Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2334 - Start of a New Era

Chapter 2334 – Start of a New Era

Shortly after Shi Feng piloted the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship away from Starfall Island, the various major powers’ members frantically began to report to their superiors.

At this point, none of them paid any mind to the Freedom Alliance’s decision to reevaluate its partners.

After all, the appearance of a flying ship represented the start of a new era!

“Guild Leader, guess what I just saw on Starfall Island?”

“A flying ship! Someone already obtained a flying ship!”

“What? Don’t believe me? I’ll send you a video of it! You’ll know once you see it! That flying ship is amazing!”

Excitement sparked among the independent players and various powers’ members on Starfall Island as they discussed the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship.

When the various powers’ upper echelons received the reports, they lost their minds.

Thus far, they only knew of one Flying Mount in a player’s possession right now, let alone a flying ship. How could someone have already obtained a flying ship?

However, when these upper echelons saw the video clips from their subordinates, they were utterly dumbfounded. Passion!



These emotions overwhelmed the various major powers’ upper echelons as they watched the recordings of the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship. Almost immediately, they ordered all-out investigations on Zero Wing. They were all determined to learn how Zero Wing had gotten its hands on the flying ship. Some powers even offered a reward of several Epic Weapons and Equipment for any information related to the vessel on the public forums. When Shi Feng saw the posts, the rewards even tempted him, and for a moment, he even considered selling the information himself.

While these major powers looked into Zero Wing and its Crimson Dragon Flying Ship, Shi Feng’s group reached the expansive Chaos Sea.

The Chaos Sea was the dark forces’ territory, and the sea zone was a mess of chaotic and violent energy, which was harmful to normal players’ mental states. It wouldn’t affect Dark Players, however. Rather, it would strengthen them, which was why normal players tended to avoid the area.

As a sea zone, the Chaos Sea was a dangerous place to grind. Once enemy players surrounded newcomers, there’d be nowhere to run for cover. The Chaos Sea was a forbidden land for normal players.

The instant the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship crossed into the Chaos Sea, Sinned Heart and his companions felt an indescribable weight bear down on them. Their senses became less sensitive, as well, which made it impossible to exhibit their normal combat power.

“So, this is the Chaos Sea?” Sinned Heart was relieved he was aboard the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship as he gazed at the thin layer of fog that covered the ocean below.

The Chaos Sea was far more dangerous than he had expected.

The thin fog that covered the water wasn’t actual fog; it was the physical manifestation of some kind of chaotic energy. This chaotic energy had a powerful influence on normal players. While surrounded by the fog, he could, at most, see up to 1,000 yards away. However, it wouldn’t affect Dark Players in the slightest.

In other words, Dark Players would discover normal players in the Chaos Sea long before normal players could realize they were being targeted. The Dark Players would have the initiative in battle, and normal players would have no way to escape.

After a few minutes, Sinned Heart and the others noticed a group of players ganging up on a Level 93 Mythic ranked sea monster. Every one of those players rode an eight-meter-tall Demonic Creature into battle.

Players had nicknamed these Demonic Creatures ‘mini sea monsters.’ The Demonic Creatures were incredibly powerful, with the weakest among them possessing the strength of a lord. The stronger creatures could even rival a Great Lord’s strength. They were far more powerful than Land Mounts.

Meanwhile, bombarded by the fierce attacks of several hundred Demonic Creatures, the Level 93 Mythic sea monster rapidly lost HP.

Oceania Demonic Creatures might not have as much Attack Power as an actual ship, but they were easily more mobile. Moreover, they could easily tank a Mythic sea monster’s attacks with their high HPs and player-made armor. It was only a matter of time before the Level 93 Mythic sea monster fell.

“They’re looking this way! They’ve discovered us!”

“Thankfully, we’re flying. If we were sailing, they’d likely annihilate us.”

Immortal Light’s members felt an immense pressure bear down on them as they watched the Dark Players below. Even the lowest-leveled player among those Dark Players was Level 95, and they all radiated auras that were as strong as Great Lords’ of the same level.

If these several hundred Dark Players attacked with their Demonic Creatures, they could likely decimate an entire expert fleet. Meanwhile, countless dark teams of their caliber filled the Chaos Sea. Just the thought of sailing through all of those players made their scalps tingle.

Fortunately, Immortal Light’s members rode Zero Wing’s flying ship. Even if those Dark Players had noticed them, they couldn’t do anything about it. The Dark Players could only stare as they flew away.

The Dark Players fighting the Mythic sea monster were even more shocked than Immortal Light’s players.

“A flying ship? What’s going on?”

“I thought only one player in God’s Domain has found a Flying Mount thus far? How does someone already have a flying ship?”

“They’re not here to kill-steal, are they?”

The Dark Players nervously watched the steel giant fly across the sky. They were all afraid that the vessel’s pilot had set their sights on their team.

Their team had gone to great lengths to locate this Mythic sea monster, and they were banking on it to elevate their overall combat power so they could contest for better hunting grounds later. If that flying ship decided to steal the kill, they’d only be able to cry as they watched someone else claim their prey.

None of them were afraid of a fight, but a battle was only worth fighting if they had a chance.

A flying ship was a war weapon and an overlord of the sky. Its combat power was on an entirely different level.

Their Demonic Creatures wouldn’t be much help, either. Demonic Creatures were quite mobile, but they had very few long-range attacks. If the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship stopped four or five hundred meters above them and bombarded the team from there, they wouldn’t have any means to retaliate.

As the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship drifted out of sight, the Dark Players breathed a sigh of relief and continued their raid on the Level 93 Mythic sea monster with peace of mind.

The Chaos Sea was large enough that it could contain multiple land-based empires. Even a Bronze Sailboat would need more than a day to travel from Starfall Island to Ghost City. However, the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship could complete the journey in several hours.

As the city came into sight, Sinned Heart felt as if he were dreaming.