Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2367 - Sword King?

Chapter 2367 – Sword King?

“How dare he?”

Everyone in the venue looked at Shi Feng as if he were a fool.

Long Xianglong was the strongest member of the Long Family’s second generation. He was even capable of contending with Hermit, and now that the Long Family had secured the right to rule Azure, his status in the Chamber was even higher than Hermit’s and Duan Hanshan’s.

The various superpowers would do anything they could to befriend Long Xianglong at this point, and yet, Shi Feng had done the exact opposite, destroying any goodwill he had earned from helping Silent Wonder achieve victory…

“There’s definitely something mentally wrong with that guy, Big Sis Jade! After that outburst, Zero Wing had likely lost any access to Azure’s resources,” the blue-clad Assassin beside Jade Bamboo said, frowning.

Long Xianglong was the second most influential person from the Long Family’s second generation. He had the authority to decide much regarding the family’s and Azure’s future. Even if he decided against attacking Zero Wing after Shi Feng’s offense, it was almost certain that the Guild wouldn’t get anything from the Azure Chamber of Commerce. Everything Zero Wing had invested in this competition was for naught.

“What is he thinking?” Jade Bamboo felt as if she were going mad as she watched Shi Feng. “Does he think that helping Silent Wonder win this competition is enough to stand on equal footing with Long Xianglong?”

Earlier, Duan Hanshan hadn’t called Long Xianglong ‘Lunatic Long’ because the man was a fighting maniac, but because of the way he conducted himself. Once Long Xianglong decided to do something, no one could dissuade him. He would try to achieve his goal at all costs.

It was easy to imagine what outcome awaited Shi Feng for offending the man.

Shi Feng had already secured Azure’s bountiful resources for his Guild, yet he had thrown that away just as quickly. Not even a fool would be so wasteful, yet Shi Feng had done so without any hesitation.

Jade Bamboo had just finished her report to her Alliance Master and proposed a partnership with Zero Wing, too.

“I knew this kid wouldn’t play by the rules. This is going to be interesting,” Duan Hanshan said, grinning.

Duan Hanshan was known for how protective he was of his faction’s members in the Azure Chamber of Commerce, but he also knew how to view the bigger picture and prioritize. Long Xianglong, however, didn’t. The man only prioritized his own goals, which was why Duan Hanshan didn’t want to quarrel with him.

While whispered discussions filled the venue, Long Xianglong turned toward Shi Feng.

“What? Do you think I’m wrong?” Long Xianglong asked in a warning tone.

With those words, everyone felt a chill crawl down their spines. Long Xianglong hadn’t said much, but they could all hear his rage. They had no doubt that the man would attack anyone who dared to speak up.

And yet, when Burning Owl heard the warning, he wiped the sweat from his brow and sighed in relief.

Thank goodness Third Uncle didn’t just attack, but Black Flame should know how to back off.

Burning Owl was very familiar with his third uncle’s general attitude. It always gave him huge headaches when he had to deal with the man. He had thought his third uncle would’ve attacked Shi Feng without a second thought.

Fortunately, Long Xianglong had held back out of respect for Silent Wonder.

Even an ordinary expert would realize what the man was thinking as they faced his third uncle’s frightening killing intent. As long as Shi Feng had half a brain, he should know how to respond.

However, Shi Feng’s reply dumbfounded Burning Owl and the various superpowers’ upper echelons.

“That’s right. That assumption is incorrect,” Shi Feng immediately replied. “Wonder might be able to develop well in Azure, but her development in Zero Wing would be just as successful.”

Silent Wonder’s talent went without saying. Not only had she been one of the Ten Great Grandmaster Alchemists in the past, but she had also been a Tier 5 powerhouse. Even the various superpowers had been helpless against her without dispatching a Tier 6 God-ranked expert.

Although the Azure Chamber of Commerce had a foundation that rivaled Super Guilds’, Zero Wing was just as capable of nurturing experts.

After all, Zero Wing had the Extraordinary Tower!

