Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2333 - Starfall Shaken "A flying ship!"

Chapter 2333 – Starfall Shaken “A flying ship!”

“How is this possible?!”

The Crimson Dragon Flying Ship’s appearance sent Starfall Island into an uproar. The Freedom Alliance’s commanders and the players that rested on the island stared at the steel giant with dropped jaws.

By now, practically every God’s Domain player was familiar with the concept of flying ships.

Players who lived in or had visited an NPC city that had an airport would’ve seen flying ships soar through the sky, and almost every player that had seen one dreamed of one day traveling through God’s Domain aboard their own flying ship.

“Zero Wing actually has a flying ship, Big Sis Leaves!” Short Clarity, the female Cleric standing behind Hundred Leaves, exclaimed, staring at the distant Crimson Dragon Flying Ship in astonishment. “Am I dreaming?”

Everyone, ordinary and superpowers alike, was desperately searching for Flying Mounts nowadays. Naturally, the Sacred Temple was no exception, but it had yet to find a single one.

And yet, Zero Wing already had a flying ship!

For a moment, Short Clarity wondered if the Main God System were playing a joke on her.

“A Flying Ship! It’s no wonder why Zero Wing dared to provoke both War Blood and Starlink on Dragonheart Island!” Hundred Leaves was similarly shocked. “Zero Wing has fooled everyone!”

Although Dragonheart Island was very far away from Sea’s End, as one of the Sacred Temple’s upper echelons,

Hundred Leaves would’ve been informed of matters on Dragonheart Island.

The Sacred Temple had launched a detailed investigation on Zero Wing. It was the first Guild in God’s Domain to obtain a Flying Mount, after all, which would have a major impact on the game.

However, after watching Zero Wing blatantly provoke War Blood and Starlink, even the Sacred Temple had begun to wonder where Zero Wing found its confidence.

A Flying Mount might possess incredible combat power and significantly reduce players’ travel time, but it was only a Mount. It did not have enough combat power for a single player to face an entire superpower, much less two.

However, the same couldn’t be said for a flying ship. Such a vessel was a bona fide war weapon.

Sinned Heart, who stood a short distance from Shi Feng, was just as stupefied. The two great experts behind him couldn’t even piece a thought together as they stared at the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship.

They had been able to accept the fact that Shi Feng had the Storm Sailboat. The Guild had revealed that it owned a Bronze Sailboat a long time ago, after all. It wasn’t that surprising to learn that Zero Wing had a Mysterious-Iron Sailboat. But Shi Feng had just pulled a flying ship from his bag. What was up with that?

Meanwhile, Shi Feng quickly loaded the Primal Void Stones on the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship. Silence descended on the port as the nearby payers watched him do it. To everyone’s surprise, the shipment that would require three sailboats to transport fit on the single Crimson Dragon Flying Ship.

“Brother Heart, let’s go!” Shi Feng called out once he finished transferring the crates.

Shi Feng’s shout shook everyone from their stupor. Sinned Heart replied with a stiff nod, robotically following Shi Feng as he boarded the flying ship. Once Immortal Light’s other members figured out what was happening, they scurried aboard the flying ship as well.

As everyone watched, over a hundred Immortal Light members took their places on the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship.

From the flying ship’s deck, Immortal Light’s members noticed the spectators’ envious gazes. At the moment, they felt as if they had reached the peak of their lifetimes.

“Crap! Immortal Light’s members are so lucky! They actually get to ride a flying ship!”

“I wish I could ride the flying ship, too. My friends would die from jealousy if they saw me on one.”

“I knew I should’ve joined Zero Wing!”

The crowd at the port wanted nothing more than to drag Immortal Light’s members off the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship and take their place, but when they saw the patrolling NPC soldiers, they abandoned the idea.

“Good! Let’s set off!”

Once Immortal Light’s members were on board, Shi Feng piloted the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship, and it slowly ascended into the air. As the flying ship rose roughly a kilometer above the ground, he ramped up the engine. The flying ship transformed into a crimson blur as it short forth, crossing 300 yards in the blink of an eye. It was far faster than an Extraordinary Flying Mount.

After a few short seconds, the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship vanished over the horizon.

“So, that was a Flying Ship?”

“It’s insanely fast! Giant’s Heart won’t stand a chance against Immortal Light!”

“Cool! That flying ship was so cool! No matter what, I’ve got to join Zero Wing!”

After watching the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship fly off, a commotion erupted among the independent players and major powers’ members on Starfall Island. They had all known that flying ships were powerful, but they hadn’t expected the vessel to be this powerful.

Speedboats and sailboats were little more than snails compared to a flying ship!

Furthermore, the flying ship’s capacity for non-bag space items was unbeatable!

The remaining representatives on the island stared after the flying ship with wide, bulging eyes.

They had never dreamed that a land-based Guild would pull such a move against them.

“A flying ship?! That’s impossible! Players can’t get their hands on such an item! Just how did Zero Wing do it?!” the blue-haired woman on one of Giant’s Heart’s Bronze Sailboats exclaimed, surprised and confused after watching the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship soar over Giant’s Heart’s fleet.

The Sea God’s Realm was one of the strongest Otherworlds. Players from the Otherworld had even more access to resources, Legacies, and information than those on the main continent. The only thing the Sea God’s realm lacked, compared to the main continent, was technology. The Sea God’s Realm simply didn’t have the resources to support its Lifestyle players as the main continent did. The Otherworld’s Lifestyle classes even struggled to produce Secret-Silver Equipment.

Despite the advantages the Sea God’s Realm’s players possessed, a flying ship was still out of their reach, yet Zero Wing had one of its own. She couldn’t understand how this had happened.

“Zero Wing, is it?” The handsome man beside the blue-haired woman revealed a rare smile as he watched the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship fade into the distance. “This is interesting. I wonder what the boss will do with this information?”

Once the flying ship was gone, the Freedom Alliance’s commanders revealed a myriad of expressions. Some commanders were enraged, while others rejoiced. Some expressed their admiration, and some voiced their envy.

“Passing Monarch’s luck is impressive. Flame Robber has gone to great lengths to set up this ploy, yet it’s turned around to bite him,” Hundred Leaves surmised, a hint of envy flashing in her eyes as she glanced at Passing Monarch.

Regardless of what would happen to the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship in the future, there was no doubt that Immortal Light would win the partnership rights to the Primal Void vein. At that time, Immortal Light was guaranteed to grow stronger, which would, in turn, bolster Passing Monarch’s authority in the Freedom Alliance.

“What should we do about the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship, Big Sis Leaves?” Short Clarity asked.

“We don’t have the authority to decide that. We’ll just report these events to the higher-ups,” Hundred Leaves said, an excited brightening her expression. “A flying ship! This news will shake the very foundation of God’s Domain!”