Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2341 - Mutated Mythic

Chapter 2341 – Mutated Mythic

The moment Shi Feng entered the temple, he felt as if he had arrived in an entirely different world.

Instead of a ceiling, a blue sky hung overhead. Before him was a vast expanse of flowers. Just standing in this place gave him an indescribably pleasant and refreshed feeling.

However, some distance ahead stood countless gravestones and statues. Each gravestone recorded the deeds of its owner when they were still among the living. A closer inspection of these gravestones would reveal that every grave belonged to someone who was once a powerhouse in God’s Domain. Many of these gravestones even belonged to Heroes. Meanwhile, every one of these powerhouses had something in common—the fact that they all died on the same day.

A resting place constructed by the Sea God?

Shi Feng could sense faint Divine Might coming from the gravestones and statues before him. If these things weren’t constructed by a God, then it would be impossible for them to pick up a God’s aura. After all, an item needed to be in contact with a God for an extended period to absorb the God’s aura. Just a graze would not be sufficient.

During the time Shi Feng was observing his surroundings, White Autumn and the others approached him.

“Elder Ye Feng, your Guild really has hidden its strength deeply. If War Blood and Starlink find out about this, they’ll most likely receive a fright,” White Autumn said in admiration as he looked at Shi Feng.

Although White Autumn had long known that Shi Feng possessed extraordinary strength, he never thought that Shi Feng was this strong. The fact that Shi Feng advanced to a Tier 3 Sword King so soon would serve as a huge deterrence to the various superpowers.

After all, nobody could guarantee that, should Zero Wing get pushed into a corner, Shi Feng would not invest a large amount of time specifically to make trouble and target the upper echelons and core experts of Zero Wing’s enemies. Most likely, only be a few players in God’s Domain could say with confidence that they could survive against a Tier 3 Sword King.

Moreover, Zero Wing also had a flying ship and occupied a Medium Fortress on Dragonheart Island. After remembering these matters, White Autumn could not help but grow interested in the Guild known as Zero Wing. Now, rather than viewing Zero Wing as a pseudo-superpower, White Autumn already considered Zero Wing an existence equal to Giant’s Heart.

As for Lin Ya, although she was a little in awe of Shi Feng’s strength, she still could not help gnashing her teeth in anger and frustration, as she felt that Shi Feng had just been toying with her.

Despite being a Tier 3 powerhouse, Shi Feng was insistent on hiding his strength. It would’ve been fine if he simply kept hiding his strength, yet he chose to reveal it midway through their quest. She felt as if the Swordsman had been playing her for a fool. However, as luck would have it, she was utterly helpless to do anything against him.

What Lin Ya did not know was that, if not for the extreme importance of Ocean Boundary Stones to Zero Wing, Shi Feng wouldn’t have bothered interfering at all. After all, it was much easier to just relax at the rear and collect his payment of Ocean Boundary Stones once the quest was done.

However, he had received an opportunity to earn two Ocean Boundary Stones with merely a little effort. With the value of two Ocean Boundary Stones equivalent to one piece of Level 100-plus Epic Equipment, only a fool would choose not to make such a trade.

“Brother Ye Feng, you really concealed your strength perfectly. It is my loss this time. According to our agreement, I’ll give you the two Ocean Boundary Stones White Autumn promised me, as well,” Silent Rain said, admitting his defeat.

Nobody present found Silent Rain’s decision surprising. Although Silent Rain was a Sea God’s Direct Kin and could exert the combat power of a Tier 3 class in the Sea God’s Realm, there were still massive differences between Tier 3s. Silent Rain might be able to cope against ordinary Tier 3 experts, but against a Tier 3 Sword King like Shi Feng, who could suppress two Level 101 Grand Lords all by himself, he would be nothing but a joke.

Unless Silent Rain successfully advanced to Tier 3 as well, he wouldn’t perform any better than other Tier 2 players when fighting Shi Feng. However, completing the Tier 3 Promotion Quest was easier said than done. Even if Silent Rain could get promoted to Tier 3, that was something that would happen only in the distant future.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng did not say anything about this situation. Gaining two additional Ocean Barrier Stones was undoubtedly a good thing for him. With this, his single trip here would earn him a total of nine Ocean Barrier Stones. This was definitely a huge windfall for Zero Wing. After all, compared to other powers, Zero Wing already possessed a significant advantage when it came to learning combat techniques: the Extraordinary Tower!

The further one progressed into the Realms of Truth, the greater the assistance the Realms of Truth would provide. Upon reaching the Ascension Realm, even a Flowing Water Realm expert would have an excellent chance of learning Bronze Combat Techniques. Even if their mastery wouldn’t be very high, they would, at least, learn the basic principles of how Bronze Combat Techniques improved one’s combat power.

Meanwhile, with the help of the Ocean Boundary Stones, Zero Wing would be able to nurture a batch of experts with mastery over Bronze Combat Techniques. At that time, Zero Wing could further stabilize the situation of its various Branch Guilds.

