource income, but the Guild’s members would also have a tough time grinding in the fields. If this continued long-term, Zero Wing’s members would become frustrated and begin to withdraw from the Guild. As a result, Zero Wing would grow weaker as time passed, while all Starlink needed to do was spend some Coins and resources.

While Starlink set up its bounty, a commotion occurred within Zero Wing. Stone Forest City had finally opened to Zero Wing’s members!