Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2328 - Advanced Flying Ship Did it succeed?

Chapter 2328 – Advanced Flying Ship Did it succeed?

As a storm of Mana enveloped the engine, Shi Feng began to grow nervous.

The engine was the most difficult part of the flying ship to produce, but once it was complete, the remaining parts would be fairly easy to craft. The most troublesome aspect of the remaining parts was how much manpower they required to produce. Fortunately, with Candlelight’s strength, the trading firm had the manpower to simultaneously construct the parts of three flying ships, let alone one.

The magic array engraved in the engine began to glow as the Mana calmed down, actively gathering the Mana into the engine. The engine consumed so much Mana that the density in the room increased.

Wonderful! It’s a success! As Shi Feng watched, his expression shifted to one of elation.

This wasn’t the first time he’d forged an engine, and if it had failed, he knew the stream of Mana flowing into it would’ve been unstable.

Now that this was done, he was practically guaranteed to produce a Crimson Dragon Flying Ship.

Moreover, he hadn’t expected the Mana density in the room to rise to such an extent. The flying ship’s engine drew in at least three times more than the Bronze Combat Puppet’s engine.

An engine was the very heart of a machine and played a major role in determining the machine’s strength.

Following which, Shi Feng tapped on the engine to appraise it.

System: Bronze Flying Ship Engine has been forged successfully. Forging Proficiency increased by 1,000 points. Obtained 40,000,000 EXP.

The Dragon Blood Crystal’s effects are so powerful? Shi Feng stared at the results with wide, bloodshot eyes.

He had already been relieved that the production process had been a success, but he hadn’t expected the Dragon Blood Crystal to upgrade the engine’s rank from Common to Bronze.

Normally, Bronze Engines only powered Bronze Flying Ships. An engine like this would definitely increase a Common Flying Ship’s rank. After all, Common and Bronze ranked flying ships required roughly the same quality of materials.

Their engines were the main factor that made a difference.

Shi Feng immediately notified Melancholic Smile to hasten the remaining parts’ construction.

After more than 20 hours, Candlelight’s Master Lifestyle players finally produced all of the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship’s various parts. However, Shi Feng didn’t start the assembly process when Melancholic had delivered them. Rather, he used the Seven Luminaries Ring’s Spatial Gate to transport Melancholic Smile and himself to an open field within the White River City Region.

A flying ship was massive, much larger than a sailboat. The Special Forging Room just didn’t have enough space. Hence, Shi Feng needed an open location for the final assembly. Of course, to protect this Guild Secret, he decided to construct the flying ship in an empty, open plain.

There was an extremely large number of parts to a flying ship. Normally, if a player tried to assemble one themselves, they’d need at least two days to complete the task. However, Shi Feng and Melancholic Smile had already become Intermediate Master Forgers, saving a lot of time with their skills. With Shi Feng’s Soul Flame, in particular, he could assemble and weld parts together quite quickly.

After the two players worked for a dozen or so hours, they had finally completed the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship.

They marveled at the sixty-meter-long, twenty-meter-tall mechanical ship with a crimson hull before them.

“So, this is a flying ship?” Despite taking part in the assembly process, Melancholic Smile couldn’t believe her eyes.

Even from far away, the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship was a shocking sight to behold.

Next to its colossal frame, even an Extraordinary Flying Mount looked like an infant.

Shi Feng sighed ruefully as he gazed at the vessel.

[Crimson Dragon Flying Ship] (Advanced Flying Ship)

Maximum capacity: 130 people Durability 5,000/5,000

Possesses Tier 3 Upper-rank defensive capabilities.

Item storage when liberated: 20,000 bag space slots and 800 non-bag space slots. Additional Active Skill 1-

Magic Shield: Absorbs up to 50,000,000 damage for 10 minutes.

Cooldown: 15 minutes.

Additional Active Skill 2-

Mana Pulse Cannon: 4,000-yard range. Deals Tier 4 damage to a radius of 50 yards.

Cooldown: 45 seconds

(Eight cannons are currently equipped. Up to 12 cannons can be equipped.)

Magic Elven Cannon: 5,000-yard range. Deals Tier 4 Peak-rank divine damage to a radius of 200 yards.

Cooldown: 5 minutes Additional Active Skill 4-

Mana Field: Disrupts the flow of Mana within a 2,000-yard radius, weakening all incoming magic damage from Tier 3 Spells or below by 30% for 5 minutes.

Cooldown: 20 minutes

Each activation costs 300 Magic Crystals.

The Bronze Engine Shi Feng had crafted elevated the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship to Advanced rank. Now, this flying ship was even faster than Extraordinary Flying Mounts, and its cannons and defenses had increased by a rank, as well. This Crimson Dragon Flying Ship could even contend with Level 100-plus Mythic monsters.