Vice Guild Leader White, may I know what we will be doing next?” Shi Feng asked as he looked at the sea of flowers around him.

“What we need to do next is very simple. We just have to get rid of the spirits created by the strange energy leaking out of the graves. The quicker we clear out all of these spirits, the higher our quest completion rate will be. During our previous two attempts, we spent nearly three days clearing out the spirits. Now that we have your help, we should be able to finish this part much more quickly,” White Autumn said, smiling as he pointed at the faint, crimson mist seeping out of the graves.

The spirits created by the strange energy were roughly equal in strength to the Naga Sirens. However, unlike the Nagas, these spirits were limited in number. One could say that, upon entering this world, they had completed a large portion of the quest already. After eliminating the spirits, all that would be left was removing the strange energy from the graves. Once that was done, not only would White Autumn be able to become a Sea God’s Direct Kin, but he would also obtain a Sea God’s Weapon, which would allow him to become the ruler of the seas.

While White Autumn was speaking, the strange energy seeping from the graves condensed.

A short moment later, translucent Undying Spirits took shape above the numerous graves. These Undying Spirits were all geared in excellent weapons and equipment. Their eyes gave off a black glow, and their bodies radiated an indescribably strange energy, which continuously corroded the space around them as if these spirits were trying to taint the space in their own colors.

[Undying Spirit] (Special Energy Being, Great Lord) Level 99

HP 50,000,000/50,000,000

Although these Immortal Spirits looked to be only ordinary Great Lords, Shi Feng could tell that their combat standards were superior to the Naga Sirens’, probably reaching the sixth-floor Trial Tower standard. Even Refinement Realm experts of the same level would not be a match for them with their powerful Basic Attributes.

However, against experts like White Autumn and the others on the team, these Undying Spirits could hardly count as an opponent. Not to mention, Shi Feng was also taking part in the fight now.

Due to Shi Feng’s participation, the task that originally required nearly three days to complete was done in just roughly two days. If not for the Undying Spirits’ very low spawn rate, the team would’ve finished this part of the quest in just one and a half days.

Meanwhile, during these two days, almost everyone in the team had received a lot of EXP. White Autumn, Lin Ya, Silent Rain, and Uneducated Bull had all risen to Level 98. As for Shi Feng, due to the monsters’ lower level, he did not receive that much EXP from them. As a result, he was still 23% away from reaching Level 103.

Aside from EXP, the Undying Spirits had also dropped relatively excellent equipment. Even though the drop-rate wasn’t particularly high, White Autumn had still ended up with over 100 pieces of Level 95 Secret-Silver Equipment and several pieces of Level 95 Fine-Gold Equipment. In addition, he had also obtained quite a number of precious materials.

After clearing out the Undying Spirits, White Autumn had everyone sit down and rest in preparation for the final phase of the quest.

Once everyone was rested, he took out an aqua-blue pendant and chanted an incantation before the graveyard. Immediately, the strange energy remaining in the graveyard went berserk and started gathering rapidly at the center of the graveyard.

After 10 seconds, a six-meter-tall Undying Spirit appeared before everyone’s eyes, wearing a crimson cape made out of the strange energy. At this moment, this Undying Spirit was looking at the players before it with an evil grin on its face.

Upon seeing this Undying Spirit, whether it was White Autumn or Silent Rain and the others, the expression on their faces changed immediately.

“That’s not right! Why is this Boss different from the ones we fought before?” Lin Ya could not help her confusion as she stared at the Undying Spirit.

[Sunset King] (Mutant, Mythic) Level 100

HP 2,700,000,000/2,700,000,000

“Is this Sunset King really the same as the ones we fought before?” Silent Rain’s complexion darkened as he felt the aura the Sunset King radiated. “Its HP is more than triple of the previous ones.”

Although the two Sunset Kings they fought before were similarly Mythic monsters, they had not been strong enough to make his scalp tingle. The intensity of the current Sunset King’s aura was at least twice as strong as the previous ones.

“Damn it! Why is it a Mutant?!” White Autumn’s complexion paled when he saw the Sunset King.

He was very familiar with the existence of Mutants, as he had come across one in the Sea God’s Realm before. The Mutant back then was only a Level 60 Grand Lord. However, its strength surpassed even that of Mythic monsters of the same level. It had easily slaughtered a raid team consisting of several thousand Level 70-plus experts.

In order to bring down that Level 60-plus Mutant, Giant’s Heart had mobilized its war weapons and sacrificed nearly 10,000 expert players.

Meanwhile, the Mutant before him now was a Level 100 Mythic monster. White Autumn didn’t dare imagine what would happen to the Sea God’s Realm if it managed to leave this place.

“Run! Everyone, escape quickly!” White Autumn shouted. “This isn’t a monster we can handle! We need to escape this place immediately!”