Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2373 - New Stone Forest City

Chapter 2373 – New Stone Forest City

When Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade heard Shi Feng, they froze. His statement felt like a curse to both of them.

“Is this true, Guild Leader Black Flame?”

Snapping out of his daze, Yuan Tiexin couldn’t hide his excitement as he gazed at Shi Feng. Even his breathing had become a little rushed. He showed none of the composure someone of his status should possess.

The various superpowers were doing all they could to explore Level 100 neutral maps. These areas would help prepare their players for their Tier 3 Promotion Quests, which made them desperate. However, these maps’ environments were incredibly harsh, and the effects these environments had on players couldn’t be mitigated with simple potions. Most importantly, the monsters in Level 100 neutral maps were far too dangerous.

These problems were giving the various superpowers huge headaches and preventing them from making any considerable progress.

Although the various superpowers had considered transferring their Guild Towns to a Level 100 neutral map, doing so required a Town Transfer Token that was specific to Level 100 neutral maps. Based on the superpowers’ reports, obtaining such a token was impossible at the moment. Only super-large-scale Team Dungeons in Level 100-plus neutral maps dropped the item.

Exploring Level 100 neutral maps was currently a huge problem; raiding a large-scale Team Dungeon in these maps was nothing but a dream at this stage of the game.

And yet, Shi Feng had just told him that he had relocated Stone Forest City to a Level 100 neutral map. Why wouldn’t Yuan Tiexin be astonished?

If what Shi Feng said were true, the Secret Pavilion would have a much greater advantage when it came to developing Level 100-plus players.

“Of course,” Shi Feng said, smiling. “Is the Secret Pavilion interested in my condition now?”

“This…” Yuan Tiexin hesitated, but after a moment, he shook his head “Guild Leader Black Flame, you know how important that matter is. If we revoke Starlink’s membership, we’ll essentially be cutting off all relations with the Guild. Meanwhile, Starlink had increased the scale of its operations. In fact, it now had influence across both main continents. Many superpowers are fighting to ally with the Guild. Even if you offer more of Stone Forest City’s shares, I doubt our Guild Leader will agree to the condition. Please reconsider, Guild Leader Black Flame.”

Demoting Starlink from an advanced member to a normal member and revoking Starlink’s membership were two very different things. Starlink’s demotion had only reduced the amount of resources and connections the Pavilion received from the Guild, but if the Secret Pavilion revoked Starlink’s membership, it would lose all access to those resources and connections.

Zero Wing had absolute authority over Stone Forest City and could refuse to open the city to the public, which would prevent the city from earning income, and the Secret Pavilion would lose access to the city’s benefits. Unfortunately, the Secret Pavilion found those losses more acceptable than losing access to the resources and connections Starlink could provide. In the long run, Starlink’s resources and connections would benefit the Secret Pavilion far more than some convenience when exploring a Level 100 neutral map.

“That’s a pity.” Yuan Tiexin’s answer didn’t particularly surprise Shi Feng. He then calmly asked, “I intend to make a trip to Stone Forest City. Would you like to accompany me, Elder Yuan?”

“We’d love to,” Yuan Tiexin said, nodding enthusiastically.

Since Yuan Tiexin accepted his offer, Shi Feng gave his two guests temporary access to teleport to Stone Forest City. Meanwhile, Purple Jade started a private conversation with her companion.

“Uncle Yuan, are we really going to the city?” she asked.

She could tell what Shi Feng was trying to do right now. He likely wanted to show off the city before they’d officially make a decision, but in her opinion, the act was futile.

The benefits a Guild City could provide and those from an alliance with a superpower were on entirely different levels. There was no need to consider Shi Feng’s request.

“Of course, we’re going!” Yuan Tiexin said, smiling. “Black Flame may be immature, but he has relocated Stone Forest City to a Level 100 neutral map. It is best if we go and inspect the situation for ourselves. As long as we stand firm, he’ll understand that his condition is impossible.”

Purple Jade understood Yuan Tiexin’s reasoning, but she couldn’t help but pity Shi Feng.

Shi Feng must believe that Yuan Tiexin would have a change of heart once they arrived in Stone Forest City, but he didn’t realize that the older man was using his own trick against him, allowing Shi Feng time to realize how useless the struggle was.

While Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade privately conversed, Shi Feng finished granting them temporary teleportation rights.

“Alright, it’s done. Let’s head over,” Shi Feng said as he retrieved a Guild Transfer Scroll for the city and activated it.

Seeing this, Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade did the same for the Secret Pavilion’s temporary Residence in Stone Forest City.

After a moment, the three players transformed into streaks of light and vanished from the Special Forging Room.

Cold Spring Canyon, Stone Forest City:

Two flashes of light appeared above the teleportation array in the Secret Pavilion’s temporary Residence as Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade arrived.

The moment their bodies manifested, however, Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade were stunned.

“How is this possible?!” Yuan Tiexin nearly gasped.

The Mana in Stone Forest City wasn’t as dense as it had been, but the instant they had arrived, Yuan Tiexin felt far more relaxed. Moreover, his five senses had become sharper.

He had been exploring a Level 100 neutral map with Purple Jade for quite some time, and the environment’s chaotic energy had made them both feel exhausted, which had a considerable effect on their combat power. Even when they had plenty of Stamina and Concentration remaining, they had been forced to return to a city to recover from the exhaustion.

However, even when they had fully recovered their Stamina and Concentration, the chaotic energy hadn’t faded from their bodies completely.

