Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2338 - Legacy Combat Technique

Chapter 2338 – Legacy Combat Technique

Sea’s End, Blue Jade City:

After appearing in Blue Jade City’s Teleportation Hall, Shi Feng noticed the blue-haired woman from Giant’s Heart. She carried a Legacy Crystal Ball and was in the midst of learning a combat technique.

A Legacy Combat Technique! Shi Feng was stunned to see the crystal ball in the woman’s hands.

God’s Domain’s combat techniques fell into various categories, each rarer than the last: offensive techniques, defensive techniques, footwork, and physical techniques. The rarest and most unique of these were Legacy Combat Techniques!

Legacy Combat Techniques were a special type, unlike ordinary combat techniques. They were limited to specific classes; players without the appropriate class couldn’t learn one even if they obtained it.

Every Legacy Combat Technique was as rare as a Fragmented Legendary item, and they didn’t possess fixed ranks. The standard of the techniques depended on the user’s mastery of them. All Legacy Combat Techniques started out at Bronze rank, and the greater a player’s master was, the more power they could wield with the technique.

According to rumors Shi Feng had heard, a player could acquire the strength to transcend tiers if they could fully master a Legacy Combat Technique, even without relying on Fragmented Legendary or Legendary items.

Shi Feng had never thought that he’d run into the woman form Giant’s Heart carrying a Legacy Combat Technique around. By the looks of it, she’d already gained a certain level of mastery over the technique, too.

“You’re here.” The blue-haired woman stored the Legacy Crystal Ball in her bag when she noticed Shi Feng. Her tone serious, she continued, “Since you’ll be questing with us, I should formally introduce myself. I am Lin Ya, the vice commander of Giant’s Heart’s main force. The quest we’ll be doing is unusually difficult. Even Domain Realm experts can lose their lives if they’re not careful. I hope you won’t act recklessly during the quest. We won’t be able to save you. All you’ll need to do is survive.”

“Rest assured. I might not be particularly skilled in all aspects, but I’m quite good at keeping myself alive,” Shi Feng replied, smiling. Lin Ya’s warning made him a bit curious.

Domain Realm experts stood at the apex of God’s Domain. An averagely-geared Domain Realm expert’s performance would be even better than that of a peak expert in full, top-tier equipment during a high-ranked quest. There were very few quests of the same level that could threaten an apex expert fully geared in top-tier equipment.

“Good. Let’s go.”

Lin Ya had nothing more to say after hearing Shi Feng’s confident response. She then led him toward the continental teleportation array, and they traveled to the Fire Dragon Empire.

Once they arrived, Lin Ya pulled a teleportation stone from her bag and teleported both of them to a heavenly land of verdant mountains and clear rivers.

System: You have discovered the Sea God’s Realm.

System: As you have reached Tier 3 and are not indigenous to the Sea God’s realm, the world’s power works against you, weakening your physique by 30% and Basic Attributes by 20%.

We’ve teleported directly to the Sea God’s Realm? Giant’s Heart’s generosity surprised Shi Feng as he looked at his system map.

Teleportation stones were incredibly valuable in God’s Domain. As long as the registered location was within range, players could use teleportation stones to transport a maximum of five players.

Planar Teleportation Stones were the stronger version. Planar Teleportation Stones allowed players to cross dimensions and travel to a registered Otherworld instantly. Although they couldn’t be used in areas that prohibited teleportation, Planar Teleportation Stones were a powerful lifesaving tool.

And yet, Lin Ya had used one so casually.

After their arrival, Shi Feng noticed eight other players on the mountaintop, sitting before an ancient ruin. While Autumn was one of them. Of the remaining seven, the weakest was a peak expert who was very close to reaching the Domain Realm.

To Shi Feng’s surprise, not all of the seven were members of Giant’s Heart. Two of them were independent players. Neither of the independent players had reached the Domain Realm yet, but they had slightly superior Life Ratings to Lin Ya’s. The ambient water-type Mana seemed to gather around those two players.

