Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2352 - He’s Tier 3

Chapter 2352 – He’s Tier 3

She succeeded, just like that? South Dream stared at the excited Cold Memory in shock.

He was very familiar with her alchemy standards, which were basically on par with his. Hence, he knew that she should’ve needed a lot more time and effort to become a Master Alchemist.

And yet, after a few minutes in the Research Workshop, she had completed her promotion.

If he told his Guildmates about this, the other alchemists would likely think he’d gone mad.

The various superpowers respected Master Lifestyle players because they were so rare. Less than 1% of the Lifestyle players in God’s Domain had the potential to reach the Master rank, and each one that succeeded would have dedicated a lot of time and effort into their craft.

However, it seemed that Lifestyle players could easily cross that threshold by relying on the Research Workshop, saving a lot of time, effort, and resources.

In other words, Zero Wing could now nurture Master Lifestyle players far more easily than the various superpowers. So long as Zero Wing willed it, it could likely produce a large group of Master Lifestyle players as it needed.

“What do you two think of the Research Workshop’s effects?” Melancholic Smile asked, chuckling lightly when she saw the Cold Memory’s ecstatic expression and South Dream’s surprised reaction.

In truth, even Melancholic Smile was surprised at how quickly Cold Memory had been promoted to Master Alchemist, after just a few minutes of using the Research Workshop.

Shi Feng had told her that nurturing Master Lifestyle players would still be a major hurdle, even with the Research Workshop’s help. The workshop merely provided guidelines. Whether or not players could follow those guidelines depended on their abilities. To put it simply, the Research Workshop was simply a support tool.

When they heard Melancholic Smile’s question, Cold Memory and South Dream realized they had lost their composure.

With a fake, dry cough, Cold Memory awkwardly said, “Not bad. This Research Workshop is certainly helpful in creating new items, as you said.”

She tried to play it off, but the Research Workshop had completely exceeded her expectations. She had a far better understanding of the workshop’s power than her companion. Initially, she had assumed she’d be limited to the Master Alchemist standard, but after using the Research Workshop, she could see herself becoming a Grandmaster Alchemist in the future.

A Grandmaster Alchemist!

Even Dark Pursuit’s top alchemists struggled to reach such a prestigious rank. Currently, they estimated that their chances of reaching the Grandmaster rank were less than 10%, but if she could use the Research Workshop long-term, she was confident that she had as high as a 30% chance of becoming a Grandmaster Alchemist.

South Dream could only nod in response to Melancholic Smile’s question. He simply didn’t know what to say.

They had come to inform Zero Wing of the difference between their Guilds when it came to developing Lifestyle players. However, not only had they discovered that Zero Wing had just as many Basic Meditations Rooms as Dark Pursuit, but the Guild also had a godly tool like the Research Workshop. What could he possibly say?

What confused South Dream the most was that, despite not being a superpower, Zero Wing had already gotten its hands on such powerful training resources for Lifestyle players.

“I’m glad it’s to your satisfaction. Our Guild Leader is waiting in the reception room. We should meet him,” Melancholic Smile said, a slow smile forming as she watched her visitor’s silent reactions.

While Melancholic Smile led them to the reception room, Cold Memory and South Dream had a private conversation through their team chat.

“Memory, Zero Wing is better equipped to nurture Lifestyle players than we expected. Not even out Intermediate Meditation Room is a match for that Research Workshop,” South Dream said, smiling bitterly. “I’m afraid that we don’t have the resources to offer in exchange for Wonder.”

They had planned to offer Zero Wing training resources in exchange for nullifying Silent Wonder’s contract with the Guild. After all, Dark Pursuit’s training resources were far superior to what the main continent’s various powers possessed.

If Zero Wing agreed, it’d give up Silent Wonder, but it would acquire the ability to nurture several more Lifestyle players. It was definitely a tempting offer.

But it seemed the situation wasn’t what they had thought. With the Research Workshop, Zero Wing was even better equipped to nurture Master Lifestyle players than Dark Pursuit. In fact, if Dark Pursuit’s upper echelons and Guild Elders found out about this, they’d likely offer Zero Wing a huge sum of Gold and resources to purchase time in the Research Workshop for their own Lifestyle players. If they tried to offer Zero Wing training resources now, they’d make fools of themselves.

“It’s too early to give up,” Cold Memory said, gritting her teeth. “I admit that Zero Wing’s ability to nurture Lifestyle players is impressive, but don’t forget that strength is the most important factor in God’s Domain. Even if Zero Wing can nurture an army of Master Lifestyle players, it doesn’t necessarily have the strength to protect them.

“Not only does our Guild have excellent training resources, but we’re also far stronger than Zero Wing. We can simply offer Zero Wing protection in exchange for Wonder. That should be tempting enough. Based on our reports, many Otherworld powers have begun to move against Star-Moon Kingdom in secret. Surviving in such a situation will be a major challenge for Zero Wing, but if the Guild had Dark Pursuit’s protection, it might be a different story.

“Most importantly, Wonder’s competition with Yan Xiaoqian isn’t limited to alchemy. With Zero Wing’s foundations, how could it possibly provide the same resources Yan Xiaoqian currently receives?”

Zero Wing’s Lifestyle facilities had certainly taken her by surprise, but strength was more important than anything in God’s Domain. With Zero Wing’s current strength, staying in the Guild would do more harm than good to Silent Wonder in the long run. She might even unintentionally drag her family down with her if she stayed in this Guild.

“I guess you’re right. We can’t let Wonder waste any more time in Zero Wing,” South Dream said. After giving the matter some thought, he agreed with Cold Memory’s view of the situation.

If the competition between Silent Wonder and Yan Xiaoqian only involved alchemy standards, allowing her to remain in Zero Wing wouldn’t be an issue. However, that wasn’t the case. This was also a competition of strength. Since Yan Xiaoqian had joined Dark Pursuit, Silent Wonder would be at a disadvantage if she didn’t do the same. In fact, she might even be disqualified before she had the chance to compete against Yan Xiaoqian.

While Cold Memory and South Dream silently conversed, the group arrived before the top-floor reception room.

“Guild Leader, Dark Pursuit’s representatives are here,” Melancholic Smile declared as she gently pushed open the doors.

“Come in,” Shi Feng said, nodding.

Hearing Shi Feng’s reply, Melancholic Smile led Cold Memory’s group into the reception room.

The instant the two Dark Pursuit representatives entered the room, they felt an incomparably powerful aura wash over them. For a moment, they nearly stumbled.

“What a strong life aura!”

“Is he really a player?”

The two looked at Shi Feng in disbelief as the man sat at the reception room’s desk.

As players from the Moon God’s Realm, they were far more sensitive to life hours than ordinary players, and the aura they felt from Shi Feng was like nothing they had ever felt before from a player. The gap between their Life Ratings and Shi Feng’s was obvious.

If not for the green marker hovering above Shi Feng’s head, they would have suspected that the man before them was actually a monster in human skin.

“Not even players with a God’s blessing radiate such an intense life aura. Has he already reached Tier 3?” South Dream wondered in their team chat.

“Tier 3? How is this possible?!” Cold Memory could not help but stare at the Swordsman, utterly astonished.