Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2371 - Abyss Shaken "What happened? Why am I outside?"

Chapter 2371 – Abyss Shaken “What happened? Why am I outside?”

“Where’s the city?”

“Crap! I just got here, and it just disappears?”

The players forced out of Stone Forest City looked around them in confusion.

Stone Forest City was the most prosperous city in the Bottomless Abyss. Even though the various superpowers had established their own Guild Towns in the Regional Dungeon, these Guild Towns were nothing compared to Stone Forest City, especially when it came to training. Stone Forest City provided enough Mana density that it was a holy land for training.

Moreover, players could recover their exhausted Stamina and Concentration far faster in Stone Forest City than in the superpowers’ Guild Towns. Many teams that explored the Bottomless Abyss relied on the city as their resting point, including teams from the superpowers that had their own Guild Towns. This made Stone Forest City the most popular resting area in the Bottomless Abyss.

And yet, the city had just disappeared…

Even players from the Dark Night Empire’s various major powers were stunned, not to mention the independent players. None of them had expected Stone Forest City, the closest resting area to the Bottomless Abyss’s second floor, to suddenly vanish.

“Has something happened to Stone Forest City?”

“Since the city disappeared once everyone was teleported out of it, Zero Wing must’ve transferred the city elsewhere.”

“Transferred Stone Forest City elsewhere? Is Zero Wing insane? Does the Guild want the Bottomless Abyss’s resources?”

All of the various major powers’ members had their guesses regarding the city’s abrupt disappearance, and they all reported back to their superiors.

For a time, the various powers in the Bottomless Abyss were in an uproar.

Stone Forest City had become irreplaceable in the Bottomless Abyss. Almost every power that wanted to explore the Regional Dungeon had to use the city, or their progress would fall behind their competition.

Naturally, as one of the city’s shareholders, the Secret Pavilion immediately received the news.

“What is Zero Wing doing? They moved Stone Forest City without mentioning it to us? Don’t they know that this is a crucial moment for conquering the Bottomless Abyss?” Yuan Tiexin’s expression darkened as he read the latest report.

Currently, the various superpowers were frantically trying to explore the Bottomless Abyss’s third floor. The loot in that area was incredibly important. Not only did the third floor’s monsters drop plenty of top-tier, Level 95-plus weapons and equipment, but they also dropped a ton of Magic Crystals. There was even a higher chance to obtain Seven Luminaries Crystals on that floor.

Very few maps in God’s Domain could offer as abundant loot as the Bottomless Abyss’s third floor.

Moreover, since the Planar Passages had opened, the situation on the main continent had become painfully tense. A war of unimaginable scale could break out between powers at any time. Even the Secret Pavilion had to prepare.

Stone Forest City’s sudden disappearance from the Bottomless Abyss would definitely impact the Secret Pavilion’s plans. The Secret Pavilion’s Guild Leader had even called Yuan Tiexin personally about the matter.

“Uncle Yuan, what should we do now?” Purple Jade asked.

She was also quite concerned about the situation. After training in Stone Forest City, she had improved considerably. Now, she was only one step away from reaching the Domain Realm.

“We have no choice! We have to meet with Black Flame now!” The matter frustrated Yan Tiexin.

The Secret Pavilion owned some of Stone Forest City’s shares, but Zero Wing held absolute authority over the city. Zero Wing might have an obligation to inform the Secret Pavilion of any decisions regarding Stone Forest City, but in truth, that didn’t really matter. The Secret Pavilion simply had no say.

While Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade made their way to White River City, the various superpowers in the Bottomless Abyss took this opportunity to claim the prime real estate Stone Forest City had left behind.

While the various powers were making a fuss over Stone Forest City’s disappearance, Liang Jing was having a nervous breakdown over it.

After barging into Shi Feng’s Special Forging Room, Liang Jing reported, “Guild Leader! Stone Forest City has disappeared!”

