Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2340 - Tier 3 Sword King

Chapter 2340 – Tier 3 Sword King

This guy is seriously making more problems for us. Silent Rain has to go all-out just to deal with one Rock Giant. How can one person possibly tank two? Lin Ya’s complexion turned ugly when she saw the two Rock Giants charging at Shi Feng. Does he need to behave this way even if he’s angry? He is basically making a joke of himself in front of Silent Rain!

She could understand why Silent Rain’s actions would enrage Shi Feng. After all, Silent’s Rain’s demand for additional compensation because of Shi Feng’s presence was essentially him saying that Shi Feng was dead weight. However, Shi Feng’s trying to prove himself by fighting two Rock Giants at once was simply foolish.

After all, inside this ruin, everyone on the team had different tasks. Shi Feng’s main purpose lay beyond the Rock Guardians. At that point, once he took out his flying ship, Silent Rain would naturally shut up.

“Rain, let’s get ready as well. This kid shouldn’t be able to last long. If he dies, we’ll have to start all over again,” Uneducated Bull said, unsheathing the crystalline greatsword slung on his back when he saw the Rock Giants closing in on Shi Feng.

Although they had yet to reach the starting point of their quest, so long as players died here, they would be automatically resurrected outside the cave and lose 5% of their EXP. Then, the team would have to suicide and leave the cave too. After all, Shi Feng held the key to clearing the quest. Uneducated Bull did not wish to waste several more hours fighting through the cave system once more.

“No rush. This kid should be quite strong. Given how confident he is, he shouldn’t have any problems lasting four or five seconds. It won’t be too late for us to take action just when he is about to fall. That’ll let him know his own worth and save us a lot of negotiation later,” Silent Rain said as he shook his head and smiled.

“I guess you’re right.” Uneducated Bull nodded, as he felt Silent Rain’s words were reasonable.

Every expert possessed trump cards. The Rock Giants might be very powerful, but Shi Feng should not have much of a problem holding his ground against the Grand Lords for a few seconds. In contrast, if Silent Rain and Uneducated Bull took action too soon, they would only devalue themselves.

While the two Sea God’s Direct Kin were coming to an agreement, the two Rock Giants had arrived before Shi Feng and were smashing their humongous fists down at him.

The Rock Giants were 10 meters tall, and their fists were large enough to cover a 10-yard radius. Let alone a Tier 2 Swordsman, even a Tier 2 Assassin would not be able to dodge the Rock Giants’ attacks in time.

Meanwhile, even a small scratch from the attack of a Level 101 Grand Lord could reap a large chunk of a Tier 2 MT’s HP.

Facing the attacks of two Rock Giants simultaneously, a Tier 2 MT would have to activate a Lifesaving Skill to survive.

Just when everyone assumed that Shi Feng would utilize a Lifesaving Skill to stop the two Rock Giants’ attacks, he suddenly unsheathed the Abyssal Blade and Killing Ray, then lightly brandished his swords at the two descending fists.

In the next moment, two deep, distinct cuts appeared on the Rock Giants’ knuckles. At the same time, the attack trajectories of both fists suddenly changed. In the end, the fists landed roughly 10 yards away from Shi Feng, creating large craters in the ground.

Before the two Rock Giants could launch another round of attacks, Shi Feng had already appeared behind their feet and executed a horizontal slash with Killing Ray.

Void Slash!

Six slashes carrying the power of the void landed on the hamstrings of the two Rock Giants, each slash inflicting over -800,000 damage on the Grand Lords. The powerful Strength the slashes carried also forced the two Rock Giants to their knees, their offense coming to an abrupt halt.


For a moment, as if time had frozen, silence filled the entire cavern. Whether it was Giant’s Heart’s members or Silent Rain and Uneducated Bull, everyone wore a dumbfounded expression. None of them could believe this scene was true.

Let alone having trouble against the two Rock Giants, Shi Feng practically got the upper hand on the Grand Lords.

He had easily blocked the fists that they found extremely difficult to dodge. His Attack Speed was also so fast that they caught only a blurry glimpse of his blows. However, the most frightening part of his performance would still have to be the Strength he displayed.

