Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2343 - Inferior Legendary Event

Chapter 2343 – Inferior Legendary Event

Even White Autumn and his Guildmates released a relieved sigh when they spotted Wesland.

Wesland was a Level 180, Tier 4 Heavenly Knight. Even if the Sunset King were immune to level suppression, Wesland wouldn’t be thrown as easily as the Level 150-plus, Tier 2 NPC soldiers. Furthermore, Lake Mountain City’s magic array strengthened Wesland in battle.

However, the Sunset King remained unperturbed. It released even more intense energy from its scythe, energy so powerful that space around it began to crumble. At the same time, the power of the Sunset King’s aura skyrocketed.

“What’s going on? How has it become even stronger?” Silent Rain stared at the crimson energy around the Mutant’s weapon in astonishment.

The Sunset King had already displayed unbelievable power, yet it continued to grow stronger. It almost seemed like some seal had been removed. As the aura washed over him, Silent Rain even struggled to move.

How is it growing so quickly? The situation confused Shi Feng, as well.

As monsters completed a mutation, they would experience a qualitative leap to their strength, which would grow until it couldn’t be quantified by levels. As Mutants killed other creatures, they would continue to grow stronger, but Shi Feng had never heard of a Mutant that could power up twice in such a short time.

The Sunset King swung its scythe again before White Autumn or his comrades could react.

As a result, the space before them turned a deep crimson.

“Is this really a Mythic monster?”

The distant spectators were utterly dumbfounded.

With just a swing of its scythe, the Sunset King had saturated the space before it with crimson energy, which vaporized everything in its path, distorting space itself.

As the crimson energy extended toward Wesland, the Heavenly Knight raised his icy-blue axe and yanked it down in a deadly arc.

Tier 4 Skill, Heavenly Flash!

Several dozen arcs of blue light flew toward the approaching crimson energy.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

As the attacks collided, they created a fierce shockwave that forced White Autumn and his team to stumble back. With it came a loud boom that echoed throughout the city. As the dust settled, it revealed that the Sunset King had only stumbled a few steps backward. Even after taking Wesland’s attack, the Sunset King maintained its calm gaze as it stared down the Tier 4 NPC. The Mythic Mutant hadn’t sustained a single injury.


“Is that really a monster? Even a Level 180, Tier 4 NPC was only able to shove it back a little.”

The spectating players gaped in shock. They couldn’t rationalize how a Level 100 Mythic monster had the Strength to rival a Level 180, Tier 4 NPC.

While the nearby players were dazed, the Sunset King raised its scythe and bellowed. A bloody mist then manifested, spreading out around it. Easily tens of thousands of Level 100-plus Undying Spirits began to emerge from the mist. Even the weakest summoned Undying Spirit was a High Lord, while the strongest were Grand Lords.

As these Undying Spirits appeared, Lake Mountain City’s players heard the sound of a system notification.

System: Lake Mountain City has triggered the Inferior Legendary Event “Awakening of the Mutant King.” Kill the Sunset King before it destroys Lake Mountain City and obtain the Mutated Heart. With the Mutated Heart, one may receive the Sea God’s blessing.

The notification shocked everyone, and the players, who had been trying to flee, froze in place.

An Inferior Legendary Event!

They had never heard of such a thing happening in the Sea God’s Realm before. Moreover, if they killed the Sunset King, they could receive the Sea God’s blessing!

A God’s blessing!

That was even better than becoming a God’s kin! If they could obtain the Sea God’s blessing, an instant rise to fame would be easy.

The way these players looked at the Sunset King immediately changed. Rather than fear and trepidation, they now stared at the Mythic Mutant with longing, fervent gazes.

“Attack! Our adventurer team must obtain that Mutated Heart! With it, we’ll become famous throughout the Sea God’s Realm!”

“Gather all of our war weapons immediately! We need to kill the Sunset King before other Guilds arrive!”

Lake Mountain City’s various major powers exploded into action. These major powers hadn’t paid much attention to the Sunset King at first. A Mythic monster’s loot wasn’t all that impressive, after all. Even if they killed it, they’d be lucky to claim a handful of items with how many players were in the area. Furthermore, the Sunset King was clearly quite powerful. The potential gains simply hadn’t been worth the losses.

However, the system announcement had changed everything.

As long as they killed the Sunset King and obtained its Mutated Heart, they could grant one player the Sea God’s blessing. With it, one would be unmatched at sea.

“We should gather our men, as well, Vice Guild Leader. With a Tier 4 NPC and an entire city of players to help raid the Sunset King, not even this Mythic Mutant will last long,” Lin Ya quickly advised.

