Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2351 - rightening Research Workshop

Chapter 2351 – Frightening Research Workshop

After they made their way over to the Research Workshop, Melancholic Smile slowly pushed open the heavy, crystalline doors.

As the doors parted, incomparably dense Mana flooded out. Even Silent Wonder, who was used to working in high Mana density environments, felt refreshed as the workshop’s Mana hit her. She felt as if she had just woken from a sweet dream.

Cold Memory and South Dream, on the other hand, stared at the Research Workshop in astonishment, unable to process what was happening even as their minds became clear and sharp.

How can this room have such high Mana density? Cold Memory gave the workshop an incredulous look.

There was a special magic array that could gather an immense amount of Mana in the ancient civilization town Dark Pursuit had captured. Hence, the Mana density within the town was unusually high. Naturally, the town’s Intermediate Meditation Room had the highest Mana density in the town, but compared to this Research Workshop, the Intermediate Meditation Room’s Mana density was a joke.

Cold Memory couldn’t fathom how a mere Shop had such incredible Mana density.

However, what she saw as she entered the Research Workshop shocked her even more.

The majority of the Research Workshop had been constructed with Magic Crystals, and some parts of the workshop were even made with Mana Stones. The room was like a Magic Crystal cave.

“In the Research Workshop, our members can study new designs and recipes. Not only is the Mana density here extremely high, but the room also has a special instrument that can analyze all sorts of items, giving players the information they need to strengthen and modify their work to create new and better designs and recipes,” Melancholic Smile introduced.

“Assist players in creating new designs and recipes?! Impossible!”

Cold Memory and South Dream instinctively denied Melancholic Smile’s claim.

Almost every player in the Moon God’s Realm understood how difficult it was to reach the next Lifestyle promotion. Once Lifestyle players reached the Advanced rank, their greatest hurdle was the creation of new designs and recipes.

If it were possible to increase players’ chances of creating new designs, a power could nurture Master Lifestyle players far faster than its competition. For Advanced Lifestyle players, accumulating enough Proficiency Points for their promotion to Master rank was easy, but the same couldn’t be said for creating new designs and recipes. The task required a lot of materials and experimentation. The amount of Gold and resources an Advanced Lifestyle player would need was astronomical.

Because of the cost, the various major powers were very careflil when selecting Advanced Lifestyle players to nurture.

Dark Pursuit’s Intermediate Meditation Room only helped clear players’ minds so they could focus when producing items. It couldn’t help them create new items.

“I see that the two of you are Advanced Alchemists. Why don’t you give it a try? You can see for yourselves whether or not I’m telling the truth,” Melancholic Smile said.

She wasn’t surprised that her two guests refused to believe her. When she had first learned about the Research Workshop’s function, even she found it hard to believe. To Lifestyle players, gaining access to the Research Workshop’s ability was akin to combat players getting their hands on a tool with godly abilities. It was expected that Cold Mem and South Dream would be skeptical about the Research Workshop.

“We’ll have to trouble you then, Shopkeeper Melancholic.”

With Melancholic Smile’s blessing, Cold Memory saw no reason to hold back. Her declaration was simply impossible. Zero Wing was merely lying to people in an attempt to look good before Dark Pursuit.

Following which, Melancholic Smile spent 1,000 Magic Crystals to activate the Research Workshop’s instrument. As soon as she did, the Mana density in the room rose.

What a powerful Mana. It’s no wonder why she made such a foolish claim. Even if she were lying about the workshop’s ability, such an environment would be immensely helpful when creating new items. South Dream was flabbergasted as he felt the room’s Mana density change.

Unlike her companion, however, Cold Memory wasn’t yet convinced. She retrieved a bottle of Breath of Life, an Advanced Potion, from her bag and placed it on the workshop’s scanner. She then waited for the Research Workshop to analyze the potion.

Her lack of reaction rendered South Dream speechless. He thought she was taking this a little too seriously.

The Breath of Life was a super-rare Advanced Potion in God’s Domain. When consumed, it reduced the amount of EXP players would lose after their next death. The potion was just slightly less difficult to brew than a Master Potion.

As a potion that was close to Master rank, modifying the Breath of Life potion further was incredibly challenging. Even Master Alchemists struggled to accomplish the feat. How much help could the Research Workshop’s apparatus possibly provide?

However, before South Dream could try to dissuade Cold Memory, the Research Workshop’s apparatus completed its analysis. Immediately, the holographic screen displayed a mass of information.

How is this possible?! South Dream’s eyes nearly fell out of their sockets when he saw the lines of data.

After conducting its analysis, the apparatus had revealed 11 aspects that required modification and 6 aspects that could be strengthened.

The situation even shocked Silent Wonder, not to mention her visitors.

She had researched the Breath of Life potion as well, but with her current alchemical standards and knowledge, she had only found three aspects that needed modification and one that could be strengthened.

She wasn’t far from becoming an Advanced Master Alchemist, and Zero Wing had provided her with plenty of alchemical information. These were the only reasons that she had been able to improve the Breath of Life potion to such an extent. Any other Master Alchemists would likely struggle to modify the potion successfully without extensive research into the recipe.

As for Cold Memory, she was utterly dumbfounded when she saw the data on the Research Workshop’s holographic screen.

She had dedicated a lot of time to researching the Breath of Life potion, searching for the key that would allow her to become a Master Alchemist, but after all her research and experiments, she had been stuck in a dead-end.

“So, that’s the case. I made a mistake there. It’s no wonder why I never succeeded.” Cold Memory couldn’t help her elation as she read the information.

She had found a clue to one of the modification aspects the Research Workshop pointed out, but she hadn’t been able to follow that clue to the end, even after countless experiments. Eventually, she had given up on the clue, tired of wasting her time. She hadn’t actually realized that she had been on the right track. The herbs she had used just hadn’t been potent enough. If she replaced those herbs with higher-quality ones, she’d substantially increase her success rate.

Considering this fact, Cold Memory began to conduct a test.

She always carried the materials necessary to brew the Breath of Life potion to ensure that she could experiment when inspiration struck her. Fortunately, the Research Workshop had just the facilities she needed and incredibly dense Mana. It was the perfect place to brew a potion.

In less than 10 minutes, Cold Memory had successfully created a bottle of dark-blue liquid that radiated incredible life energy, far stronger than the life energy the prior Breath of Life potion had radiated.

“It’s a success! I succeeded!”

After appraising the dark-blue potion, Cold Memory turned to her companion with a bright, excited expression. She had just become a Master Alchemist, standing at the apex of God’s Domain’s alchemy industry.