Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2374 - God’s Domain Shocked

Chapter 2374 – God’s Domain Shocked

As news of Starlink’s revoked membership spread, a commotion erupted among God’s Domain’s various superpowers. “What’s going on? Starlink got kicked out of Secret?”

“Is the Secret Pavilion crazy?!”

“Maybe they sent the revocation letter to the wrong Guild? That’s Starlink we’re talking about. Not only has it recently annexed a bunch of top adventurer teams and Workshops, but it’s also recruited many retired peak experts. It’s the strongest among the up-and-coming superpowers, and Starlink had influence on both main continents. Why would the Secret Pavilion even think of revoking Starlink’s membership?”

The various superpowers fell into heated discussions about the Secret Chamber of Commerce’s sudden internal announcement. They all felt as if the Secret Pavilion were playing some kind of prank.

Many of God’s Domain’s Chambers of Commerce were trying to recruit Starlink to obtain the resources and connections it had to offer. By revoking Starlink’s membership, not only would Secret grow weaker, but it would also strengthen its competitors. This would only harm both the Secret Chamber of Commerce and the Secret Pavilion.

Dark Night Empire, Dark Night City:

The Dark Night Empire’s various powers were in an uproar over Starlink’s revoked membership, particularly Crimson Emperor and Unyielding Soul.

Starlink’s departure from the Secret Chamber of Commerce was a huge loss for both Starlink and the Secret Pavilion, but particularly for Starlink. The Secret Pavilion’s influence spanned across the main continent, and few could rival its sales connections and resources. Otherwise, the Secret Pavilion wouldn’t have been a publicly acknowledged transcendental power in God’s Domain.

Without the Secret Pavilion’s support, Starlink’s development speed would slow considerably. It wouldn’t be surprising if this incident reduced Starlink’s income by over 30%.

This was a huge blow to Starlink!

“Heart, do you know what exactly happened between the Secret Pavilion and Starlink?” Illusory Words, one of Crimson Emperor’s Vice Guild Leaders, asked as she privately contacted Unyielding Heart.

“No one in my Guild has a clue. What about your side?” Unyielding Heart said, shaking his head. The situation made him restless and curious.

The Starline Corporation supported Starlink, and the Guild had partnered with quite a few superpowers. Most importantly, Starlink was developing on both the eastern and western continents, which gave the Guild unimaginable status and influence in the Dark Night Empire.

And yet, the Secret Pavilion had removed Starlink from the Secret Chamber of Commerce. It was unbelievable.

The fact that the Secret Pavilion had done this meant that something must have happened between it and Starlink, but Unyielding Soul hadn’t been able to learn any details about the situation.

“We don’t know anything either. Not even our spies in Starlink have a clue,” Illusory Words said, frowning. “The Secret Pavilion has always maintained a neutral stance regarding the Secret Chamber of Commerce. I have never heard of Starlink provoking the Secret Pavilion, either, yet it abruptly revoked Starlink’s membership. It’s possible that Starlink has provoked some transcendental existence, and the Secret Pavilion was forced to make this move. If we don’t get to the bottom of this, the Dark Night Empire will become a very dangerous place to develop.”

The various Otherworld powers had been rapidly spreading across the continent, and it was only a matter of time before a massive war erupted between the main continent’s powers and those from the various Otherworlds. The main continent’s resources were limited, after all, and some people were destined to be eliminated.

Seeing a superpower like Starlink in such a situation, if Unyielding Soul and Crimson Emperors, lesser superpowers, were not careful, their names could be permanently removed from God’s Domain.

“I know. That’s why I’ve already tasked people to poke around in the Secret Pavilion. It shouldn’t be long before we have an answer,” Unyielding Heart said, nodding. He, too, understood how severe the matter was.

Since some mysterious power, which was strong enough to force the Secret Pavilion to abandon Starlink, had arrived, ordinary superpowers like them wouldn’t have a place in the Dark Night Empire if they weren’t careful and accidentally provoked this mysterious newcomer.

Unyielding Heart wasn’t overly surprised that a new, mysterious power had arrived. The Planar Passages were open now, and although he didn’t understand much about God’s Domain’s multiple Otherworlds, those he was familiar with were strong enough to make him shudder. It wasn’t entirely impossible that some Otherworlds had a secret power he didn’t know about.

While Crimson Emperor and Unyielding Soul fervently investigated the matter, other empires and kingdoms’ superpowers did the same.

This incident had sparked a passionate discussion in the Fire Dragon Empire, one of the continent’s Four Great Empires. The empire’s various superpowers thought it best to take greater precautions during their important operations. The superpowers that had planned to declare a Guild war, in particular, put their plans on hold, afraid of unexpected complications.

“Who actually has the strength to force the Secret Pavilion to abandon Starlink?” Long Xianglong stared at the report in his hands in astonishment.

Even on the western continent, Starlink was famous. Because of the Guild’s powerful background, even the Azure Ghamber of Gommerce h&d to show the superpower some respect.

And yet, without warning, the Secret Pavilion had abandoned Starlink. Even Long Xianglong found the situation a little unsettling.

“Should we warn Second Sis about this, Third Uncle?” Burning Owl asked with a serious expression.

If a power could force the Secret Pavilion to revoke Starlink’s membership, it was an even greater threat to the Azure Chamber of Commerce.

“Yes, notify her,” Long Xianglong said after giving the matter some thought. “The situation on the eastern continent is more complex than we assumed. For the foreseeable future, you and your team should continue to grind in the Level 100 neutral maps here. If anything happens to Wonder, I want you to lend her a hand, so her development doesn’t stagnate. Don’t bother to help Zero Wing, however. Since that kid dared to make such a boastful declaration before me, I want to see his Guild struggle on the eastern continent.”

Not only had the Planar Passages fully opened, but some mysterious power with such strength had also arrived on the eastern continent. In Long Xianglong’s opinion, as long as Burning Owl didn’t secretly help it, a pseudo-superpower like Zero Wing would soon fall.

Burning Owl had no choice but to nod in agreement, although he couldn’t help but pity Zero Wing.

Zero Wing had gone to great lengths to help Silent Wonder win Azure’s internal competition, yet in the end, it failed to gain any benefits from Azure. Now, a major threat shook the eastern continent. If Zero Wing weren’t careful, it would be removed from God’s Domain.

Elsewhere, Shi Feng had returned to White River City’s Candlelight Trading Firm. To prepare for Stone Forest City’s grand opening, he wanted to produce as many Crimson Sunsets as possible to ensure that the Guild’s core members could roam the Cold Spring Canyon without issues. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to do anything, even with Stone Forest City’s support.

Zero Wing wasn’t like the various superpowers; it didn’t have a lot of experts that could fight Level 100-plus monsters.

If Zero Wing wanted to develop quickly by relying on the Cold Spring Canyon, it would need to nurture a group of experts that could survive in the area. Without enough strength, Zero Wing could only helplessly stare at the canyon’s abundant resources.

Just as Shi Feng was about to enter a Basic Meditation room and resume the Crimson Sunsets’ production, Silent Wonder contacted him.

“Guild Leader, something major has happened!” Silent Wonder anxiously announced. “The Secret Chamber of Commerce has revoked Starlink’s membership!”

“Mhm, I know,” Shi Feng said, nodding.

You know already, Guild Leader?” Shi Feng’s reply surprised her. Thus far, only the various superpowers, who all had powerful information networks, had found out about the situation. As soon as her younger brother had informed her, she had called to notify Shi Feng.

“Of course, I know. I’m the one who caused it,” Shi Feng calmly stated as he refined the Magic Crystal in his hand.