Sea God’s Direct Kin? The Sea God’s Realm really is extraordinary. It’s no wonder why Giant’s Heart can contend with Pride Empire. Shi Feng could not help but reevaluate his view of the Sea God’s Realm upon noticing the two independent players.

All Sea God’s Kin had received the Sea God’s blessing. Becoming a Sea God’s Kin was like completing a Trial of God. Of course, a Hero received blessings from multiple Gods. A single God’s blessing wasn’t enough. Even so, players who became Sea God’s Kin received a huge boost to their Life Ratings and could rival Demon Players in their Demon forms.

Those that were stronger than a God’s Kin were a God’s Direct Kin. Direct Kin were cherished by their patron Gods, receiving some of the God’s blood. Direct Kin could continue to grow stronger and rival actual Heroes.

Shi Feng had never expected to encounter independent players that had successfully become the Sea God’s Direct Kin.

Regardless of how powerful a Sea God’s Direct Kin would be in the Sea God’s realm, not even Aqua Rose would be a match for these independent players on the main continent’s sea.

“Everyone’s finally arrived. But White, why are we taking an outsider with us? What will you do if we fail this quest?” Silent Rain, a Level 97 Elementalist and one of the two independent players, asked.

Giant’s Heart’s members flashed the Elementalist a dark look when they heard her question, but despite their annoyance at Silent Rain’s rudeness, none of them moved to teach him a lesson.

That bastard! Just because he became a Direct Kin, he dares to disrespect our Vice Guild Leader?” Lin Ya grumbled to herself.

She wanted nothing more than to teach Silent Rain a lesson, but the Sea God’s Direct Kin were highly favored in the Sea God’s Realm. Even Domain Realm experts who were also Sea God’s Kin were no match for the combat power Silent Rain commanded, even though he hadn’t yet reached the Domain Realm. In fact, not even four such Domain Realm experts working together would be a match for the man.

“I believe you’ve heard of the flying ship that appeared while you were in the Fire Dragon Empire,” White Autumn calmly stated. “Ye Feng owns that flying ship, which is why I’ve specifically invited him to help us on this quest. I have specifically invited him to help us with this quest.”

“A flying ship?!”

Shocked, the seven players turned toward Shi Feng.

The Crimson Dragon Flying Ship’s appearance had caused a huge commotion in the Fire Dragon Empire. Practically everyone in the empire had heard of it by now. Aside from the convenient transportation it offered, the flying ship’s combat power alone left everyone speechless. Based on what players had learned of the flying ship thus far, only Mythic ranked flying monsters would have any chance against it, and they wouldn’t even have the power to destroy the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship.

“A flying ship? It seems that you’re quite impressive, kid,” Silent Rain said to Shi Feng, a hint of envy and greed flashing in his eyes.

With less than a handful of Flying Mounts in God’s Domain, a flying ship was a priceless treasure. If he had one of his own, he could walk through God’s Domain unhindered as long as the various superpowers didn’t go all out to stop him.

“Alright, we don’t have much time left. Let’s hurry and go in. Otherwise, we’ll have to wait another two days before we can enter,” the other independent player, a Level 97 Berserker, quickly interrupted when he noticed the tension between his comrades.

“We are running out of time,” Silent Rain agreed after taking a look at the time. He then smiled at Shi Feng, saying, “Once we’re in, all you need to do is follow me, kid. I’ll keep you safe.”

“That’s none of your concern, Rain. We’ll handle Ye Feng’s protection. You just need to do your own job,” a stern man in his thirties coldly stated from beside White Autumn.

“Blue, do you think anyone in the Sea God’s Realm is stronger than me?” Silent Rain shot back disdainfully, glancing at the stern man named Blue Claw.

As Blue Claw was about to offer a harsh reply, White Autumn interjected, “Enough! We will proceed as planned. Let’s hurry and get inside!”

Although White Autumn hadn’t spoken loudly, every one of the nine players felt his authority. Neither Silent Rain nor Blue Claw said anything more. The team quietly entered the ruin, one after another, and Shi Feng followed Lin Ya into the cave.