Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2330 - Mysterious-Iron Sailboat "They're enough?"

Chapter 2330 – Mysterious-Iron Sailboat “They’re enough?”

Sinned Heart gave Shi Feng a confused look.

Normally, a small fleet of eight Bronze Speedboats and a Mysterious-Iron Speedboat would be a formidable force, but they needed to reach Starfall Island. Starfall Island served as a transit point for players who wanted to explore Level 100-plus sea zones. Every sea monster near the island was Level 95 or higher, and their population density was terrifying. One could even encounter Mythic ranked King-class Sea Monsters in the area.

Without a sufficiently powerful fleet, their journey to Starfall Island would be a one-way trip.

“I’ve brought a sailboat with me. With it, we should have enough combat power,” Shi Feng tried to reassure Sinned Heart when he saw the man’s worried expression. He then took out the crystalline bottle housing the Storm Sailboat from his bag.

“A Mysterious-Iron Sailboat?!” Sinned Heart’s eyes nearly fell out of their sockets when he saw the Storm Sailboat.

Sinned Heart had long since known that Zero Wing possessed superb naval power. The Guild had both the Secret- Silver ranked Swift Dragon Speedboat and Bronzed ranked One-Horned Sailboat, after all.

Even now, there were only two known Secret-Silver Speedboats throughout the Apocalypse Empire: Pantheon’s and Zero Wing’s. Although a Secret-Silver Speedboat was only one rank higher than a Mysterious-Iron Speedboat, the difference between the two boats’ combat power was like the difference between heaven and earth. Not even an ordinary sailboat was a match for a Secret-Silver Speedboat.

When Phoenix Rain had secured her position on Thunder Island, Zero Wing’s Swift Dragon Speedboat had been a large part of the reason for her success.

Moreover, the Freedom Alliance’s Passing Monarch had relied on the Swift Dragon and One-horned Speedboats to secure the best territories the Freedom Alliance occupied. Although Passing Monarch hadn’t been able to claim his as the alliance’s First Fleet, he had secured the second rank enough authority that his word in the Freedom Alliance was only second to Silent Entropy’s, the original First Fleet’s commander.

Passing Monarch had also become the reason that Immortal Light had been able to continue developing in the Apocalypse Empire.

Sinned Heart had never dreamed that Zero Wing would have an even stronger ship…

Reaching Starfall Island shouldn’t be much of a problem with this Storm Sailboat, but it’s getting pretty late. We should head out,” Shi Feng said as he stored the repaired Storm Sailboat.

“This is wonderful! We’ll have a much better chance of securing our position now!” Sinned Heart exclaimed, brimming with confidence.

Setting aside Zero Wing’s strength as a pseudo-superpower and the relationship between Passing Monarch and Shi Feng, the Storm Sailboat would be more than enough to ensure Immortal Light retains its position as one of the Freedom Alliance’s partners. In fact, it might even help improve relations between Immortal Light and the Freedom Alliance.

Sinned Heart gathered his men immediately, and they teleported to Sea’s End’s Blue Jade City with Shi Feng. Once they arrived, they’d set sail toward Starfall Island’s sea zone.

Sea’s End, Starfall Island:

As a transit hub for players traveling to Level 100-plus sea zones, the island wasn’t very populated right now. However, due to the Freedom Alliance’s invitation, any power that wanted to remain a member of the alliance had no choice but to brave the dangerous journey to the island.

As a result, a large number of speedboats and sailboats filled Starfall Island’s port. The weakest speedboat at the dock was Bronze rank, and quite a few of them were Mysterious-iron rank. Even naval superpowers would be stunned by the grand sight.

“I wonder what stunt the Freedom Alliance is trying to pull this time? They called us all the way out here.”

“It’s likely that they’re trying to determine whether or not we’re strong enough to get this far. Ordinary powers have no hope of reaching this sea zone. We lost a considerable amount of durability just from the fights with the sea monsters on the way here.”

“That’s right! I came with a fleet of 20 Bronze Speedboats and one sailboat. If my fleet had been any waker, I wouldn’t have made it here.”

