Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2345 - Holy Chant

Chapter 2345 – Holy Chant

As the Sunset King’s body vanished into the void, a bright glow enveloped Shi Feng and his companions. He reached Level 103 and was more than half-way to the next level. Lin Ya and the others manning the flying ship’s Mana Pulse Cannons instantly leveled from 98 to 100.

The Sunset King had awarded many times more EXP than ordinary Level 100 Mythic monsters. It left Lin Ya and the others dazed for a moment.

Meanwhile, the bloody mist that had saturated Lake Mountain City began to gather toward the disappearing Sunset King. After three seconds, a resplendent, crimson gem formed within the mist, attracting everyone’s attention instantly.

The Mutated Heart!

Even without inspecting the gem, everyone knew it was the Mutated Heart. After all, the crystal contained tremendous energy, even more than Seven Luminaries Crystals. While it hovered in the air, the crimson gem radiated such powerful waves of energy that space around it distorted as if it couldn’t endure the energy. The energy within the crimson gem had no place on this plane of existence.

Suddenly, a ray of holy light descended from the sky, and every player in the city heard a divine chant. As if the heavens were celebrating the Sunset King’s death, over a hundred globes of light fell from the sky, landing around the Mutated Heart. Their brilliant light illuminated all of Lake Mountain City.

Every one of these treasures radiated incredible auras, and so close together, their auras amplified each other. Bathing in the combined auras and warm light, ordinary players struggled to approach the items.


After a few seconds, someone broke the silence. As if the word had been the spark to ignite a powder keg, every player surged toward the glowing orbs like a crowd of lunatics.

The city’s players seemed to have forgotten about Giant’s Heart’s members, the Guardian Puppets, and the Crimson Dragon Flying ship.

“All of you, charge! Those treasures are ours!”

“Kill whoever tries to get in your way!”

“I’ll ensure that whoever claims an item is promoted by one rank within the Guild. I’ll even award bonus GCPs depending on the item’s rarity!”

Lake Mountain City’s various major powers promptly ordered their Guild members to surround the Sunset King’s loot. Although there were quite a few Giant’s Heart members nearby, no one paid them any mind.

With so much precious treasure before them, all else was secondary. Improving one’s strength was the key to success in God’s Domain.

Even if the superpower demanded that they hand over the treasures they had claimed later, how would Giant’s Heart’s players know what treasures they had taken? The Guild would be quite impressive if it even knew how many items had dropped. All these powers would have to do is hand over some of the less valuable items, and Giant’s Heart wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

While the various major powers made their move, they bombarded the area with attacks to prevent others from getting to the loot first.

“These people have lost their minds!”

Lin Ya was furious as she watched the various major powers’ members swarm the loot area like locusts. She had never thought they’d be so desperate or shameless. Some major powers even began to attack the area with their war weapons. Even with a flying ship, it would take some time to clear out these pests, and by the time the loot area was clear, the surrounding players would’ve taken what they wanted.

They were talking about several hundred thousand players!

Even if Giant’s Heart had six Guardian Puppets and several thousand members present, it couldn’t stop all of these players.

“I’ll loot the items. You just need to keep players out of the area,” Shi Feng calmly told Lin Ya. Honestly, though, he was just trying to suppress the elation and shock in his heart.

A Holy Chant!

If the Super Guilds from his previous life had known about this, they would’ve done everything in their power to secure these items. He wouldn’t even be surprised if they flattened Lake Mountain City for the sake of the Sunset King’s loot.

By now, every player in God’s Domain was familiar with the appearance of loot, but most didn’t know that there were different ranks of this phenomenon.

The most common was the glow that enveloped dropped items. After that was a Dragon’s roar that heralded the items’ arrival, and then, there was the Holy Chant.

The strongest phenomena he had experienced in the past had been the Dragon’s roar. He had only ever heard of the Holy Chant announcing the loot’s arrival.

A Holy Chant normally only preceded loot from Tier 5 Superior Demon Kings, Tier 5 Saints, and Tier 5 Adult Dragons. These Bosses had already taken half a step into the realm of Gods.

Every one of these Bosses ruled an area in God’s Domain. Ordinary superpowers had no chance of contending with such powerful existences. Usually, several superpowers would have to work together to take one down.

Hence, Shi Feng had been taken aback when he heard the Holy Chant as the Sunset King’s loot had dropped.

He had expected a Mythic Mutant’s loot to be extraordinary, but he hadn’t thought it would be this incredible. If the various superpowers of his previous life had known about this, they would’ve nurtured every Mutant they could find to Mythic rank before slaughtering them.

When Lin Ya watched Shi Feng vault from the pilot’s seat, she was at a loss.

Hundreds of cannons and Ballistas continued to bombard the loot area. Not even a Guardian Puppet would last long against so many war weapons. How exactly did that Swordsman intend to get to the items in such a situation?

Even if Shi Feng had Invulnerability Skills, the dropped items were scattered across a vast area. He wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything significant with how short Invulnerability Skills’ durations were. On the off chance that he miscalculated his timing or spent too much time gathering the loot, he’d lose his life and the items he’d collected.

However, before she could try to dissuade the man, Shi Feng had already jumped from the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship directly into the loot area.

Crazy bastard! The sight stupefied Lin Ya.

Everyone else had noticed Shi Feng jump from the flying ship, as well.

“Is that guy stupid? He’s trying to collect the loot in such a situation?”

“He should have an Invulnerability Skill. Damn it! Why don’t I have one as well? I could’ve gone down there and stollen a dozen items myself!”

The crowd watched Shi Feng in envy and admiration.

With a dozen of the hundred or so items on the ground, one could make a killing. So many major powers were trying to get to those items right now, and each would be fortunate enough to obtain five or six items at most.

However, Shi Feng hadn’t activated an Invulnerability Skill when he hit the ground as everyone had expected. Rather, he replaced the Abyssal Blade with the Twilight Blade and summoned eight doppelgangers, each with 85% of Shi Feng’s Basic Attributes.

“What is he trying to do?” White Autumn, who commanded Giant’s Heart’s members some distance away, was confused as he watched the Swordsman.

Some doppelgangers could use their player’s Skills and Spells, but none of the doppelgangers in God’s Domain could pick up items. Only the player’s main body could do so. So, what was the point in summoning a bunch of doppelgangers in this situation?

When they saw what happened next, however, everyone’s eyes nearly fell from their sockets.

As soon as the eight doppelgangers appeared, they charged toward the hundreds of approaching cannonballs and ballista arrows. The eight clones easily blocked the incoming projectiles, which were powerful enough to damage Grand Lord ranked monsters.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng strolled through the area as if it were his backyard, casually collecting the scattered loot.

One item… Three items… Nine items…