Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2361 - Gathering of Bigshots

Chapter 2361 – Gathering of Bigshots

The Duan Family had not sent a lot of people to this competition, only a dozen or so. Their number was far fewer than that of the various superpowers. However, when the attendees present saw the pale-white, middle-aged man at the head of the group, they all revealed surprised expressions.

“The Ice Demon, Duan Hanshan! He actually came too?!”

This is going to be interesting! The Ice Demon’s combat standards are not the slightest bit inferior to Hermit’s. In fact, he is even stronger than Hermit in a frontal confrontation. Moreover, unlike Hermit, who maintains a neutral stance in Azure, Duan Hanshan is famous for his partisanship!”

The faces of the various superpowers’ members shone with anticipation when they saw the man leading the Duan Family’s group.

Duan Hanshan was the strongest person of the Duan Family’s second generation. His position in Azure rivaled that of the Assassin Hermit. He had been fighting in the western continent all this time, and his fame over there surpassed even Hermit’s. Although Duan Hanshan was nicknamed the Ice Demon, his short temper was well-known among the various superpowers.

Meanwhile, after stepping into the hall, Duan Hanshan did not head toward the VIP seats. Instead, he walked up to Shi Feng, the chilling aura he radiated making the various superpowers’ Refinement Realm experts shudder involuntarily.

You’re that Black Flame that killed Prideful Brute at the checkpoint?” Duan Hanshan asked coldly as he glared at Shi Feng.

Upon hearing Duan Hanshan’s question, everyone present revealed looks that suggested they had expected such a situation to arise.

Although they were currently inside the Auction House and within Azure’s territory, Duan Hanshan would not care about etiquette. If Shi Feng gave him an unsatisfactory reply, Duan Hanshan would definitely take action.

“That’s right. Do you have business with me?” Shi Feng nodded, not evading Duan Hanshan’s question at all. His nonchalant reply also made it seem as if the killing intent Duan Hanshan radiated was nonexistent.

Upon hearing Shi Feng’s words, everyone present gasped involuntarily.

“Is this guy nuts? He’s still trying to act tough at this point?” A blue-clad Assassin youth, who was also in the second- floor hall, stared at Shi Feng in shock.

Duan Hanshan was known for being an unstoppable killing machine over in the western continent. This was why he was nicknamed Ice Demon. Even the Guild Leaders of the various superpowers had to show respect when meeting him. Shi Feng, however, behaved as if he had nothing to do with this matter.

“He probably doesn’t know about the Ice Demon. After all, Zero Wing is developing in a small kingdom. It shouldn’t know much about matters in the western continent,” said Jade Bamboo from beside the Assassin youth. She, too, had been surprised at Shi Feng’s reply. “However, now that he has spoken to Ice Demon that way, he’s definitely doomed.”

Hermit maintained a neutral stance in the Azure Chamber of Commerce, so it was only normal for him to ignore the quarrels between the two main families and prioritize the Chamber’s benefits above all else. However, that was not the case for Duan Hanshan at all.

Meanwhile, as soon as Shi Feng finished speaking, Duan Hanshan’s killing intent skyrocketed in intensity, putting a powerful pressure on the spectating crowd.

“Good! Young man, you’re very brave! It seems that if I don’t take some action in the eastern continent, nobody will place the Azure Chamber of Commerce in their eyes in the future!” Duan Hanshan exclaimed wrathfully. Mana started gathering around him, the ambient temperature plummeting.

“Black Flame is doomed now.”

At this moment, everyone understood that Duan Hanshan was thoroughly enraged. With this, even Silent Melody and Cloud Hunter would be powerless to save Black Flame. After all, quite a few of those standing behind Duan Hanshan were peak experts. They would have no problem holding Cloud Hunter back for a short period.

However, just when everyone thought a battle would break out between Shi Feng and Duan Hanshan, a deep and powerful voice echoed throughout the entire hall.

“Old Ice, are you planning on breaking the Chamber’s rules?”

When everyone turned to look at the origin of this voice, what they saw was a man in dark-gray armor, who seemed to be in his early 50s. The aura this man radiated was not the slightest bit weaker than that of Duan Hanshan; it daunted the nearby Refinement Realm experts, deterring them from approaching him.

“Third Uncle, why are you here?” Silent Wonder asked in confusion when she saw this middle-aged man.

This stalwart, middle-aged man was none other than Long Xianglong, one of the Long Family’s second-generation leaders. He was also one of Azure’s Grand Elders and was Silent Wonder’s third uncle. As Long Xianglong was addicted to improving his combat standards, he had not bothered himself with the Chamber’s matters in a very long time.