“Impossible! This is definitely impossible!” Silent Rain blurted out his thoughts as he watched Shi Feng repelling the Rock Giants’ attacks time after time. “How can a player have so much Strength?!”

The Strength of Uneducated Bull, who was a Sea God’s Direct Kin and a Berserker, was unrivaled in the Sea God’s Realm, yet even he could just barely deflect the attack of one Rock Giant.

On the other hand, Shi Feng, who wasn’t even a Sea God’s Kin, was actually suppressing the two Rock Giants all by himself. This feat completely shattered Silent Rain’s world view.

Tier 3!” White Autumn exclaimed. Although he found this unbelievable, it was also the most plausible answer he could come up with. “He should be a Tier 3 Sword King!”

Upon hearing the words “Tier 3 Sword King,” unprecedented shock filled everyone’s heart.

Tier 2 classes were commonplace in God’s Domain, especially among NPCs. Only after reaching Tier 3 would one be considered a powerhouse in God’s Domain and receive the acknowledgment of NPCs. A Tier 3 class was one of the requirements for becoming the lord of a city. This was also the goal that players like themselves were striving toward.

However, even with their current extraordinary strength, they were still not confident of completing their Tier 3 Promotion Quests. After all, their Legacies were very special. This, in turn, meant their Tier 3 Promotion Quests were much more difficult than the Promotion Quest of ordinary players. Hence, they needed to make plenty of preparations.

Nevertheless, while they were still suffering a headache over their Tier 3 Promotion Quests, Shi Feng had actually become a Tier 3 Sword King already!

Who is he? Lin Ya’s heart churned with confusion as she gazed at Shi Feng.

She did not believe that a small Guild like Zero Wing could nurture a Tier 3 powerhouse at this stage of the game. After all, none of the various superpowers had a Tier 3 powerhouse yet. Moreover, judging by Shi Feng’s performance, he definitely wasn’t your average Tier 3 powerhouse.

When she thought back to how she had tagged along with her Guild’s four peak experts to invite Shi Feng in order to show him how strong Giant’s Heart was, she could not help but find her actions laughable.

“Rain, it seems you’ve bitten off more than you can chew this time,” Uneducated Bull said in pity. “With his current combat power, even if both of us go at him together, we won’t last more than ten seconds against him.”

Experts of their caliber understood very clearly just how powerful a Tier 3 class was. The difference between Tier 2 and Tier 3 wasn’t limited to Basic Attributes. Instead, the differences in physique and reaction speed were also massive. The degree of control a Tier 3 player could potentially exert on their bodies was far superior to that of a Tier 2 player.

Meanwhile, Silent Rain’s complexion also turned extremely ugly at this sight. He had never imagined that such a situation would occur. Originally, he had thought that he could use Shi Feng as an excuse to earn a few more benefits from Giant’s Heart. However, he ended up accidentally stroking the whiskers of a tiger instead.

Silent Rain was not afraid of Giant’s Heart. After all, he was practically invincible in the Sea God’s Realm. Unless Giant’s Heart was willing to dispatch a large force to hunt him down, the Guild could hardly do anything against him. However, that was not the case for Shi Feng. Shi Feng alone would be more than capable of killing him. With the help of a tracking tool, the Swordsman could kill him out in the fields any time he wanted to.

“Aren’t you going to open the doors yet?” Shi Feng prompted White Autumn. He had been fighting for quite some time now, but White Autumn and the others still hadn’t taken a single step toward the temple’s doors.

“Now! We’ll open them now!” White Autumn snapped out of his daze after hearing Shi Feng’s reminder. He then hurriedly had everyone else on the team move to open the temple’s tightly shut doors.

Due to Shi Feng’s presence, White Autumn and the others had no problem opening the temple doors. They did not have to worry about the Rock Giants’ attacks at all and could focus fully on removing the doors’ seal. In the end, they took only 25 seconds to open the temple doors completely.

After seeing White Autumn and the others enter the temple, Shi Feng executed Void Slash and sent the two Rock Giants stumbling back. He then dashed straight for the temple’s entrance and disappeared from the dimly lit cavern.