None of the various superpowers had this advantage, and the Realms of Truth were far more beneficial to magical class players like Silent Wonder than the Realms of Refinement. If Silent Wonder could master the Realms of Truth, she would gain strength far beyond that of reaching the Domain Realm. This was the very reason that Violet Cloud commanded more combat power than Fire Dance and Gentle Snow, despite having the same combat standards.

Of course, as soon as Shi Feng finished his statement, silence returned to the venue.

Is his brain broken?! Burning Owl nearly cursed aloud when he heard Shi Feng argue.

Not once, but twice! Shi Feng had provoked his third uncle twice!

“It’s no wonder why this kid dared to provoke me earlier. It seems he had no fear of death.”

Duan Hanshan was stunned by Shi Feng’s response. Even he was afraid of provoking Long Xianglong. The only people that could keep the man in check were the Long Family’s old man and Azure’s Guild Leader. Long Xianglong didn’t respect anyone else and typically did as he wished.

While the various superpowers’ upper echelons watched, their envy of Zero Wing vanished instantly. Now, they merely laughed and ridiculed Shi Feng’s ignorance. Even Silk Moon, who had watched this play out in silence, gave Shi Feng a strange look.

“You’re quite interesting, young man. I don’t know how many years it’s been since someone has spoken to me like that,” Long Xianglong said, flashing Shi Feng a wrathful grin. “You must be confident in Zero Wing’s strength since you think it can help Wonder’s development as much as Azure, right? In that case, why don’t you show me this strength?”

“Third Uncle!” Silent Wonder rushed forward to dissuade Long Xianglong.

“Do not interfere, Wonder. I want to see the standards of the Guild you so favor,” Long Xianglong said as he raised his hand to stop Silent Wonder. He returned his attention to Shi Feng and said, “My requirements of your Guild aren’t high. Since you’re the Guild Leader, you should have satisfactory combat standards. If you can survive ten moves against me, I’ll stand aside. However, if you fail, Wonder will have to leave Zero Wing. Of course, Zero Wing will still gain access to the resources it deserves. What do you think?”

As far as Long Xianglong was concerned, Shi Feng was an ignorant fool that had grown arrogant because he had obtained some good equipment for Silent Wonder, and Silent Wonder still viewed God’s Domain as the same kind of virtual reality game of the past. She simply didn’t realize the advantages the Azure Chamber of Commerce had in God’s Domain.

“What? Are you afraid?” Long Xianglong taunted, interpreting Shi Feng’s silence as fear.

As Shi Feng was about to speak, White Autumn suddenly stepped forward.

“Is this necessary, Brother Long? Can we not allow the younger generation to make their own decisions?” White Autumn asked.

Everyone was surprised by White Autumn’s intervention.

“What relationship does White Autumn have with Zero Wing? I can’t believe he’s actually willing to stand up for the Guild in a situation like this,” Jade Bamboo muttered as she curiously glanced at Shi Feng.

Now that the Long Family ruled Azure, the various superpowers would fight for its favor. They’d do anything in their power to support Long Xianglong, and yet White Autumn chose to support Zero Wing. This was simply unbelievable.

“Please do not try to stop this, Vice Guild Leader White. This is between us,” Long Xianglong said. Although he was just as surprised, he rejected White Autumn’s advice.

“Brother Long, you misunderstand. I’m not trying to stand against you. I’m only doing this for your own good,” White Autumn said, shaking his head as he smiled.

“What are you trying to say?” Long Xianglong coldly demanded.

“I mean that you’re no match for Guild Leader Black Flame,” White Autumn explained with a sigh.

“I’m not a match for him?” Long Xianglong laughed. “And why not? Do you think that Azure is no match for Zero Wing just because it has powerful weapons and equipment, that Azure cannot secure its own?”

Long Xianglong knew that Zero Wing had powerful foundations. He could easily evaluate Silent Wonder’s equipment. As Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Shi Feng’s weapons and equipment should be just as good, if not better, than Silent Wonder’s, but that didn’t mean that the Azure Chamber of Commerce was inferior in this regard.

“It is because he is a Tier 3 Sword King!”