“Mhm, I know.” Shi Feng, who was in the midst of producing a Crimson Sunset, nodded.

You know?” Liang Jing was shocked into a moment of silence. “Guild Leader, is this your doing?”

“That’s right; I did it,” Shi Feng said, not bothering to hide the truth. After all, he had the most authority over the city. No one could transfer a city without permission.

“Guild Leader! Stone Forest City is one of our Guild’s main sources of income! Although we’re not earning as much from the houses’ rent, we have just as many players interested in renting them! That rent alone is enough to fund normal operations of Zero Wing’s main headquarters! With Stone Forest City gone from the Bottomless Abyss, many players are going to demand a refund!” Liang Jing exclaimed as she massaged her temples.

Currently, she was in charge of most of Zero Wing’s headquarter’s affairs, especially now that Blackie and Gentle Snow had left their daily tasks to her. What gave her the biggest headache, however, was handling the payments that required Credits. To ease the management flow, Shi Feng had granted her authority to manage Stone Forest City’s income.

After a few months, she had finally managed to balance the headquarters’ expenditures and Stone Forest City’s income. And yet, Shi Feng had just relocated Stone Forest City elsewhere, rendering her efforts useless…

“Relax. They won’t ask for a refund,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “If they do, we can give them a refund based on the original price. We can even refund them in Coins if they want.”

Stone Forest City’s private houses had always been leased for Credits. Receiving a Refund in Coins would be a welcomed bonus.

Although it was becoming easier to earn Coins, players had to bear more expenditures in God’s Domain. As a result, players weren’t able to save a lot of Coins as they reached higher levels. Hence, money-farming teams and Workshops were extremely popular among players that wanted to pay Credits for Coins in God’s Domain.

God’s Domain was like a second world to players. Since Coins were more useful in God’s Domain, players were naturally more willing to spend Credits than Coins.

“If we do that, we’ll still have to pay at least 100,000 Gold in refunds!” Liang Jing said, exasperated at Shi Feng’s nonchalant attitude.

At this point, she was neither Chairman Xiao’s secretary, nor was she ignorant of God’s Domain. On the contrary, she spent more time in the game than in the real world. She knew exactly how valuable 100,000 Gold was. Even to the various superpowers, it was a significant sum.

“Here’s 100,000 Gold; hold onto it for now,” Shi Feng said as he passed the Gold to Liang Jing. He then continued,

“Later, send me a summary of how many people wanted a refund. I intend to hold a leasing auction for the empty houses. We’ll start the bidding at 30,000 Credits per week.”

Thirty thousand per week?” Liang Jing gaped when she heard the price.

When Stone Forest had still been in the Bottomless Abyss, they had leased the private houses for 40,000 to 50,000 Credits per month, except for the first month’s auctions. Even so, most players couldn’t afford the rent. Yet now, Shi Feng wanted to lease the houses for 30,000 Credits per week. It was utterly insane.

The Bottomless Abyss was the best grinding spot in God’s Domain at the moment. Outside of the Regional Dungeon, the property value in Stone Forest City would plummet.

“Take care of the necessary preparations,” Shi Feng said, not bothering with the task. He sent Liang Jing away to take care of Stone Forest City’s new leasing plan.

He had already considered the consequences of relocating Stone Forest City out of the Regional Dungeon. The city did provide a considerable supply of top-tier, Level 95-plus weapons and equipment, but that wasn’t what Zero Wing needed most right now. The Guild needed funds and strength.

Rather than trying to squeeze the Bottomless Abyss for everything it had, Zero Wing would benefit more from focusing on Level 100 neutral maps. Exploring these areas would be particularly profitable since the various superpowers were just beginning to encounter Level 100 neutral maps. It was an opportunity for Zero Wing to make a killing, and there wouldn’t be another in the future.

Shortly after Liang Jing left, Shi Feng heard the sound of a system notification.

System: Stone Forest City’s transfer is complete. You may open Stone Forest City at any time.