Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2332 - Steel Giant

Chapter 2332 – Steel Giant

“I’ll have to trouble you then, Brother Ye Feng,” Sinned Heart said. He felt both grateful and ashamed when Shi Feng had offered to help.

Zero Wing’s help was a large part of the reason that Immortal Light had acquired its current strength. Sinned Heart had thought that with Immortal Light’s development, it could return the favor, more or less, but it seemed that the Guild needed to rely on Zero Wing once again.

However, Immortal Light’s fleet would have a greater chance of reaching Ghost City with Zero Wing’s Storm Sailboat.

Sinned Heart then began to make the necessary arrangements for Immortal Light’s remaining Bronze Speedboats and sailboat to meet him at Starfall Island for a final struggle.

If Immortal Light could secure the Freedom Alliance’s resources, it would qualify as a first-rate naval power. It might even become an overlord in the Apocalypse Empire. After all, the Freedom Alliance controlled five major cities in Sea’s End, with more than double the resources it used to have. Moreover, it would likely acquire more as time passed. Naturally, Immortal Light could reap more benefits from its partnership with the Freedom Alliance, as well.

While Sinned Heart mobilized Immortal Light’s experts, the other major powers began to do the same.

After just eight hours, sailboats and speedboats crowded Starfall Island’s port. The spectacular scene stupefied the adventurer teams and Guilds that rested on the island.

More than 30 expert fleets had docked, and the weakest ship among them was a Bronze Speedboat. Moreover, the weakest fleet had a minimum of 30 Bronze Speedboats and three sailboats. If these fleets cooperated, they could even take on Level 90-plus Mythic ranked sea monsters.

Of all of the fleets present, the most eye-catching was undoubtedly Giant’s Heart’s.

Giant’s Heart’s fleet consisted of 100 Bronze Speedboats, over 20 Mysterious-Iron Speedboats, and 10 sailboats. Of the 10 sailboats, four were Bronze rank. Not even the Freedom Alliance’s First Fleet had such combat power, yet this wasn’t all that Giant’s Heart possessed…

“Giant’s Heart is terrifyingly powerful. It’s no wonder why it defeated Pride Empire in the Fire Dragon Empire,” Hundred Leaves, who watched the ships gather from one of Starfall Town’s lookout towers, commented as she inspected Giant’s Heart’s fleet. “Giant’s Heart had sought out Passing Monarch to cooperate, but Passing Monarch was too stubborn and refused the offer. He’s likely regretting his decision to continue his partnership with Immortal Light.”

Even the Sacred Temple was afraid of the naval power Giant’s Heart displayed. If Passing Monarch had agreed to work with the Guild, he could’ve competed for the First Fleet position.

However, Passing Monarch had given this opportunity to Flame Robber.

“Big Sis Leaves, are we really going to hold back the Guild’s strength?1, the female Cleric beside Hundred Leaves anxiously asked.

“Our position in the Freedom Alliance isn’t stable enough. If we openly rely on the Guild’s strength, even a fool would realize that we’re members of the Sacred Temple, not just a team with the Guild’s support,” Hundred Leaves said, shaking her head. She then turned toward Silent Entropy’s group nearby with a bright smile. “Flame Robber might have Giant’s Heart’s support, but Silent Entropy won’t just take this lying down. All we need to do is watch those two go at each others’ throats and wait for an opportune moment.”

When Sinned Heart saw the various major powers’ fleets from the port, he suddenly felt tiny.

Immortal Light was a top-ranked naval power in the Apocalypse Empire, but if it weren’t for the Storm Sailboat, it would be the weakest power here.

Even Shi Feng was surprised when he saw the multiple fleets. He hadn’t expected God’s Domain’s naval powers to develop so quickly, especially Giant’s Heart. Even on Dragonheart Island, very few powers could contend with the Guild.

Dragonheart Island’s powers weren’t limited to the human variety. Many neutral powers also operated from the island, including super-first-rate Guilds and Super Guilds.

Once the fleets were ready, the Freedom Alliance’s members began to move crate after crate of cargo onto the various powers’ ships. When the representatives saw the cargo, they were stunned into a moment of silence.

“How is this possible!? They want us to transport Primal Void Stone?!”

“There are so many Primal Void Stones here. Has the Freedom Alliance discovered a Primal Void vein?”

Everyone was shocked when they saw the translucent crystals within the crates. All of these players were either experts or upper echelons from major powers, so they had seen many precious items in God’s Domain. However, they couldn’t help their astonishment when they saw the Primal Void Stones.

Primal Void Stone was a top-tier material that could be used to construct all sorts of high-ranked workshops.

Primal Void Stone could absorb Mana from the void, and although the amount it could store was minute, this Mana could enhance players’ mental processing, which was particularly useful to Lifestyle players when they produced items. Buildings made with Primal Void Stone could also help Combat players when training their Skill or Spell Completion Rates.

Hence, the various large Guilds had been desperately collecting Primal Void Stone to construct training rooms or workshops within their Guild Towns to help their members improve.

Unfortunately, Primal Void Stone was a non-bag space item and incredibly rare. Collecting enough stones to construct a training room was a dream at this stage of the game.

