Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2342 - Void Fragmentation

Chapter 2342 – Void Fragmentation

None of the team members doubted White Autumn’s judgment, and Lin Ya immediately retrieved a Tier 3 Group Instantaneous Transfer Scroll, activating it. She almost moved faster than she ever had in her entire life.

A Level 100 Mythic monster was already a handful, even for Sea God’s Kin like themselves. They had Shi Feng’s help, but that might not be enough to take one day. Needless to say, they had no hope of surviving against a Mythic ranked Mutant.

The last time a Mutant had appeared in the Sea God’s Realm, it had badly shaken the entire world.

For that battle, Giant’s Heart had unified the forces across the Sea God’s Realm, losing over 10,000 lives and blowing through nearly half of its resources. The Guild had even been forced to rely on certain cards it had prepared to use against Super Guilds to bring down the Mutant.

To make matters worse, a Mutant didn’t just kill players as normal monsters did. It would sometimes devour them as well. Players that were simply killed didn’t have much of an issue, but those that were captured and eaten would suffer triple the usual death penalty, and their souls would be Weakened for ten days after their resurrection. Being eaten was far more severe a loss than dying five or six times.

During the battle against the Mutant, many of Giant’s Heart’s Refinement Realm experts and stronger had been devoured. Unfortunately, that included some peak experts.

It had been a huge setback for the Guild. If not for that battle, Pride Empire wouldn’t have defended against Giant’s Hear’s invasion in the Fire Dragon Empire so effectively.

Meanwhile, not only was the Mutant before them a Mythic ranked monster, but it was also Level 100. If they couldn’t escape in time, and the monster devoured them, the consequences would be unimaginably dire for experts of their caliber. Fortunately, players could use teleportation tools within this divine temple. Otherwise, they’d have no hope.

As soon as Lin Ya activated the scroll, a teleportation array appeared under the team members’ feet. As a Tier 3 Group Instantaneous Teleportation Scroll, it could instantly teleport up to 20 players to the nearest NPC city or a fixed location.

She didn’t waste a second deciding on the teleport location, setting the scroll to transport them to the nearest NPC city.

Shi Feng didn’t object to White Autumn’s decision to retreat in the least.

Even with his long years of experience in God’s Domain, this was the first time Shi Feng had encountered or heard of a Mythic ranked Mutant. By becoming a Mutant, a monster would be akin to a fearsome beast released from its cage. Its Basic Attributes would undergo a qualitative transformation, and its intellect would substantially increase. At this point, Shi Feng couldn’t even fathom how powerful the mutated Sunset King had become. He was certain that if he chose to stay, he’d lose his life.

Mythic ranked Mutant. By becoming a Mutant, a monster would be akin to a fearsome beast released from its cage. Its Basic Attributes would undergo a qualitative transformation, and its intellect would substantially increase. At this point, Shi Feng couldn’t even fathom how powerful the mutated Sunset King had become. He was certain that if he chose to stay, he’d lose his life.

“We’re finally safe.” Lin Ya breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the countless players wandering the street around them.

The rest of the team members nodded in agreement. Had they lingered in that temple for a few more seconds, the mutated Sunset King would have slaughtered them. Now that they were in Lake Mountain City, they were safe.

Lake Mountain City wasn’t a capital city, but it was a major NPC city that was extremely far away from the ruin they had been exploring. Even if the Sunset King wanted to target them, it shouldn’t be able to do so.

Only White Autumn was disappointed with the outcome. He had gone to great lengths to complete that quest, and just when he had been a step away from his promotion to Direct Kin and the Sea God’s Weapon, his efforts were wasted.

“It seems I troubled you for nothing, Elder Ye Feng. I hadn’t expected these results. However, I will still pay for your time with three Ocean Barrier Stones. I hope that you can accept them,” White Autumn apologized.

Although he had failed the quest, White Autumn saw the merit in befriending Shi Feng after the Swordsman’s display in the cavern. It wasn’t certain that Giant’s Heart wouldn’t encounter another quest that would require such an expert’s assistance in the future. After all, Shi Feng had completed his Tier 3 Promotion Quest far sooner than anyone in God’s Domain. Even if Giant’s Heart’s experts reached Tier 3 as well, Shi Feng’s strength shouldn’t be underestimated with the massive lead he had.