As the various powers’ representatives discussed their journey to Starfall Island, they couldn’t help but frown. They all had questions regarding the Freedom Alliance’s invitation to such a dangerous place, and none of them knew what the alliance intended. They could not figure out what the Freedom Alliance was trying to do.

It should be known that the Freedom Alliance was a giant in Sea’s End, and any power it allied itself with was formidable at sea. Otherwise, they couldn’t guarantee the cargo’s safety as they transported it across the sea, earning a stable income of resources and Coins.

“I wonder how the Freedom Alliance intends to choose which partnerships it will maintain? The alliance is nearly as powerful as the House of Seas and controls five of Sea’s End’s major cities. Even naval superpowers in other locations are afraid of the Freedom Alliance at this point.”

“I assume they’ll base their decisions on each power’s strength and connections. Take Immortal Light, for example. As a second-rate Guild, it doesn’t qualify to partner with the Freedom Alliance, but because of its close relationship with Passing Monarch, the Third Fleet’s commander, it can collect resources that not even first-rate Guilds like ours can reach.”

“Indeed. Immortal Light should be responsible for as much as 10% of the Freedom Alliance’s resources. Even naval superpowers are envious. However, based on my information, Zero Wing stands behind Immortal Light. The Guild is a large part of the reason that Passing Monarch had risen to his current position. It is only natural that Immortal Light has been assigned better resources than other powers.”

As the various representatives chatted about Immortal Light, envy flashed in their eyes.

There were over 30 powers cooperating with the Freedom Alliance, yet Immortal Light claimed 10% of the Freedom Alliance’s resources.

“Immortal Light’s luck will run out soon. I’m sure the Freedom Alliance intends to redistribute its resources during this meeting, and not even Silent Entropy has as much authority in the alliance as he used to, much less Passing Monarch.”

“I agree. Based on what insider information I’ve received, not only has the Freedom Alliance invited major powers like ours to this meeting, but it’s also invited Giant’s Heart from the Sea God’s Realm.”

“Giant’s Heart? You mean the Guild that stole the Flare Fortress from the Pride Empire in the Fire Dragon Empire?”

“The very same. Is there another Giant’s Heart I don’t know about?”

When the various representatives heard mention of Giant’s Heart, their expressions darkened. They had never thought the superpower from the Sea God’s realm would try to claim a piece of the pie.

Ordinary players might not have heard of Giant’s Heart, but the various major powers that paid constant attention to the shifts of power within God’s Domain would be quite familiar with the name by now. The superpower had successfully stolen a fortress from the Pride Empire, a Super Guild. With that move, Giant’s Heart had proven that it was powerful enough to shake the various superpowers on the main continent.

If Giant’s Heart intervened in the Freedom Alliance’s matters, it was almost certain to claim a large fraction of the alliance’s resources.

Meanwhile, while the various major powers’ representatives conversed, another fleet approached Starfall Island.

Once they noticed the fleet, these representatives gaped, shocked.

This fleet consisted of 60-plus Bronze Speedboats, 11 Mysterious-Iron Speedboats, and five sailboats, two of which were Bronze rank. This fleet was easily several times stronger than the various powers’, and every ship bore the Giant’s Heart Guild Emblem on its sails.

As these ships docked, over a thousand players disembarked. Every one of these players was Level 96 or above, with many at Level 97. The weakest piece of equipment on these players was Level 95 Fine-Gold rank, and over a dozen of them wore Level 95 Fine-Gold Set Equipment. As for the several players leading the group wore a minimum of five pieces of Epic Equipment.

As these players walked through the port, the various major powers’ members unconsciously stepped aside to open a path.

“Amazing! Too amazing!”

“So, this is Giant’s Heart?”

“Even if Zero Wing makes a personal appearance, Immortal Light will get nothing but the Freedom Alliance’s scraps.”

These representatives couldn’t help but admire the strength of Giant’s Heart’s fleet and members.

Shortly after Giant’s Heart’s fleet docked, more ships appeared on the horizon. A sailboat, which was much larger than Bronze Sailboats and required three mainsails, led this small fleet. A faint layer of Mana enveloped the entire sailboat.

“What is that? That sailboat is actually protected by a magic barrier!”

“Wait! That’s a Mysterious-Iron Sailboat!”