Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2344 - Flying Ship Versus Sunset King

Chapter 2344 – Flying Ship Versus Sunset King

White Autumn and the others were stunned when they saw the six Guardian Puppets.

Six Combat Puppets?! Did he bring Zero Wing’s entire armory with him?! Lin Ya stared, astonished, at Shi Feng after witnessing the six Guardian Puppets, which were as tall as buildings.

Combat Puppets weren’t as rare as they once had been, and many superpowers had a few of their own at this stage of the game. Giant’s Heart was no exception. However, due to how few the Guild had, every one of them was treated as a part of the Guild’s foundation and mustn’t be used casually. Even White Autumn, one of Giant’s Heart’s Vice Guild Leaders, had to gain the Guild Leader’s permission before he could mobilize a Guardian Puppet.

And yet, Shi Feng had pulled six of them from his bag as if they were common tools…

The unexpected development rendered White Autumn speechless.

White Autumn had already been shocked that Shi Feng was allowed to carry a flying ship on him, yet now he found out that the Swordsman also had six Combat Puppets. If he hadn’t taken the initiative to invite Shi Feng to assist on his quest and bring the man to the Sea God’s Realm, he would’ve suspected that Shi Feng had actually come to declare war on the Otherworld.

Bronze ranked Combat Puppets possessed peak Tier 3 power, and under an expert player’s control, they could easily surpass the combat power of Tier 3 summoned creatures and war weapons. This was why the various superpowers were so careful with their Combat Puppets.

Destroying a Guild Town would be child’s play if one mobilized six Bronze Combat Puppets at once. Combined with a flying ship, even destroying a Guild City might be possible.

“We don’t have much time left. Let’s hurry,” Shi Feng said, watching the spreading mist and increasing number of Undying Spirits.

He hadn’t planned to reveal the Guardian Puppets, initially. They were a part of Zero Wing’s foundation, after all, and they would lose durability in combat. Moreover, the materials needed to repair them weren’t easy to produce.

However, this was an extraordinary situation, and the Sunset King was a Mythic ranked Mutant. This was the first time he had ever even heard of such a monster.

The last Mutant he had killed in White River City had only been a High Lord, yet its loot had been priceless, especially the Blade Saint Legacy.

At Mythic rank, the Sunset King’s loot would be just as astonishing. Its total value might even rival that of the Sea God’s blessing.

However, the Sunset King wouldn’t be easy to kill. Aside from the increasing number of Undying Spirits, the Mutant itself wasn’t a being current players could afford to provoke. If the city’s Level 180, Tier 4 Magistrate weren’t’ taking it, the Sunset King would’ve already transformed the city into ruins.

After factoring in the swarm of Undying Spirits, it would be impossible to get the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship close to the Sunset King. Hence, Shi Feng had to rely on the Guardian Puppets’ strength.

“Blue, your group will pilot these Guardian Puppets and protect the flying ship with me. Lin Ya, your group will help Elder Ye Feng control the flying ship,” White Autumn said. He knew that time was of the essence right now. “Everyone else, use everything you’ve got to help from the side. I will ensure that you’re all rewarded appropriately as long as we succeed!”

Following which, White Autumn and five peak experts entered the Guardian Puppets’ cockpits. Meanwhile, Lin Ya’s group boarded the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship with Shi Feng.

Naturally, Lake Mountain City’s players soon noticed the flying ship and Combat Puppets. The steel giants were difficult to ignore. The constructs dwarfed both the players and the Undying Spirits.

The Level 100-plus Undying Spirits, which current players had no hope against, were like children before the Guardian Puppets. White Autumn and Giant’s Heart’s peak experts perfectly displayed the colossal constructs’ strength, sending groups of Undying Spirits flying with a single slap.

Effortlessly, the six Guardian Puppets opened a path through the swarm of Undying Spirits, preventing the summoned monsters from getting between the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship and the Sunset King.

“A flying ship?”

“Crap! How is this fair?!”

When the various major powers and adventurer teams saw the Guardian Puppets and Crimson Dragon Flying Ship, they felt as if they were using guns and swords in this battle, while Zero Wing and Giant’s Heart used fighter jets and tanks. The two sides’ firepower was on entirely different levels.

White Autumn and the other Guardian Puppet pilots couldn’t help but agree with that thought.

