Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2335 - Profitable Trading

Chapter 2335 – Profitable Trading

As the gigantic Crimson Dragon Flying Ship appeared above Ghost City, it attracted everyone’s attention like a dazzling sun. The flying, steel giant was impossible not to notice.

The roar of the flying ship’s engine reverberated like the roar of a Dragon. One could even hear it from several thousand yards away.

“What’s going on? Did someone trigger an event?”

“No, that should be the rumored flying ship that appeared at sea not long ago! It’s come to Ghost City!”

“Which power owns that flying ship? Aren’t they a little too strong?”

Heated discussions erupted across Ghost City when players noticed the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship. The Dark Players it had flown over earlier had already posted about it on the Chaos Sea’s official forums, which had already caused a huge commotion.

Now that the ship had appeared above Ghost City, how could the city’s players ignore it?

As they arrived, Shi Feng didn’t linger above the city for too long, piloting the flying ship toward Ghost City’s airport.

There were a total of 24 cities within the Chaos Sea, and they were all very far apart from each other. Normally, players had to rely on sea or air transportation to travel from one city to another. Thus, every one of the Chaos Sea’s cities had well-developed ports and airports.

Disembarking, Shi Feng stored the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship and entered the airport terminal. As he did, he was greeted by a large crowd of Dark Players and a smattering of normal players. The Dark Players didn’t seem surprised to see normal players like Shi Feng and Immortal Light’s members. It wasn’t unusual for players to risk the trip through the Chaos Sea for a profit.

Player-owned counters filled the terminal, all selling a variety of precious items. Ghost City’s airport was just as lively as the Auction Houses in the capital city of kingdoms.

“This place is bustling!” Sinned Heart could not believe his eyes when he saw the number of players and precious items in the terminal. “Is this city really controlled by the dark forces?”

From his impression of the dark forces, their territories should be chaotic, filled with endless slaughter. They shouldn’t look anything like this prosperous city.

Moreover, the items available for purchase were so valuable that even Sinned Heart, Immortal Light’s Guild Leader, was tempted.

These vendors sold Secret-Silver Mounts and Tier 3 Summoning Scrolls that were quite rare in the Apocalypse Empire. Moreover, these items were available in abundance. He even spotted one player selling over a dozen Bronze Speedboats, which weren’t available at all in the Apocalypse Empire.

The rest of Immortal Light’s members were just as excited, wanting nothing more than to claim every one of these items.

Only Shi Feng maintained his composure when he saw the wide variety of products for sale in the airport terminal.

Chaos did reign over the dark forces’ territories, but that chaos stopped at a city’s borders. As the only safe havens for Dark Players to rest, the dark forces ensured safety within their NPC cities, allowing players to conduct their business. Due to how few cities there were in the Chaos Sea, it was only natural that these cities would prosper.

In addition, Dark Players had very different values than their normal counterparts. Some items that were quite important to normal players had no value to Dark Players. Since the Chaos Sea’s Dark Players used oceanic Demonic Creatures as their preferred mode of transportation at sea, Land Mounts and ships were worthless to them.

Moreover, Dark Players prioritized their own strength over all else, so they weren’t particularly interested in external tools. Those that relied on such tools would struggle to secure powerful Legacies. Thus, players generally sold external tools for low prices in the dark forces’ domain.

This was also why the various naval powers were interested in conducting business in the Chaos Sea.

When Sinned Heart noticed the Primal Void Stones for sale and saw their prices, he had the urge to curse, even with as mild-tempered as he typically was.

Primal Void Stones sold for as high as 5 to 10 Gold per stone on the main continent. The inconvenience of transporting the stones was a large part of the reason that they sold for such a high price, but compared to the Primal Void Stones in Ghost City, the stones on the main continent were dirt cheap.

These players were selling Primal Void Stones for 40 Gold a piece!

Moreover, these Dark Players fought to purchase any Primal Void Stones they could, even at such a high price. The cleaned the vendors of every stone in no time. Only the counters that demanded 60 Gold per Primal Void Stone had any remaining stock.

Here, Primal Void Stones were incredibly profitable!

The Freedom Alliance had tasked each power to transport 300 Primal Void Stones for its test. As an incentive, the Freedom Alliance had also offered each power that completed the task half of their shipment. Even if they sold their Primal Void Stones at 50 Gold each, they’d make 7,500 Gold from this trip alone. If they could deliver such large shipments to Ghost City each day, they’d walk away with an astounding amount of profit.

Sinned Heart finally understood why Shi Feng had insisted on competing for the partnership rights to the Primal Void vein, going so far as to expose the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship to the other major powers, becoming a target. If they could deliver Primal Void Stones to Ghost City long-term, they’d likely earn more profit than a Guild City.

Even a lousy Primal Void vein should generate several thousand Primal Void Stones each day. Even if Immortal Light and Zero Wing only secured 1,000 Primal Void Stones per day and shared half of the profits with the Freedom Alliance, they’d make over 25,000 Gold a day. If they sold the stones at a higher price, they could even rake in 30,000 Gold per day.

Even a first-rate Guild would go crazy for such massive profits.

Sinned Heart wasn’t the only one surprised by the Primal Void Stone’s prices. The situation even shocked Shi Feng.

Within the dark forces’ territories, Primal Void Stone had only sold for 20 Gold per stone during his previous life, yet now, that price was more than double. It was no wonder why the Freedom Alliance wanted to find partners to help deliver its stock.

Shi Feng quickly handed off half of his shipment to the Freedom Alliance’s representatives in Ghost City, putting the other half of the Primal Void Stones up for sale. By the time all 150 of his Primal Void Stones had sold, he had earned a net profit of 7,650 Gold. If they secured the Freedom Alliance’s partnership rights, both Zero Wing and Immortal Light would secure a long-term source of Coin and Primal Void Stone income.

Once they completed the Freedom Alliance’s test, Shi Feng and his companions left Ghost City. They wanted to sign their partnership contract with the Freedom Alliance as soon as possible, so they used Return Scrolls to teleport back to Blue Jade City. From there, they flew to Starfall Island aboard the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship.

As soon as they arrived in Starfall Town, they sensed a tense atmosphere around the town. For some reason, the various major powers’ representatives now stood outside of the entrance to Freedom Alliance’s Residence.

These representatives didn’t seem surprised or envious as they watched Shi Feng and the others return. Rather, some of them sneered at the group, while others watched with pity.

Shi Feng approached the Residence’s entrance, and five players, a woman and four men, wearing Giant’s Heart’s Guild Emblem blocked his way. The woman was the player with blue hair that Shi Feng had met during the meeting, and the four men behind her were all Level 97 players, radiating auras that were no weaker than a Great Lord’s of the same level. Unlike Sinned Heart, who only had the combat power of a peak expert, all four of the men were bona fide peak experts.

You’re back. Come with me. Our boss wants to meet with you!” the blue-haired woman coldly stated as she glanced at Shi Feng.