If his Guild had had an Advanced Flying Ship like this in the past, his and Shadow’s development would’ve been massively different. Even if Shadow hadn’t been able to contend with a superpower, it would’ve had enough strength to instill fear in first-rate Guilds. Tier 4 experts would’ve have dared mess with the Guild.

“If Dragonheart Island’s superpowers find out that we have this Crimson Dragon Flying Ship, they’ll die from envy,” Melancholic Smile said, astonished as she inspected the flying ship’s statistics.

She had forged Hell Tanks, so she understood how powerful this Crimson Dragon Flying Ship was.

Aside from its cannons’ frightening power, its Tier 3 Upper-rank hull was enough to render any attack below Tier 4 powerless. Without a Mythic combatant, the various superpowers would have no hope of damaging the flying ship. Even if they launched Tier 4 attacks, it would take ages for them to get past the flying ship’s 5,000 durability.

“Envious? I’m more afraid that they’ll go mad when they see it,” Shi Feng said, chuckling.

Melancholic Smile was a Lifestyle player, not a combat power. She didn’t truly understand what it meant to have a flying ship that could stand against Mythic monsters.

Players would be able to reach most places in God’s Domain with a flying ship like this. They wouldn’t have to worry about the limitations Flying Mounts faced or attacks from powerful flying monsters. This vessel would give players a tremendous advantage when grinding for levels or transporting non-bag space items, which were becoming more valuable nowadays.

Non-bag space items were becoming useful for more than just producing war weapons, buildings, and ships. Now, such items could even be used to craft players’ weapons and equipment, especially Level 100-plus Secret-Silver and above weapons and equipment. This was also why these weapons and equipment pieces were so valuable.

“It’s a pity that the flying ship’s production requires so many materials. Even if we focused everything on collecting materials, it would still take a week or so before we’d have enough for a second flying ship. We’d have to get really lucky to collect enough for a third,” Melancholic Smile surmised, sounding disappointed.

If they could produce a fleet of flying ships now, no one would be able to get in Zero Wing’s way in God’s Domain. Unfortunately, the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship required too many rare and precious materials, some of which were non-bag space items and particularly tedious to transport. If the Candlelight Trading Firm’s main headquarters hadn’t had such a large stockpile of these materials, they wouldn’t have been able to construct the first flying ship so quickly.

“Just keep collecting the materials. Every flying ship we make right now counts,” Shi Feng said.

As soon as Shi Feng finished giving Melancholic Smile her next duties, he received a message notification. The sender was none other than Sinned Heart, Immortal Light’s Guild Leader.

When he read the message, Shi Feng frowned.

“Guild Leader, has something happened?” Melancholic Smile asked, noticing that Shi Feng’s mood had soured after receiving that message.

“Immortal Light has been working with the Freedom Alliance in Sea’s End, and it seems that there’s been some trouble that’s preventing Immortal Light from transporting materials out of the area,” Shi Feng said. “The Freedom Alliance has invited its allied Guilds to send representatives for a meeting, and Sinned Heart is hoping that we’ll send one to investigate the situation.”

Immortal Light was the naval Guild that Zero Wing secretly controlled in the Apocalypse Empire. It had been relying on Immortal Light to secure its naval resources, especially those from Sea’s End. The area was home to many materials that were imperative to producing ships and Level 90-plus Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment.

If Immortal Light couldn’t secure resources from Sea’s End, Zero Wing would suffer, which was why Sinned Heart had requested a representative from Zero Wing to resolve the matter.

“I think it’s best if I go myself. These materials are important for Candlelight’s merchandise. If we lose access to these materials, Candlelight’s income will plummet,” Melancholic Smile suggested.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll go. Right now, you need to focus on collecting the materials we need to construct the Crimson Dragon Flying Ships,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head.

The Crimson Dragon Flying Ship was crucial to Zero Wing’s survival. Without it, the Guild wouldn’t be able to exert dominance in the Cold Spring Canyon; relying on a 5,000-man Knight Division wouldn’t be enough. Not only was a flying ship faster than Flying Mounts, but it also had the combat power to squash Tier 3 experts like ants.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng wasn’t as skilled as Melancholic Smile when it came to collecting materials. After all, she had long since grown familiar with the Candlelight Trading Firm and its connections.

“I’ll do that, then,” Melancholic Smile answered, nodding. As Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Shi Feng would naturally be a stronger representative. Moreover, she didn’t have the energy to manage the material collection while addressing the issues in Sea’s End.

Melancholic then used a Return Scroll to teleport back to White River City, while Shi Feng stored the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship in his Epic Spatial Bag and made his way toward the Apocalypse Empire.