Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2360 - Dark Hills Shocked

Chapter 2360 – Dark Hills Shocked

Watching Hermit leave, the several peak experts from Azure were stunned.

“Tier 3?”

“How is that possible? Nobody in our Chamber is even confident of challenging their Tier 3 Promotion Quest. How can he have reached Tier 3 already?”

Tier 3 classes were no longer foreign to the various superpowers in God’s Domain, who knew very clearly how powerful a Tier 3 class was. It was not something that Tier 2 classes could go up against.

Meanwhile, now that Level 100 players had already appeared, the various superpowers had started researching the Tier 3 Promotion Quest. However, their findings indicated that the Tier 3 Promotion Quest was absurdly difficult. Ordinary experts could not hope to complete the quest as soon as they reached Level 100.

As for peak and apex experts, they faced an even greater challenge. After all, not only had they obtained excellent Legacies, but they also had to challenge the highest-difficulty Promotion Quest available in consideration of their future development. If they settled for a mediocre result, they would only be harming themselves in the long run.

However, even the ordinary Tier 3 Promotion Quest already exceeded the expectations of the various superpowers because players had to travel to Level 100 neutral maps to conduct their Tier 3 Promotion Quest. Level 100 neutral maps were not places that just any player could visit. Even a team of Level 100, Tier 2 experts would face great danger when exploring a Level 100 neutral map.

Anyone capable of completing their Tier 3 Promotion Quest at this stage of the game undoubtedly had extraordinary strength. Needless to say, after completing their Tier 3 Promotion Quest, they would only have further improved their extraordinary strength.

“Brute died for nothing this time.”

“That’s right. He really dug his grave this time. Let alone Brute, even if Black Flame killed one of the Chamber’s Elders, the Chamber would most likely still ignore the matter.”

If what Hermit said was indeed true, then Prideful Brute’s attempt to use Shi Feng to make trouble for Silent Wonder was simply suicidal.

After all, the Azure Chamber of Commerce didn’t have a single Tier 3 player right now.

If a Tier 3 player wanted to do something against Azure’s members out in the fields, particularly in Level 100 neutral Chamber would be absolutely powerless to do anything about it. To avoid such an outcome, the Chamber naturally wouldn’t retaliate against Shi Feng just because he responded aggressively to Prideful Brute’s provocation.

As for the spectating crowd, when they saw Hermit berating Azure’s peak experts, their jaws dropped even more than before. They simply could not wrap their minds around what had just happened.

Who is that Black Flame? Black Flame had killed Azure’s Prideful Brute, yet not only did Hermit not react in rage, but he even berated his own people. Jade Bamboo’s eyes roiled with confusion as she gazed at Azure’s peak experts.

Although Hermit had spoken to those peak experts through a team chat, which prevented her from hearing what he said, she could still see his behavior and sense the aura he exuded, particularly his sudden burst of killing intent. That dense killing intent was something that made even an apex expert like herself shudder in fear. Moreover, she could tell that Hermit’s killing intent wasn’t directed at the departing Shi Feng, but at the several peak experts before him.

From this, one could tell that the behavior of Prideful Brute and the other experts of Azure had enraged Hermit. At the same time, it was also obvious that Hermit was afraid of Shi Feng.

Hermit was one of the top 10 experts of the Fire Dragon Empire, yet he actually appeared fearful of another player right now. This was simply unbelievable.

“It’s over, just like that?”

At this moment, Burning Owl, who stood a short distance away from the checkpoint, could not help his stupefaction when he saw Hermit walking away. He could not understand what had just happened. However, Cold Memory and South Dream, beside him, were not the least bit surprised by Hermit’s response to Shi Feng’s aggression.

The fact that Shi Feng was now a Tier 3 player was still a secret. After the two of them found out about this, they had immediately reported the matter to their Vice Guild Leader. Meanwhile, their Vice Guild Leader had promptly issued a gag order on this secret. Although the two of them hadn’t told anybody else, with Azure’s discerning intelligence department, Hermit must’ve obtained word of it. Otherwise, he definitely wouldn’t have let this matter rest so easily.