And yet, as he stood in Stone Forest City, Yuan Tiexin rapidly recovered from that exhaustion. At this rate, he’d be free from the chaotic energy within a few hours.

“Uncle Yuan, my recovery rate is at least twice as fast as before! If we could rest here, we’d be at least 30% more efficient when exploring a Level 100 neutral map!” Purple Jade exclaimed, unable to hide her shock.

The chaotic energy within Level 100 neutral maps was the biggest issue the various superpowers, including the Secret Pavilion, faced when exploring these areas. This chaotic energy forced players to rest in cities for long periods.

However, if they could rest in Stone Forest City, they could explore 30% more of a Level 100 neutral map in the same amount of time. In addition, Stone Forest City was now located within a Level 100 neutral map, which would save them plenty of travel time.

Overall, if the Secret Pavilion’s members could set up a base in Stone Forest City, they could spend at least twice as much time exploring Level 100 neutral maps as other players…

With this much additional time, the Secret Pavilion’s members would have a massive lead over the various superpowers’ members.

After taking a moment to inspect the city’s unique environment, Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade headed toward the Stone Forest City’s central plaza. The city was mostly the same as they remembered. The only difference was the neutral race NPCs that filled the city streets. Many of these NPCs had set up stalls and hawked their wares.

When Yuan Tiexin took a peek at a stall’s goods, he felt a little faint for a moment.

These neutral NPCs were actually selling Level 100 weapons and equipment and of considerably high-quality. He had even spotted Level 100 Secret-Silver Weapons for sale. Of course, these items weren’t cheap, and some cost special materials. Fortunately, a driven Tier 2 expert could gather the necessary funds and materials for the items.

Level 100 weapons and equipment!

Players that hadn’t yet begun to explore Level 100 neutral maps might not find anything special about these items, but it was a different story for players like Yuan Tiexin, who constantly grinded in Level 100 neutral maps nowadays.

When exploring Level 100 neutral maps, acquiring a single piece of Level 100 Bronze Equipment was already a challenge, not to mention obtaining Level 100 Secret-Silver Weapons and Equipment. And yet, the NPCs in Stone Forest City were publicly selling such items…

“What should we do now, Uncle Yuan? We’ve already rejected Black Flame’s offer,” Purple Jade asked nervously. She was also surprised to see the weapons and equipment for sale in the various NPC stalls. She had never expected Stone Forest City to become this amazing.

If the Secret Pavilion’s members could operate out of Stone Forest City, they’d complete their Tier 3 Promotion Quests far faster than the various superpowers.

“Don’t worry. Since Black Flame has brought us here, he will ask if we wish to continue our partnership. We can renegotiate with him then,” Yuan Tiexin said. He hadn’t expected Stone Forest City to offer so many benefits, either. Very calmly, he continued, “Let’s buy some of the weapons and equipment for now.”

While Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade systematically cleaned out the stalls in the central plaza, Shi Feng finished organizing his Knight Division.

He then left to check on his guests and told Yuan Tiexin, “I’ve finished my business in the city and have other matters I need to attend to, so I’ll part with you two here.”

Since he had settled his affairs in Stone Forest City, he’d have to begin transferring Zero Wing’s experts to the city. Once they had settled and could get to work, Zero Wing’s development would reach new heights.

Shi Feng then pulled a Return Scroll for White River City from his bag and began to activate it.

Yuan Tiexin was stunned. He hadn’t thought that Shi Feng would be so indifferent, not even bothering to ask how they felt about the city. He certainly hadn’t expected Shi Feng to act as he did.

“Please wait, Guild Leader Black Flame!” Yuan Tiexin shouted as Shi Feng unfurled his Return Scroll.

“Is there something else you need, Elder Yuan?” Shi Feng asked, giving the older man a strange look.

“It’s about the condition you mentioned earlier,” Yuan Tiexin said, exasperated. “We’d like to renegotiate. If Zero Wing can offer more of Stone Forest City’s shares, we might be able to agree to the condition.”

“I’m afraid that won’t be possible. Zero Wing will not hand over any more of Stone Forest City’s shares. If the Secret Pavilion must still reject my condition, I’ll have to accept the unfortunate answer,” Shi Feng said, instantly rejecting Yuan Tiexin’s offer.

With the enhanced magic array in Stone Forest City, Zero Wing’s development speed would skyrocket. Even if Zero Wing couldn’t cut off one of Starlink’s main sources of income, it wouldn’t be long before his Guild could strike back at Starlink. Hence, he had no reason to give away more of Stone Forest City’s profits.

“Alright, you win. The Secret Pavilion will revoke Starlink’s membership,” Yuan Tiexin said, sighing. Shi Feng’s immediate rejection made it clear that the Secret Pavilion wouldn’t gain any more from the transaction. He continued, “However, our Guild Leader asks that you can open the city to the Secret Pavilion’s members within two days.”

That won’t be a problem.” Shi Feng nodded.

Stone Forest City was a Basic City and required a lot of players to fortify it. In the Bottomless Abyss, Shi Feng had been able to rely on NPC soldiers, but now, he could only rely on players and his Knight Division. However, his Knights would guard his entire territory, not just Stone Forest City, and unfortunately, if he relied solely on Zero Wing’s experts to defend the city, the city wouldn’t be able to operate at full capacity. Hence, the Secret Pavilion’s experts were essential.

Shortly after Shi Feng and the Secret Pavilion agreed on their deal’s terms, the shocking information spread throughout the Secret Chamber of Commerce.

The Secret Chamber of Commerce had officially revoked Starlink’s membership!