Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2366 - Unexpected Harvest “Thirty sets?”

Chapter 2366 – Unexpected Harvest “Thirty sets?”

White Autumn stared at Shi Feng with wide eyes, utterly baffled. He would’ve already been impressed if Zero Wing could afford to part with two or three sets. After all, they were talking about Advanced Mana Set Equipment, which was far rarer and more valuable than Level 95 Dark-Gold Set Equipment.

Yet, Shi Feng had just offered to sell him 30 Crimson Sunsets?

“That’s right, 30 sets,” Shi Feng said, chuckling at White Autumn’s dazed expression. “Each Crimson Sunset will cost 15,000 Gold and 10,000 Magic Crystals. What do you think, Vice Guild Leader White?”

Although the Crimson Sunset was extremely valuable, each set could, at most, fetch him around 30,000 to 40,000 Gold. He wouldn’t make any profit if he only sold a handful of sets, but selling 30 at once would be a huge windfall for Zero Wing.

Of course, he could auction off the Crimson Sunsets. He’d definitely earn more money from each set if he did, but he didn’t want too many powers to get their hands on the equipment, helping their experts complete their Tier 3 Promotion Quests much sooner. Ultimately, that wouldn’t benefit Zero Wing.

“So, a total of 450,000 Gold and 300,000 Magic Crystals?” White Autumn realized what Shi Feng implied. “Can I buy 100 sets, then?”

Even a fool could tell that Zero Wing had the ability to produce the Crimson Sunset. When White Autumn thought about the Crimson Sunset’s potential mass-production, he shuddered. Even if mass-production wasn’t possible, just being able to craft the sets was frightening. The fact that Zero Wing didn’t want to share the Crimson Sunset with the various powers made this an excellent opportunity for him and Giant’s Heart.

If he could secure 100 Crimson Sunsets for Giant’s Heart, not only could he satisfy his Guild’s experts who intended to challenge their Tier 3 Promotion Quests, but he could also arm the Guild for exploring Level 100 neutral maps.

“One hundred sets?” Shi Feng rolled his eyes. Secretly, however, Giant’s Heart’s wealth shocked him. He said,

“Producing the Crimson Sunsets is incredibly difficult and requires precious materials. At most, I can sell up to 50 sets, but the price will be different for that many.”

A handful of Crimson Sunsets wouldn’t be overly helpful to a Guild, but dozens of sets would be a different story. This was especially true as players began to reach Level 100. The benefits of several dozen Crimson Sunsets were unimaginable.

“May I know how much you intend to charge?” White Autumn asked, smiling. The price change didn’t surprise him in the least.

“If you want 50 sets, it’ll cost you a total of 900,000 Gold and 600,000 Magic Crystals,” Shi Feng said after giving the matter some thought.

If he had 900,000 Gold, he would have enough capital to develop his territory in the Cold Spring Canyon. Meanwhile, with the 600,000 Magic Crystals, he could forge a new batch of Crimson Sunsets.

“Alright, deal,” White Autumn answered without hesitation.

It might be a significant price increase, but 50 Crimson Sunsets would give Giant’s Heart a massive edge over the other superpowers when it came to nurturing Tier 3 players and exploring Level 100 neutral maps. White Autumn was confident these Crimson Sunsets would also help the Guild compete with Pride Empire on land.

White Autumn and Shi Feng then signed an agreement. Even for a superpower, 900,000 Gold and 600,000 Magic Crystals was a huge sum, and it would take White Autumn some time to collect the payment.

Shi Feng was quite satisfied. He hadn’t expected his trip to the Dark Hills to net him so much Gold and Magic Crystals. After this competition, he could turn his focus to the Cold Spring Canyon’s development.

Once he solidified his hold on the Cold Spring Canyon, Zero Wing wouldn’t have to worry about contending with the various Otherworlds’ invading powers. The Guild’s development speed might even reach new highs thanks to the canyon’s resources.

While Shi Feng and White Autumn had been negotiating, Silent Wonder won the competition.