After Shi Feng and his companions entered the Dark Hills, they immediately felt a pleasant sensation enveloping their spirits.

The Dark Hills was located within a sealed space. Not only was the Mana density here considerably higher than that of the outside world, but there were also multiple teleportation gates to the cities of neutral races, which allowed human players to travel freely to those cities. Likewise, neutral players could teleport to the Dark Hills from their respective cities. Hence, the Dark Hills’ Demonstone Town became an excellent trade hub.

The one downside was the ridiculously high cost of the teleportation gates. Each use cost 300 Magic Crystals—a price utterly beyond ordinary experts. Only major powers could tolerate it.

Meanwhile, as Demonstone Town was only so large, in order to avoid overcrowding, Azure, the power that had captured it, had limited entry to members of the various major powers. However, even with this rule in place, Demonstone Town was still extremely crowded.

One could see not only the experts of the Fire Dragon Empire’s major powers but also many players belonging to various neutral races present. Many of these players were hawking their wares along the streets of the city; some of the items were enough to tempt even Shi Feng.

The Demonstone Auction House, which was located at the town’s center, was the liveliest place in the entire town.

It’s no wonder so many powers were trying to enter this place back then. Shi Feng sighed ruefully as he looked at the crowded Auction House.

Zero Wing City’s Auction House might be grand and majestic, but when comparing the quality of items available, Zero Wing City’s Auction House was leagues behind the Demonstone Auction House. Every item sold in the Demonstone Auction House was precious. One could buy even Epic Weapons and Equipment here.

Of course, as the Demonstone Auction House only allowed bartering, it didn’t matter even if players brought a ton of Coins here. The only options players had were to trade using the requested items or to pay Magic Crystals.

However, Magic Crystals were a strategic resource to the various major powers. Hence, most of the major powers that came here would only trade using the required items. Those that lacked the required items could only window-shop to sate their desires.

As for the Auction House’s second floor, the Azure Chamber of Commerce currently had full control over it. Only the members of invited superpowers were allowed entry there; the members of ordinary powers could only watch Azure’s internal competition from the first-floor hall. Under the lead of Hermit’s subordinate, Shi Feng’s group entered the second floor unhindered.

At this moment, not only was the second-floor hall seated with Azure’s upper echelon, but there were also plenty of players belonging to the upper echelons of various superpowers.

Azure’s internal competition today would decide whether the Long Family or the Duan Family would rule over the Chamber. Hence, the superpowers placed considerable importance on the competition today. After all, if the family they supported won, they would gain greater benefits from Azure. On the other hand, if the family they supported lost, their benefits would naturally decrease.

When Shi Feng’s group entered the venue, everyone’s gaze promptly shifted to it.

That person’s Black Flame?”

“How desperate is this guy trying to gain the Long Family’s favor? He actually dared to kill a member of the Duan Family. Doesn’t he know that the Duan Family has much more influence than the Long Family in the Fire Dragon Empire?”

“He’s used to playing tyrant in a kingdom. He is naturally short-sighted when it comes to the bigger world. I heard that Giant’s Heart has plenty of partnerships with the Duan Family. This time, the Duan Family has even managed to get Vice Guild Leader White Autumn to visit. I heard that White Autumn recently gained a God’s blessing, and his strength is now off the charts. If the Duan Family manages to get White Autumn to secretly take action, Zero Wing will be finished.”

At this point, the various superpowers’ members had already heard about what had occurred at the checkpoint. They had never imagined that Shi Feng would actually be foolish enough to kill the Duan Family’s Prideful Brute.

Meanwhile, as these players were discussing quietly, another group of people entered the hall. The moment these people arrived, everyone’s attention immediately turned toward them.

This was because the newcomers were none other than the Azure Chamber of Commerce’s Duan Family!