Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2372 - Territory Strengthened

Chapter 2372 – Territory Strengthened

The transfer’s finally complete.

Shi Feng stopped working when he heard the system notification. Hurriedly, he called up Stone Forest City’s system interface to inspect the city’s current status.

In God’s Domain, not only did a territory’s Lord have the authority to transfer a Guild Town or City to their land once, but their town or city would also gain a random bonus once the transfer completed. Of the potential bonuses, one was increased defensive capabilities, which would strengthen the town against monster assaults. Another potential bonus was increased size, allowing the town or city to accommodate more players.

Shi Feng knew it was possible for the system to increase the town or city’s Mana density as well. Based on what he knew of this bonus, the town or city’s Mana density would undergo a qualitative transformation. Naturally, this bonus was particularly valuable in Level 100-plus maps. These maps had harsh environments, and the Mana density in the town or city would determine players’ Stamina and Concentration recovery rates.

In the past, any town or city that had received the Mana density bonus had become instantly popular among players exploring Level 100-plus neutral maps. The powers that had owned these towns or cities had no lack of customers.

After calling up Stone Forest City’s system interface, Shi Feng browsed through the lines of data until he found what he was looking for.

[Stone Forest City]

Current location: Cold Spring Canyon

Current rank: Basic City

Bonus acquired: Magic array enhancement

Magic array enhancement?

Shi Feng’s face lit with excitement when he saw the bonus Stone Forest City had acquired.

Of the many bonuses a territorial town or city could acquire, the two best were Mana density enhancement and magic array enhancement.

Every player desired the former, of course.

However, the powers that ruled these towns or cities hoped for the latter more than any other potential bonus. Not only would the magic array enhancement fortify the city’s defensive magic array, allowing it to endure stronger attacks, but it would also reinforce the magic array’s spatial isolation effect.

Level 100-plus neutral maps’ environments were particularly severe, plagued with a chaotic energy that invaded players’ bodies and lowered their Stamina and Concentration recovery rates. When players returned to a town or city, they had to rest for quite a while to recover fully.

However, a town with an enhanced magic array could lessen the effects of the chaotic energy, accelerating players’ recovery. This greatly increased the amount of time they could spend grinding in the fields. Magic array enhancement was just as effective as enhanced Mana density.

With this, I won’t have to worry about the Guild members’ leveling speed in the Cold Spring Canyon. Shi Feng felt as if he had just won the lottery.

The 50,000 Gold he had spent to relocate Stone Forest City could be considered the random bonus’s fee. Had he been unlucky, Stone Forest City would have merely gained a Popularity bonus, which was only slightly useful. However, since the city had gained the magic array enhancement bonus, even Tier 2 players could grind in the Cold Spring Canyon without any concerns.

Moreover, with the leveling resources available in a Level 100 neutral map, the Guild members’ leveling speed in the Cold Spring Canyon would likely rival their leveling speed in the Bottomless Abyss. In addition, they could grind for Level 100 weapons and equipment much sooner than others, which would definitely increase Zero Wing’s overall strength by a large margin.

While Shi Feng planned to send Zero Wing’s core members to Stone Forest City as soon as possible, Liang Jing contacted him. “Guild Leader, the Secret Pavilion’s people have arrived and wish to speak with you. By the looks it, this seems urgent. Do you want to meet them now?”

“The Secret Pavilion sure moves quickly,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “Send them to me.”

The Secret Pavilion owned some of Stone Forest City’s shares, and now that the city had vanished, it wasn’t unusual for the Pavilion to grow nervous. Not only had Stone Forest City become a valuable source of resources for the Secret Pavilion, but the various superpowers had been in the midst of exploring the Bottomless Abyss’s third floor shortly before the city disappeared. Moreover, everyone was concerned about the various Otherworlds’ invasion.

After a short moment, Liang Jing led a middle-aged man and a young woman into Shi Feng’s Special Forging Room. They were none other than Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade.

Both Secret Pavilion members had already reached Level 100, and they both wore multiple pieces of Epic Equipment. Even the weakest piece between them was Level 95 Dark-Gold rank. Moreover, Purple Jade radiated an astonishing life aura.

When it came to Basic Attributes, these two likely rivaled God’s Kin players. Regarding combat power, they could rival Domain Realm experts. Purple Jade might even be stronger than a Domain Realm expert.

If Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade worked together, even the various superpowers would have to be cautious.

However, they showed no sign of the arrogance experts of their caliber usually possessed as they entered the room. On the contrary, they looked upon Shi Feng with awe and admiration.

They had already learned that Shi Feng had been promoted to Tier 3, and they knew his strength transcended that of Tier 2 players. Now, he was a powerhouse that even the various superpowers would have to be careful of.

“I assume you two are here to ask about Stone Forest City??” Shi Feng said, getting straight to the point.

“That’s right; that’s exactly why we’ve come,” Yuan Tiexin said, nodding as he gave Shi Feng a confused look. “We’re in the final stages of exploring the Bottomless Abyss. The third floor is a treasure trove of top-tier, Level 95 weapons and equipment. Why has Zero Wing given up on the Regional Dungeon and relocated Stone Forest City?

“You know that the situation on the main continent has become more complicated. The various Otherworld powers have begun to set their sights on various areas of the continent. A large-scale war will break out in the near future. Everyone has been frantically preparing for it.

“Meanwhile, due to Stone Forest City’s sudden disappearance, some superpowers have begun to question the Secret Pavilion’s abilities. Our Guild Leader is hoping that Zero Wing has an explanation for this!”

“Of course, I do,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “But before I tell you, I was wondering if the Secret Pavilion can help me with something.”

Yuan Tiexin was a little exasperated with Shi Feng’s reply. They had come here to demand answers of the man, yet he asked them for help before he’d offer an explanation.

“May I know what you need help with, Guild Leader Black Flame?” Yuan Tiexin asked after taking a deep breath.

“It’s simple. I’d like to ask the Secret Pavilion to revoke Starlink’s membership in the Secret Chamber of Commerce,” Shi Feng calmly stated.

Starlink constantly targeted Zero Wing, particularly on an economic front. However, since a powerful corporation backed Starlink, and the Guild had access to the Secret Chamber of Commerce’s connections, his Guild couldn’t effectively retaliate. If Zero Wing could cut off one of Starlink’s income sources, the enemy Guild would be much easier to deal with economically.

Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade were stunned, staring at Shi Feng as if he were a fool.

“Setting aside Starlink’s current position in the Chamber, why would we do something so fruitless even if the Secret Pavilion had that power, Guild Leader Black Flame? You should know that every member is an important resource for the Chamber. We cannot remove Starlink over one city,” Yuan Tiexin answered seriously.

As far as Yuan Tiexin was concerned, Shi Feng must’ve lost his mind. Stone Forest City was an excellent asset, but even if it were still located in the Bottomless Abyss, it wasn’t so valuable that the Secret Pavilion would revoke Starlink’s membership for it. Even if Zero Wing offered all of the city’s shares, the Secret Pavilion would refuse.

“What if Stone Forest City were located in a Level 100 neutral map?” Shi Feng asked, smiling.