And yet, the Freedom Alliance revealed that it had so many available. Why wouldn’t this shock the various major powers present?

Seeing so many Primal Void Stones even stunned Shi Feng. He hadn’t thought that the Freedom Alliance would have so many in its possession.

The various superpowers had treated buildings constructed with Primal Void Stone as sacred places for their players to improve Skill or Spell Completion Rates and craft items during his previous life. However, due to the scarcity of the stone, even those superpowers had only been able to construct a small number of buildings. Hence, the superpowers’ Guild members had had exclusive access to these buildings, and some of these superpowers hadn’t even given access to their low-ranked members.

It’s no wonder why they want us to head to Ghost City. Shi Feng immediately understood the Freedom Alliance’s plans when he saw the crates’ contents.

Primal Void Stone could be used for more than constructing buildings. It would also be helpful when improving certain Dark Players’ Bloodline density. Hence, Primal Void Stone was extremely popular among Dark Players, who were generally willing to pay three or four times more than the market price.

“I’m sure that you’ve all seen the Primal Void Stones. As you’ve probably guessed, the Freedom Alliance has taken control of a Primal Void vein,” Flame Robber suddenly announced, smiling. “However, the vein’s output is quite high, which makes it difficult to transfer all of the stones. Not even the Freedom alliance can monopolize all of the stones. Thus, we wish to share our harvest with a sufficiently powerful partner. In return, the Freedom Alliance will only ask for half of the generated profits.

“Not only will this delivery test to Ghost City determine who qualifies to remain a partner with the Freedom Alliance, but we also hope to use the results to find a suitable collaborator for the Primal Void vein’s products.

“Whoever among you delivers their shipment to Ghost City first will be invited to work with the Freedom Alliance regarding the Primal Void vein. I do not believe any of our commanders are opposed to this, correct?”

As Flame Robber finished speaking, he glanced at the Freedom Alliance’s fleet commanders beside him. Although he seemed as if he were asking for their opinions, he had no intention to negotiate.

“How despicable! Which commander would dare oppose such an idea under such circumstances?” the female Cleric behind Hundred Leaves quietly cursed.

Flame Robber was clearly trying to hand the share of the Primal Void vein to Giant’s Heart.

Silent Entropy, who had seemed relatively calm, revealed an ugly expression. On the other hand, the other commanders silently celebrated the decision. The Primal Void vein’s harvest would be distributed according to rank, with the First and Second Fleets gaining the most benefits. The remaining fleets would only acquire a small percentage of the goods, so it didn’t really matter if they shared the harvest with a foreign power. This distribution would only harm the top-ranked fleets.

None of the various major powers voiced any complaints. Even a fool could tell that Flame Robber was trying to ensure that Giant’s Heart received these resources. Anyone that objected now would be setting themselves up for the Freedom Alliance to sever their relationship.

Since none of his fellow commanders had anything to say, Flame Robber announced the beginning of the test.

Like a raging tide, the various major powers’ fleets swarmed toward the Chaos Sea. They all wanted to reach Ghost City by nightfall. Not only would the Chaos Sea’s Dark Players have more of an advantage at night, but more sea monsters would become active, as well.

“We should go, Brother Ye Feng.”

As Sinned Heart watched the various fleets leave the port, he, too, felt an urgent need to move.

“Hold on a second. I have something I’d like to ask Commander Flame Robber before we leave,” Shi Feng said. Instead of hurrying as everyone else did, he turned to Flame Robber nearby, and asked, “Commander Flame, to acquire partnership rights for the Primal Void vein, we only need to be the first to deliver our shipment of Void Stones to Ghost City; is that correct?”

Shi Feng’s question confused the fleet commanders and the representatives that lingered.

“Why is he asking such a question? Does he think this situation is unfair?”

“What’s unfair about it? Strength is everything in God’s Domain. If he thinks this is unfair, he can bring it up with Giant’s Heart! We watch as they beat this brat to death!”

“He has helped Passing Monarch quite a bit in the past. Does he think Passing Monarch will do something to return the favor?”

All of the Freedom Alliance’s commanders remembered Shi Feng, especially Identical Summer, the original Second Fleet’s commander. It was Shi Feng’s interference that he had fallen to the Fifth Fleet position. Identical Summer wanted nothing more than watch Shi Feng die. Passing Monarch, on the other hand, could only offer a bitter smile.

Even Flame Robber was puzzled as to why Shi Feng had asked such a question.

“That’s right. So long as you are the first to deliver your shipment of Primal Void Stones to Ghost City, you’ll become the Freedom Alliance’s partner regarding the Primal Void vein,” Flame Robber firmly stated.

“Ah, then I can rest assured,” Shi Feng said, smiling before he walked toward the crates assigned to Immortal Light. “Rest assured?”

Everyone’s confusion grew as they watched Shi Feng leave. They couldn’t figure out what Flame Robber had said to assure him.

Shi Feng then moved to a clearing near Immortal Light’s shipment. He placed a hand on his bag and began to chant an incantation. Two seconds later, a crimson, steel ship appeared above him. Even the Storm Sailboat looked insignificant compared to the gigantic, steel beast.

However, that wasn’t what fascinated the players watching. What held their attention was the fact that this steel ship was floating above the ground…