“Your father has some other matters to take care of and cannot attend this competition, so he asked me to come in his place,” Long Xianglong said, a rare smile appearing on his face when he looked at Silent Wonder. He then turned to look at Duan Hanshan. “Old Ice, Azure is holding an important competition here today. Are you still planning on taking action here? Or are you telling me that you’ve already forgotten about the Chamber’s rules?”

At Long Xianglong’s words, Duan Hanshan’s complexion darkened.

“Lunatic Long, I’ll step back out of respect for you this time. However, if there is a next time, your people won’t be as lucky,” Duan Hanshan said. After glaring at Shi Feng, he promptly turned around and left.

Upon seeing this, Cloud Hunter breathed a deep sigh of relief. At the same time, he was also speechless at Shi Feng’s bravery.

It was fortunate that Long Xianglong appeared. While attacking an invited guest within Azure’s territory was indeed against Azure’s rules, if Duan Hanshan was intent on taking action, even Cloud Hunter was not confident of stopping the Ice Demon.

However, Long Xianglong was Duan Hanshan’s equal in strength. Moreover, the rules were on Long Xianglong’s side. If Duan Hanshan took action, he would definitely end up getting himself punished.

After seeing Duan Hanshan leave, Long Xianglong turned his gaze away from the Ice Demon and walked up to Shi Feng.

“Young man, you shouldn’t act so impulsively next time. That Old Ice Demon usually does whatever he wants,” Long Xianglong admonished Shi Feng slightly. Very quickly, however, he shifted his attention to Silent Wonder and said, “Wonder, your grandfather has constantly been thinking about you. If not for the competition this time, he would’ve most likely called you back already. Once this competition is over, return with me.”

From the previous scene, Long Xianglong understood that Shi Feng was a very impulsive person. If he allowed his niece to remain in Zero Wing, it would only be a matter of time before disaster befell her.

“Return? No. I wish to stay in Zero Wing and continue my development there. In any case, Owl and Big Sis Silk are more than enough to handle the Chamber’s affairs. It doesn’t matter whether I return or not,” Silent Wonder said, shaking her head. “Moreover, I’m developing very well.”

“Nonsense! Your talents are second only to Silk Moon’s. It might be fine if it were before, but after this competition, the struggle between the two main families will come to an end. Regardless of today’s outcome, you will receive the Chamber’s full support. At that time, your improvement speed will definitely exceed your current rate,” Long Xianglong said as he glared in exasperation at Silent Wonder.

The Azure Chamber of Commerce’s resources far surpassed that of ordinary superpowers. The future Silent Wonder could have in Azure would be many times better than if she remained in Zero Wing. In fact, remaining in Zero Wing would be a complete and utter waste of her talents. Moreover, the Long Family’s third generation still needed some strong pillars to support it. Simply relying on Burning Owl and Silk Moon wouldn’t be enough.

“Third Uncle, I’ve already decided. Moreover, I feel that Zero Wing is quite good. Stop trying to persuade me,” Silent Wonder said, shaking her head. She was determined to stick to her decision.

Just as Long Xianglong was about to launch another round of persuasion, a fresh group of players arrived, inducing gasps throughout the hall.

This was because these players were members of Giant’s Heart, a superpower that had thoroughly shaken the foundations of the Fire Dragon Empire and was capable of contending against the Super Guild Pride Empire. In fact, when comparing them purely in terms of naval prowess, Giant’s Heart was superior to Pride Empire.

Nowadays, the various superpowers were placing extreme emphasis on their naval development. Since Giant’s Heart possessed exceedingly great naval prowess, it had naturally become the target of partnership for many other superpowers.

Meanwhile, the person leading Giant’s Heart’s group this time was none other than White Autumn, one of Giant’s Heart’s Vice Guild Leaders, who was currently a megastar in the Fire Dragon Empire. At the same time, he was an existence that the various superpowers feared greatly because he had gained the Sea God’s blessing and possessed near-unrivaled strength out at sea. During these past few days, White Autumn’s existence alone had inflicted a lot of major losses on Pride Empire.

When White Autumn entered the hall, the upper echelons of the various attending superpowers promptly surged forward to greet him. Azure’s Duan Hanshan and Long Xianglong even took the initiative to greet White Autumn in an attempt to bridge the distance between Giant’s Heart and the Azure Chamber of Commerce.

However, after making small talk with the other attendees for a short time, White Autumn suddenly walked up to Shi Feng.

“Greetings, Guild Leader Black Flame. I am White Autumn, one of Giant’s Heart’s Vice Guild Leaders. I have heard a lot about you. I feel joyful that I finally get to meet you today,” White Autumn greeted Shi Feng in a very friendly manner.