Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2337 - Ocean Boundary Stone

Chapter 2337 – Ocean Boundary Stone

Silence filled the room after Shi Feng had rejected Giant’s Heart’s offer. Sinned Heart looked particularly gloomy. He hadn’t expected Shi Feng to refused White Autumn so curtly.

The blue-haired woman behind White Autumn could only stare at Shi Feng in astonishment.

Shi Feng should’ve been ecstatic to accept White Autumn’s offer. Giant’s Heart was incredibly powerful, even strong enough to contend with Super Guilds. It ruled over all of the Sea God’s Realm.

If Zero Wing had agreed to trade with Giant’s Heart, it would’ve earned the superpower’s favor, which countless powers dreamed of. This was especially true now that God’s Domain had entered such a chaotic era with the Planar Passages opening.

A flying ship was very valuable, but the various superpowers now knew of it and had begun to set their sights on Zero Wing. Holding on to the flying ship wouldn’t be easy for the Guild.

If Zero Wing had accepted the offer, not only would it have gained Giant’s Heart’s favor, but it would have also secured a ton of resources to help its experts grow stronger. Not even Starlink would’ve casually attacked Zero Wing, much less War Blood, yet Shi Feng had rejected the offer without any hesitation.

Is he unaware of our Guild’s strength?

It was the only possibility the blue-haired woman could think of. There was no other reason that Shi Feng would refuse such an excellent opportunity.

“Zero Wing doesn’t intend to sell it? How unfortunate,” White Autumn said, sighing. Contrary to everyone’s expectations, he didn’t seem angry about Shi Feng’s response. Rather, he maintained his composure as he continued, “Since that is the case, may I ask to borrow the flying ship to complete a quest? I’m willing to offer five Ocean Boundary Stones as remuneration.”

“Help with a quest?” After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng said, “I don’t see an issue with that. How long will the quest take to complete?”

Shi Feng did find the Ocean Boundary Stones tempting. They were the fifth-best tool in God’s Domain to improve players’ efficiency with learning combat techniques. Two Ocean Boundary Stones had been as valuable as a piece of Level 100-plus Epic Equipment during his previous life, but even when offered such a trade, very few powers had been willing to part with their stones.

White Autumn’s offer of five Ocean Boundary Stones was the equivalent of two and a half pieces of Level 100-pus Epic Equipment, which was a considerably high price to rent a flying ship.

With five Ocean Boundary Stones, five of Shi Feng’s peak experts could learn a Bronze Combat Technique and acquire the combat power to face Domain Realm experts.

Most powers lacked Bronze Combat Techniques, but Zero Wing wasn’t one of them. The Guild had found quite a few Bronze Legacy Tablets thus far and had the Secret Technique, Lightning Flash. Shi Feng was the only Guild member to grasp the technique. If Fire Dance or Gentle Snow could master it as well, they’d display extraordinary combat power with the help of their Fragmented Legendary items.

“It’ll take roughly three days. If we can complete the quest ahead of time, I’m willing to offer an additional Ocean Boundary Stone,” White Autumn said after some mental calculations. Chuckling, he continued, “Even if we fail the quest, I will pay you one Ocean Boundary Stone in exchange for the flying ship’s rental and any damage it sustains.”

“We have a deal,” Shi Feng agreed. Ocean Boundary Stones were an incredibly important resource to the various Super Guilds, not to mention Zero Wing. “May I know when this quest will begin?”

If Zero Wing had had enough materials to produce two Crimson Dragon Flying Ships, Shi Feng would’ve agreed to trade one for a large batch of Ocean Boundary Stones, using them to nurture a large force of peak experts.

“We’ll set off in 15 hours,” White Autumn answered. “Our destination is a very dangerous one. I should take this time to rest and prepare.”

“Alright. Let’s sign a contract now, then,” Shi Feng said after a quick look through his schedule. He had some free time, so he might as well use it to make some extra income.

White Autumn and Shi Feng signed the contract, and now that they were bound, Giant’s Heart could proceed with the quest with peace of mind.

Shi Feng then left the room to sign his partnership agreement with the Freedom Alliance. Meanwhile, the blue-haired woman, who had remained silent during the meeting, finally spoke up.

“Vice Guild Leader, are you really planning to challenge that quest again?” the blue-haired woman asked.

White Autumn kept most people in the dark, but as one of the Guild’s Domain Realm experts, she knew what was happening. The man intended to challenge one of the Sea God’s Realm’s Epic Main Storyline Quests. Giant’s Heart had three chances to complete the quest but had already failed twice. Clearly, White Autumn hadn’t given up, but if they failed again, the quest would vanish.

“Our chances of success will be much higher with a flying ship on our side. Moreover, we’re running out of time to complete the quest,” White Autumn said, chuckling. “If we can complete it, Giant’s Heart will have all it needs to establish itself in the Fire Dragon Empire. Even if the Pride Empire sends everything it has at us, it won’t have the power to remove us from the empire.”

“But is it really okay to take Ye Feng with us?” the blue-haired woman asked worriedly. “Only ten players can enter that place, and without a special Legacy, not even a peak expert will last more than 10 seconds. If he dies, he’ll be thrown out of the area without any opportunity for a healer to resurrect him.”

Things will become difficult once we’re inside, but I’ll have Blue Claw and the others share the burden. You’ve also reached the Domain Realm. With our current strength, we should be able to complete the quest,” White Autumn insisted.

“I’ll notify Blue Claw and the others, then,” the blue-haired woman said, nodding. Inwardly, she prayed that Shi Feng would not hold them back.

Elsewhere, the various major powers and the Freedom Alliance’s commanders were shocked as Shi Feng signed the contract for the Primal Void vein partnership rights. None of them had expected Zero Wing to win the competition, and Giant’s Heart hadn’t tried to oppose the situation.

Now that Zero Wing had the partnership rights to the Primal Void vein, both Zero Wing and Immortal Light had secured another stable source of income.

Since Immortal Light lacked sufficient naval power, Shi Feng decided to lend the Guild the Storm Sailboat for now. Shi Feng then made another delivery to Ghost City aboard his Crimson Dragon Flying Ship during his 15-hour wait. During their second visit to the city, Sinned Heart had emptied his pockets to purchase seven Bronze Speedboats and two Sailboats, instantly boosting Immortal Light’s naval prowess.

Moreover, Passing Monarch spared no effort to help Sinned Heart, sending one of his expert fleets to assist Immortal Light.

Now, even without the flying ship, Immortal Light could deliver Primal Void Stones to Ghost City without fearing the Chaos Sea’s Dark Players. The Guild would also deliver Zero Wing’s share to its Branch Guild in the Apocalypse Empire.

Selling Primal Void Stones to the dark forces was an excellent way to make a fortune, but to Shi Feng, the Primal Void Stones themselves were more valuable than the Coins he could gain by selling them, especially when he had access to so many. The more he had, the valuable the stones would be. Current players just didn’t know it yet.

Time passed quickly while Shi Feng made these arrangements. Before he knew it, the 15 hours were nearly up.

I should head to Blue Jade City now.

Taking a look at the time, Shi Feng pulled a Return Scroll from his bag and teleported to Blue Jade City.