Silent Rain and Uneducated Bull watched Shi Feng enviously.

According to their agreement with White Autumn, they’d only get paid if they helped complete the quest. Since they hadn’t, they’d receive nothing, yet Shi Feng had still been given three Ocean Barrier Stones. The original agreement they had with Giant’s Heart had only involved a single Ocean Barrier Stone as payment.

As Shi Feng was about to respond to White Autumn’s offer, however, an intense shockwave blew through the street, attracting everyone’s attention.

Some distance away from Shi Feng’s group, a tear in space opened, and two pitch-black hands reached out, slowly prying the tear apart.

“How is this possible!?” Lin Ya exclaimed as she watched the black hands emerge.

Those hands belonged to none other than the Sunset King. The crimson aura radiating off the crimson hands was the same strange energy that filled the Sea God’s ruin they had been in.

The others on the team stared at the rift as well, just as shocked.

This was a monster that could track their teleportation and rip through space to hunt them down. It was the first time they had ever heard of such a creature in God’s Domain.

Before Shi Feng and the others could react, the Sunset King stepped through the enlarged spatial tear, its crimson gaze immediately locking on to the group. When it saw Shi Feng and his companions, it gave them a sinister grin as if ridiculing Shi Feng and the others for thinking they had any hope of escaping it.

Void Fragmentation! A Mythic ranked Mutant is actually this powerful? Shi Feng was utterly astonished.

Normally, not even Tier 4 NPCs could track players when they fled by teleporting, yet this mutated Sunset King was exactly that powerful, forcing open a path that led directly to its prey. To accomplish such a feat, the Sunset King would need to have the strength to fragment space itself. Normally, only Tier 5 or Tier 6 NPCs would have such power.

Contrary to Shi Feng and his companions’ reactions, the players around them seemed excited as they watched the Sunset King emerge.

“Crap! A Mythic monster is sieging the city? This is perfect timing!”

“A Level 100 Mythic monster! If it dies, it’ll definitely drop something excellent. If I can snatch one or two items, I’ll be rich!”

Lake Mountain City’s players didn’t panic in the least when they saw the Sunset King. Rather, they hungered for its blood. They were in an NPC city, after all, and the city’s NPC soldiers were all Level 150 or higher. A measly Level 100 Mythic monster would just be asking for a beating by trying to attack the city.

It wasn’t long after the Sunset King’s appearance that a group of Level 150-plus NPC soldiers arrived and charged toward it.

As the soldiers approached, however, the Sunset King removed a strange, crimson scythe from its back. It then brandished the weapon.

Crimson blades flew from the scythe, surrounding the Sunset King.

The instant these crimson blades slammed into the NPC soldiers, the NPCs flew through the air, heavily injured. Even the buildings lining the street, which were protected by magic arrays, turned into rubble as the attacks sliced through them. Every player within 100 yards of the mutated Sunset King died without even leaving behind their ashes. It was as if they had evaporated instantly.

Finally, the city’s players realized how afraid they should be of the Sunset King.

“Are you kidding me?! Magic arrays had protected those buildings! Even Mythic monsters would need a lot of time to destroy them, yet this monster…”

The players that had assumed they could take advantage of the Sunset King’s arrival were dumbfounded. With a single Skill, the mutated Mythic monster had heavily injured several dozen Level 150-plus, Tier 2 NPCs and flattened the street’s buildings. This was the first time any of them had seen such power.

White Autumn and his team could only gasp as they watched.

How was this a Mythic monster? The Sunset King was practically a natural disaster!

After repelling the NPC soldiers, the Sunset King returned its attention to Shi Feng’s group. It walked toward them, and every step it took increased the pressure they felt. For a moment, they all felt as if they were standing before the Grim Reaper himself.

Although the process had seemed drawn out, the Sunset King had crossed the distance between it and Shi Feng’s group in an instant. In fact, Shi Feng hadn’t even had time to react to the monster’s approach.

Suddenly, however, a blue-haired man in silver armor and wielding an icy-blue, two-handed axe appeared, interrupting the Sunset King when it was still 50 yards from Shi Feng and about to swing its scythe again.

The instant this middle-aged, blue-haired man appeared, the nearby players breathed a sigh of relief.

This man was none other than Lake Mountain City’s Magistrate, Wesland, a Level 180, Tier 4 Heavenly Knight.