Before the Planar Passages had opened, no one would’ve dared to defy Giant’s Heart in the Sea God’s Realm, but now, many of the Otherworld’s major powers had allied with those on the main continent. Although Giant’s Heart still held a significant portion of the Sea God’s Realm’s resources, the various major powers didn’t fear the Guild as they once did. Hence, it was impossible to claim all of the Sunset King’s loot.

“Notify our subordinates and tell them to send as many Guild members to the city as they can. Inform them that we’ll need all of our available war weapons, as well,” White Autumn commanded, understanding the situation’s importance as well.

Giant’s Heart might have a powerful hold on the Sea God’s Realm, but that did not mean its strength was equally distributed across the world. Logically, it shouldn’t have much more manpower than the local Guilds in a backwater area like Lake Mountain City. Moreover, that strange, bloody mist had disabled all teleportation abilities. In other words, players would have to run to Lake Mountain City. This gave Giant’s Heart even less of an advantage over the local powers.

Meanwhile, Silent Rain and Uneducated Bull also began to grow anxious.

Due to the Sunset King’s power, players couldn’t approach it. If they tried, they’d be instantly vaporized. Hence, the city’s players would have to rely on tools and war weapons to raid the Mythic Mutant, which was a major disadvantage to independent players like them.

Following which, Lake Mountain City’s various major powers mobilized one trump card after another, with some using Summoning Scrolls, and others revealing formidable war weapons, such as Gnome Cannons. These powers started to push back the Undying army while bombarding the Sunset King. For a while, Lake Mountain City had transformed into a chaotic warzone.

However, the Sunset King was no easy opponent. Not only was its attack range massive, but its summoned Undying Spirits also moved like a well-organized army. They specifically targeted the Gnome Cannons and Large Ballistas,forcing the various major powers to defend their war weapons desperately. Unfortunately, against the Level 100-plus Undying Spirits, ordinary Tier 2 experts were little more than moving targets.

After only 20 minutes, over 100,000 players had died in Lake Mountain City. Several hundred Tier 2 NPC soldiers had also fallen amidst the chaos. In contrast, as the bloody mist continued to expand, more Undying Spirits joined the battlefield. Even though more players and powers joined the fight with each passing minute, they couldn’t stop the spread of the bloody mist.

Fortunately, bombarded by the various major powers war weapons and Magic Scrolls, the Sunset King rapidly lost HP.

“At this rate, Vice Guild Leader, I’m afraid that the raid will end before our reinforcements arrive. Also, there are too many spirits here now. Approaching the Boss’s location will be very difficult,” Lin Ya worriedly reported as she watched the Mythic Monster’s HP decrease.

Even in Lake Mountain City, Giant’s Heart had a considerable amount of manpower, but it didn’t have as many war weapons and tools as the local powers. If their reinforcements didn’t get to the battle soon, Giant’s Heart’s members wouldn’t be able to reach the Sunset King’s loot until after the other powers.

White Autumn was just as anxious about the situation, but he didn’t have a solution. Without being able to teleport, mobilizing their war weapons and tools would take a very long time.

Vice Guild Leader White, I have a suggestion that may help us secure the Sunset King’s kill,” Shi Feng suddenly offered. “In exchange, however, I want everything the Mutant drops aside from the Mutated Heart. Are you interested?”

“You have a plan?” White Autumn asked.

The rest of the team turned to stare at Shi Feng, confused. Lin Ya was particularly confuddled, with no idea how Shi Feng intended to kill the Sunset King and claim its Mutated Heart.

The Sunset King was surrounded by a swarm of Undying Spirits, and the Grand Lord ranked Undying Spirits could even fly. Even with a flying ship, getting close to the Mythic Mutant would be impossible without being attacked. They would need a large number of war weapons to protect the flying ship.

A flying ship wasn’t particularly useful against monsters, to begin with. Its offensive abilities were mainly a deterrence for other players. The vessel would be a sitting duck against a group of monsters.

“Of course,” Shi Feng said, nodding confidently.

“Deal! If you can get me the Mutated Heart, I’ll give you the rest!” White Autumn agreed. He wasn’t particularly interested in the Sunset King’s other items anyway. If Shi Feng was confident of killing the Sunset King, it was only good news for him. “May I know what the plan is, Elder Ye Feng?”

“Do everything you can to protect my flying ship, and I’ll need eight experts to man the ship’s cannons. You can leave the rest to me,” Shi Feng said.

After hearing the plan, Lin Ya couldn’t help but roll her eyes. If they had enough war weapons to keep the Undying Spirits off of the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship, then they wouldn’t have to worry about missing out on the Sunset King’s loot in the first place.

“Oh, I’ll also need six peak experts to pilot these Guardian Puppets and protect the flying ship,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. He then revealed six Guardian Puppets from his Epic Spatial Bag.