Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2327 - Producing a Flying Ship

Chapter 2327 – Producing a Flying Ship

White River City, Candlelight Trading Firm:

The Special Room, which was the size of a basketball court, contained various piles of rare materials. Any ordinary player would likely go into a frenzy trying to claim them all if they saw this room.

These materials were easily worth more than 15,000 Gold altogether, and even though the value of Coins had significantly depreciated by this stage of the game, that was still an astronomical amount of money to ordinary players. Converted into Credits, it would be enough for the average citizen to live out the rest of their lives without worry about food or shelter.

“Here are the last of the materials you requested, Guild Leader,” Melancholic Smile said as she handed 100 Magic Elven Stones to Shi Feng.

Shi Feng had basically asked for everything the Candlelight Firm had in stock of the rare materials he needed, particularly the Titan Silver and Magic Elven Stone. These were rare drops, even from the Flame Demon’s Valley’s Attributed ore vein. No other Guild could likely fulfill Shi Feng’s demand for 100 Magic Elven Stones.

“Good!” Shi Feng nodded approvingly after inspecting the materials in the room. He then continued in a serious tone, “I’ll need you to help me with something later, but you must keep it an absolute secret.”

“I can’t tell anyone?” Melancholic Smile was a little confused.

The Candlelight Trading Firm rigorously screened any potential members before they were recruited. Moreover, all core members were required to sign a series of strict contracts, ensuring the smallest chance possible that the firm’s technology and methods leaked. Sharing such technology required one to transfer designs. Without the correct design, it didn’t matter if a player knew how to produce an item.

Now, however, Shi Feng forbade her from even mentioning their discussion. It was a bit unusual.

You’ll understand soon,” Shi Feng said. He then carefully pulled the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship Design from his bag and placed it on the stone table before him.

Melancholic Smile didn’t think much of the design initially. She had seen plenty of precious and rare designs and recipes in her line of work. She had grown numb to such surprises. However, when she realized what this design booklet depicted, she froze in shock.

“Fly…flying ship!”

Melancholic Smile could not believe her eyes. As a Lifestyle player and the Candlelight Trading Firm’s manager, she could only dream of crafting an airship, which was only a method of transportation, let alone a flying ship.

Countless Lifestyle players dreamed of creating flying ships, especially after seeing airships fly from one city to another.

However, they assumed that would remain a dream.

Players had absolutely no access to designs for airships and flying ships due to the various kingdoms and empires’ heavy restrictions regarding their flying technology. Creating one would require an immense amount of knowledge and skill, not to mention a ton of materials for the necessary experiments.

And yet, Shi Feng had just dropped a Flying Ship Design on the table between them!

It was at this moment that Melancholic Smile, more or less, realized why Shi Feng had forbidden her from speaking of this to anyone.

Although the trading firm had restrictions in place that prevented members from sharing trade secrets, those restrictions were only effective in the game. Candlelight couldn’t stop these players from running their mouths off in the real world, and if news that Zero Wing had obtained a Flying Ship Design went public, the consequences would be unimaginable.

The various powers already hungered for their own airships. On the other hand, flying ships were capable of transportation and aerial combat. Needless to say, the various powers’ desire for flying ships was even greater, nearly maddening. If the various powers learned that Zero Wing had a Flying Ship Design, they’d do anything they could to take it, and if they couldn’t, they’d ensure that Zero Wing didn’t keep it.

Acquiring a flying ship wasn’t easy, but with the design, one could create as many flying ships as they wanted. After a certain point, flying ships would be significantly more useful than Combat Puppets in battle. Players had ways to deal with Combat Puppets, after all, but none of them knew how to deal with a flying ship.

Hence, the various powers would do whatever necessary to ensure that Zero Wing failed to develop’ and they’d strike while they still had an opportunity.

“That’s right; it’s a flying ship. I intend to produce one, but I can’t handle the task alone. Aside from forgers, I’ll need a large number of engineers and alchemists,” Shi Feng said. “To protect this secret, however, I’ll need you to split these players into multiple groups and assign them various parts to work on. I’ll handle the final assembly.”

“We’re going to make one now?” The very idea began to make Melancholic Smile nervous. “Guild Leader, just the core engine is so complex that I’m not even sure an Advanced Master Forger can handle it. If we fail, all of this Magic Elven Stone will be useless. Why don’t we wait a little while longer?”

If it were only an issue of money, Zero Wing could handle it, but these Magic Elven Stones were incredibly rare. Collecting more wasn’t simply an issue of money. If they failed in producing the Flying Ship’s engine, they would have to wait for a very long time before they’d have enough Elven Magic Stone to attempt it again.

“I wish it could wait, too, but Zero Wing can’t afford that,” Shi Feng explained, flashing her a bitter smile.

The various major powers were desperately leveling up, and many of them have already begun to explore Level 100 neutral maps. The Shadowless Empire’s members had made that clear.

Once they secured a foothold in Level 100 neutral maps, the various superpowers would finally be able to exhibit their true strength.

Zero Wing didn’t have support from any major corporations. Thus, it couldn’t afford to continuously recruit large numbers of experts, especially Refinement Realm and above experts, rapidly expanding. Zero Wing would have to nurture such experts on its own. There was simply no comparison between the various superpowers and their Guild.