Since the moment she had stepped onto the battlefield with the Darkmoon Bear, the competition’s outcome had been decided. Yan Xiaoqian was a talented alchemist, but she had only earned six sets of materials to work with. In the end, she had only produced three bottles of Meditation Soul. Silent Wonder, on the other hand, had produced six bottles before she had even used all 20 material sets…

Even though Silent Wonder had won by a landslide, the other members of the Azure Chamber of Commerce couldn’t believe the outcome.

“Big Sis Jade, this is our chance. Now that Silent Wonder has won, the Long Family has secured its rule over Azure. Naturally, Zero Wing will benefit from this,” the blue-clad Assassin beside Jade Bamboo said. “Although we can’t become members of Azure, we can ally with Zero Wing and use Azure’s channels through the Guild. With how intense the competition in God’s Domain is becoming, I doubt Zero Wing would turn us away.”

The Azure Chamber of Commerce had access to both of the main continents and had even more resources on hand than some Super Guilds. The eastern continent’s various superpowers were particularly eager to obtain resources from the eastern continent.

Meanwhile, the Otherworlds’ various powers were rapidly expanding on the main continent. If Zero Wing collaborated with their adventurer alliance, the alliance could provide additional security for the Guild. It was a benefit that many first-rate Guilds and pseudo-superpowers needed but failed to acquire.

“Alright. After the competition, I’ll report the outcome to the Alliance Master,” Jade Bamboo said, nodding.

Meanwhile, Yan Xiaoqian stood on the competition grounds, still dazed. She had never dreamed that she would lose so miserably.

“I admit that I lost this time, Wonder, but you better not get complacent! Dark Pursuit’s foundations are far more powerful than you can imagine. I will not lose the next competition between our families!” Yan Xiaoqian declared, glaring at Silent Wonder. She then turned and left.

The competition for the rights to rule Azure had ended, but the shareholding families held this competition each year to determine the strength and potential of the younger generation. After all, the children held the future in their hands. Yan Xiaoqian intended to use the next competition to recover from today’s humiliation.

Silent Wonder simply shook her head. She hadn’t thought that Yan Xiaoqian would view her as a rival.

“Wonder, the competition is over. From now on, our Long Family will be responsible for leading Azure in God’s Domain,” Long Xianglong said as he approached Silent Wonder. “Everyone has witnessed your talents. Return to the western continent with me. You’ll only be able to grow by training at the Chamber’s main headquarters. The eastern continent’s Legacies can’t compare to those on the western continent, and strength is everything in God’s Domain.

You don’t have to worry about Zero Wing. I’ll give Zero Wing a large-scale Shop in Demonstone Town. Not only will the Guild be able to earn a significant amount of resources through the Shop, but it will also have access to plenty of treasure from the western continent.”

Silent Wonder’s display had certainly shocked Long Xianglong. He hadn’t realized that his niece was so powerful. She was just as talented in combat as Yan Xiaoqian.

Although he had also been surprised to learn that Silk Moon had reached the Domain Realm, her health remained a problem. Unfortunately, Burning Owl couldn’t lead the Long Family to glory in the future alone. Hence, Silent Wonder’s participation was absolutely necessary.

“Third Uncle! I already told you. I’ve decided to stay in Zero Wing!” Silent Wonder insisted.

“Enough nonsense! With your talents, it won’t be long before you become one of the Chamber’s Vice Guild Leaders. You’ll have no issues becoming a Grand Elder in the future, either. You’ll have a much better future with the Chamber than in a pseudo-superpower like Zero Wing,” Long Xianglong argued. “At this rate, you’ll only ruin your prospects!”

As Silent Wonder tried to explain herself, everyone in the hall heard a deep voice.

“Elder Long, Silent Wonder is a genius, but I disagree that she’ll ruin her future by staying in Zero Wing.”

Silence descended on the venue. No one had expected someone to be daring enough to refute Long Xianglong’s statement, and everyone spun toward the speaker. The player that had interrupted the conversation between the Long Family members was none other than Shi Feng, who slowly approached Long Xianglong.