When fighting alone, the Guardian Puppet didn’t seem particularly powerful, but when six fought together, they made up for each others’ weaknesses, doubling their combat power. Now, they were even confident of taking down a Level 100 Mythic monster, much less a few Level 100 Grand Lords.

Before the watching players could overcome their shock from seeing the Guardian Puppets, the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship’s main cannons began to gather Mana. Everyone within 2,000 yards of the flying ship felt the Mana density around them sharply decrease.

The instant Wesland used a Tier 4 Skill to push the Sunset King back, the Magic Elven Cannon fired a beam of divine light at the Mythic Mutant.

The Sunset King had extraordinary Movement Speed and reaction speed. Normally, even Ballistas and Gnome Cannons would struggle to land a hit. However, less than 300 yards separated the Sunset King and the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship, and even if the Mythic Mutant tried, it couldn’t dodge the attacks in time. Thus, the Sunset King was forced to block the attack with its scythe.


The instant the beam attack smashed into the scythe, space around the impact ruptured. The Sunset King simply didn’t have enough Strength to resist the Magic Elven Cannon’s, and as a result, the beam of divine light devoured the Mythic Mutant power.

The Sunset King rapidly lost HP while bathed in the divine light. By the time the attack ended, the Sunset King, whom the Magistrate hadn’t been able to injure, was visibly hurt. Cracks spread across the Mutant’s body, and it had lost over 20,000,000 HP. While the Sunset King slowly healed its injuries, it would command far less combat power.

A flying ship possesses such destructive power? Lin Ya stared at the injured Sunset King with wide eyes.

Not even a Tier 4 Heavenly Knight had been able to damage the Sunset King’s body, yet the Crimson Dragon had achieved the feat with a single attack. It was simply unbelievable.

What Lin Ya didn’t know was that the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship was powered by a Bronze Engine. Its overall DPS might not be a match for an actual Bronze Flying Ship, but its main cannon had peak Tier 4 power. Not even Wesland could afford to take a direct hit from the Magic Elven Cannon.

“The Boss is coming! Activate the Magic Shield and Mana Field! All Mana Pulse Cannons, attack with everything you’ve got!” Shi Feng commanded as the Sunset King turned his glare toward the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship.

The Mythic Mutant made its move as soon as Shi Feng finished giving orders.

The Sunset King appeared before the flying ship in the blink of an eye and swung its scythe, sending a crimson arc slicing at the vessel.

Fortunately, the flying ship’s Magic Shield and Mana Field snapped up before the Sunset King had attacked. As a result, the flying ship avoided taking any hull damage. However, the attack had depleted the Magic Shield’s energy reserve by over 6,000,000 points.

After blocking the Sunset King’s attack, the flying ship’s Mana Pulse Cannons activated, one after another, firing a black and white beam that struck the Mythic Mutant. Each one of the beams shaved off a sizable chunk of the Sunset King’s HP, and the spectating players were stunned by the horrific, spectacular explosions that ensued.

After witnessing the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship’s performance, everyone gained a newfound appreciation for flying ships. None of them had ever thought that a flying ship could go toe-to-toe with a monster as powerful as the Sunset King.

With Wesland pinning down the Mutant and the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship’s firepower devouring its HP, the Sunset King was rendered powerless. It could only watch as it continued to lose HP. Moreover, due to the six Guardian Puppets, the tens of thousands of Undying couldn’t even reach the flying ship.

60%… 30%… 10%…

As the Sunset King’s HP continued to plummet, the Mythic Mutant frenzied. In turn, the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship steadily lost durability. They were lucky that Wesland had shown up. Without him to tank the Mythic Mutant, the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship would’ve lost durability at a much faster rate.

When the Sunset King’s HP fell to 5%, it turned and fled, but Wesland refused to allow it. The Magistrate immediately activated Lake Mountain City’s defensive magic array, sealing off the city. The Sunset King couldn’t escape the city until it destroyed the magic barrier.


When Shi Feng saw how little HP the Mythic Mutant had left, he activated the Magic Elven Cannon once more.

Although the Sunset King tried desperately to defend itself, the beam of divine light cut through its HP until it eventually hit zero. The Mutant’s body then disappeared, returning to the void.