Obtaining more resources and ensuring it had time to develop was the only way Zero Wing could secure its position in God’s Domain. That was the only way the Guild would survive the intense struggle between the various superpowers in Level 100-plus neutral maps.

Now that Zero Wing had its own territory and had begun to draft NPCs for a Knight Division, the Guild needed more funds and resources to arm its Knights. Maintaining a proper Knight Division with Zero Wing’s current income was impossible.

Unfortunately, it had become considerably more difficult to earn profits and resources from Otherworlds now that the Planar Passages had opened. That left Zero Wing with only one method to increase its income-transportation of goods!

The industry would be particularly profitable when it came to moving non-bag space items.

Shi Feng had intended to produce Intermediate Traps to earn more funding, but it was too soon to introduce these items to the public. Most of the various large Guilds’ main forces hadn’t begun exploring Level 100 neutral maps yet, and demand for Intermediate Traps would be limited. Furthermore, Zero Wing’s members would need these traps as well. Without at least 100 Intermediate Trap Designs, it would be very difficult for Candlelight to produce enough Intermediate Traps for Zero Wing’s purposes and to earn substantial profits.

However, transportation methods were a different story, especially when it came to flying ships. Even a Common Flying Ship could carry up to 500 non-bag space items, far more than any sailboat. In addition, flying ships’ Movement Speed was much higher than sailboats. If Zero Wing resold non-bag space materials, it would make a killing.

This was why the various superpowers had gone crazy for airships and flying ships during Shi Feng’s previous life.

“I understand. I’ll copy the design for these parts and split them between multiple groups. I’ll ensure that no one has any idea that we’re making a flying ship,” Melancholic Smile promised, nodding. She then began to examine the flying ship’s design and plan accordingly.

It shouldn’t be very difficult to hide what they were doing. Some of the flying ship’s parts were similar to those in ordinary ship designs. Most of the parts that were different would require forgers. As long as Shi Feng crafted those parts himself, they shouldn’t have any issues keeping this a secret.

Melancholic Smile then left to distribute the construction materials and designs among the Candlelight’s Master Lifestyle players. None of these players suspected a thing when they received their orders. This wasn’t a usual process, after all, especially after Zero Wing had recently begun to craft Bronze Speedboats.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng turned his full attention to forging the flying ship’s engine.

After producing the Guardian Puppets and Hell Tanks, he was quite familiar with engine production. The Crimson Dragon Flying Ship’s engine was simply a more complex version.

Sure enough, this is beyond an ordinary Advanced Master Forger. As Shi Feng examined the engine’s design, he could feel a headache begin to brew.

Fortunately, his forging standard wasn’t a problem. With the Philosopher’s Hand, he could elevate himself into an Advanced Master Forger, so he met the engine’s minimum requirements. However, the magic array that he needed to inscribe on the engine would be a challenge. It was so complex that it nearly required a Master Magician to complete.

However, Shi Feng did not panic. Instead, he calmly and slowly researched the engine’s magic array and repeatedly attempted to draw it. After over a dozen hours of practice, Shi Feng had finally learned how to draw the magic array successfully and barely finish it in one go.

Good! Let’s make the engine now!

Shi Feng took a short break before he focused on producing the engine.

The engine’s production process wasn’t simple, and Shi Feng had decided to use a Dragon Blood Crystal, a top-tier Inferior Legendary material Heathwaite had dropped, to increase his success rate.

Crystalized Dragon power, the Dragon Blood Crystal was the size of a fist and contained energy that was nearly as pure as that in Seven Luminaries Crystals. Not only could one use a Dragon Blood Crystal as a power core for a city’s defensive magic array, but it could also reinforce magic arrays. It was easily as valuable a Level 100-plus Epic Weapon. Unfortunately, Heathwaite had only dropped one Dragon Blood Crystal.

Shi Feng had considered saving it to strengthen one of his cities’ magic arrays, but after giving the matter some thought, he decided to use it to increase his production success rate. A flying ship would be an immeasurable asset, after all.

Time passed quickly, and the engine slowly took shape. Although others would have struggled to temper the materials, it was quite easy for Shi Feng with the help of the Soul Flame. It saved Shi Feng plenty of time and Concentration.

Shi Feng finally finished the engine’s body after six hours of restless work. As the engine took shape, the Special Forging Room’s Mana surged toward it. Sensing the change, Shi Feng began to engrave the magic array immediately.

Whether or not the production process was a success would largely depend on the engraved magic array at the end. Not only did the array have to be completed within a short time, but it also had to be completed in one move. Shi Feng couldn’t afford to pause during the process. This was the only way the engine’s Mana would be able to flow smoothly. A single, minor deviation would waste all of his efforts thus far.

One minute… Three minutes… Five minutes…

As the Mana flowing into the engine began to thin, Shi Feng engraved the array faster. His Concentrated rapidly depleted as if he were executing Lightning Flash with every second that passed.

Just as the Mana flow was about to cut off, Shi Feng finished the last connection, completing the magic array.