Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2369 - Candlelight's New Benefits

Chapter 2369 – Candlelight’s New Benefits

Two lights flashed in White River City’s Teleportation Hall as Shi Feng and Silent Wonder returned. Although they had only been away from the city for about half a day, it had changed significantly.

There were visibly more players in the Teleportation Hall than when they had left, and many of these players originated from the various Otherworlds. Their life auras were clearly different from the main continent’s ordinary players.

Many of Star-Moon Kingdom’s original inhabitants couldn’t help but envy these Otherworld players when they saw them.

“Being a silver member in the Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance is wonderful. The alliance actually lets them tag along with so many experts when questing and leveling up,” a Level 92 Shield Warrior in full Level 90 Mysterious-Iron Equipment said as he watched a team walk toward the teleportation array. “I wonder when I’ll get promoted to silver rank. When I do, my friends in Guilds will die from envy.”

“Silver members might get excellent benefits, but becoming one of the alliance’s elites is easier said than done,” one of the Shield Warrior’s teammates, a Level 93 Assassin, said. “Major powers from several Otherworlds founded the Star- Moon Adventurer Alliance recently, and they’ve made huge investments in the alliance. As a result, they’ve substantially raised the requirements to reach silver rank. You only used to need to reach the Trial Tower’s fifth floor to become a silver member, but now, you need to reach the early stage of the Trial Tower’s sixth floor.”

“That’s old news. I’ve heard they’ve recently raised the bar to the sixth floor’s middle stage, and you need to make significant contributions to the alliance.”

“Isn’t that a little too much?!” the Level 92 Shield Warrior exclaimed. “Even in our adventurer team, only a handful of people can meet that requirement.”

“I know, right?” the Level 93 Assassin said, sighing.

As players’ average combat standards rose, the requirements to be considered an expert increased as well, but even at this stage of the game, the various major powers considered a player an ordinary expert if they could reach the late stage of the Trial Tower’s fifth floor. The Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance, however, required its silver members to reach the sixth floor’s middle stage, much to the despair of many of the alliance’s ordinary experts.

These Otherworld powers are moving so quickly? Shi Feng was surprised when he overheard the conversation.

The various Otherworld powers had only established adventurer alliances to recruit independent players after encountering resistance on the main continent during his previous life. Since individually, these powers’ abilities and resources were limited, they usually worked together to run an adventurer alliance.

And yet, these Otherworld powers had begun to work together much sooner than they had in the past. Naturally, this would have a greater impact on the main continent’s various powers. After all, independent players made up the majority of God’s Domain’s player base.

With this thought in mind, Shi Feng hurried toward the Candlelight Trading Firm.

The Otherworld powers’ partnership would even have a massive impact on Super Guilds’ development, not to mention Zero Wing. If Zero Wing wanted to survive this invasion, not only would it have to grow its members’ overall strength, but it would also have to recruit far more capable players.

While they walked, Shi Feng instructed Silent wonder to level up so she could complete her Tier 3 Promotion Quest sooner than later. Her combat standards weren’t low, and she was just a step away from the Void Realm. She shouldn’t have any issues completing her Promotion Quest as soon as she reached Level 100 with the help of the enhanced Crimson Sunset. She’d likely have an even easier time completing it than Cola and the others.

The first thing Shi Feng did upon returning to the Candlelight Trading Firm was to contact Melancholic Smile and have her prioritize the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship’s production and material collection. He also told her to recruit more Lifestyle players with high potential. After players reached Level 100, Lifestyle players would become a Guild’s main source of weapons, equipment, tools, and potions.

The power that commanded the most Lifestyle players would gain control over weapon and equipment supply after Level 100. Fortunately, the various major powers would only figure this out once they began to explore Level 100 neutral maps.

“Guild Leader, the various Otherworld powers have been rapidly expanding their Lifestyle player recruitments lately. Moreover, they are offering considerably high salaries. It won’t be easy to compete with the adventurer alliance in this regard since it is an independent organization,” Melancholic Smile said, smiling bitterly. “To make matters worse, the kingdom’s independent players have gone crazy since the Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance has published its membership policy. Some Lifestyle players have even begun to withdraw from their large Guilds to join the alliance.”

Although Candlelight had a massive competitive edge thanks to its 4-star Shop in White River City, that edge was only effective against the various large Guilds. Independent organizations like the Star-Moon Adventurer Alliance were a different story. As long as the alliance offered some benefits, both Lifestyle players and combat players would be more than willing to join. The alliance’s rules weren’t particularly strict, after all.

“I understand.” Shi Feng nodded. “But no matter what, we need to accelerate the trading firm’s development. From now on, I intend to give normal members access to the Meditation Rooms as well, but they’ll have to pay 10,000 GCPs per hour. We’ll also open the Research Workshop to all internal members for 50,000 GCPs per half hour. Core members will receive a 20% discount for the Research Workshop.”

“These conditions should be enough to lure in quite a few capable Lifestyle players,” Melancholic Smile said, her eyes glowing with excitement.

The Basic Meditation Room was extremely helpful to Lifestyle players, especially those who hadn’t yet reached the Master rank. The room’s environment was miraculously effective when players practiced production methods. In addition, the Meditation Room could help players when they created Basic Master Designs or Recipes. Access to the rooms was a very attractive benefit to Lifestyle players.

Candlelight’s normal members hadn’t had any access to the Basic Meditation Rooms thus far since there were too few available, but now that Candlelight had a 4-star Shop and five 3-star Shops, the number of rooms available had skyrocketed. Renting some of the Basic Meditation Rooms to the trading firm’s normal members wouldn’t affect the internal members’ development in the least. Moreover, Candlelight wasn’t strict with its normal members. Normal members were only required to produce a certain number of items every day.

If Lifestyle players learned that they could rent Basic Meditation Rooms as a normal member in Candlelight, they’d lose their minds.

Only 3-star Shops and greater had Basic Meditation Rooms, and at this stage of the game, very few powers had 3-star Shops, most of which were superpowers. Generally, these superpowers reserved the Basic Meditation Rooms for their Master Lifestyle players. Normal members had no hope of using them.

However, Candlelight’s players, regardless of Lifestyle rank, would be able to rent a Basic Meditation Room in the Candlelight Trading Firm. Furthermore, based on the value of Candlelight’s GCPs, 10,000 GCPs were only equal to 30 Gold. Renting a Basic Meditation Room for 30 Gold an hour was a bargain that Lifestyle players wouldn’t find anywhere else in God’s Domain.

The various adventurer alliances might be able to offer more resources and freedom, but these factors wouldn’t be nearly as helpful to a Lifestyle player’s development as a Basic Meditation Room.

Shi Feng left Melancholic Smile to oversee the adjustments and recruitment. He then resumed the Crimson Sunsets’ production to help the Guild’s core members prepare for their Tier 3 Promotion Quests.

After half a day of work, White Autumn secret visited the Candlelight Trading Firm to fulfill his transaction with Shi Feng. In exchange for 50 Crimson Sunsets, Shi Feng instantly obtained 900,000 Gold and 600,000 Magic Crystals.

I finally have enough money. Time to visit the Adventurer’s Association. Shi Feng brimmed with confidence as he gazed at the astronomical sum of Coins in his bag. He left the Candlelight Trading Firm immediately, heading toward the Adventurer’s Association.