Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2325 - Crimson Dragon Flying Ship

Chapter 2325 – Crimson Dragon Flying Ship

Shi Feng fell silent for a long time as he stared at the tattered design in his hands. No matter how he thought about it, he couldn’t believe that Heathwaite had dropped a Flying Ship Design.

Flying Mounts were incredibly rare in God’s Domain, and even with a Common Flying Mount, one would have endless bragging rights. Even the weakest Flying Mount was rarer and more precious than a Level 100-plus Epic Weapon.

Flying Ships, on the other hand, were even more amazing. The most ordinary Flying Ship’s Movement Speed could rival an Extraordinary Flying Mount, and one could accommodate up to 100 people at a time. Their aerial combat abilities were even at the peak of Tier 3.

However, the main continent’s various countries had monopolized the technology for Flying Ships, and players typically had no way to get their hands on one. At best, players could rent an Airship, which could only transport goods and people, from one of the kingdoms or empires. One would be dreaming if they thought to rent a Flying Ship, an aerial weapon of mass destruction.

Shi Feng had never even heard of anyone obtaining a Flying Ship Design by killing a boss.

If players wanted to acquire a Flying Ship Design, they’d have to raid a major NPC power’s main headquarters or steal one from one of the NPC kingdoms or empires. Of course, both methods were exceedingly dangerous.

There was a safer method; players could create one themselves.

The subclass requirements for creating a Flying Ship, however, were immensely demanding, and players would have to invest a lot of effort and time into the research. As for the cost of creating one from scratch, even superpowers would have a hard time justifying such a massive expense. Most superpowers would rather purchase a completed Flying Ship.

Purchasing a Flying Ship was much easier than purchasing a Flying Ship Design. A Guild could do so through the Black Market or by earning a sufficiently high status in an NPC country. Regardless of which method a player or power relied on, the price would be exorbitant. Furthermore, players could only purchase a very limited number of Flying Ships.

As far as Shi Feng knew, the easiest way to buy a Flying Ship was to become a Duke in a kingdom. As a Duke, a player could purchase one Flying Ship for 80,000 Gold. To acquire more, they’d have to try their luck in the Black Market.

Unfortunately, the Black Market only accepted Ancient Gold, not regular Gold.

And yet, Shi Feng had just obtained a Flying Ship Design after killing Heathwaite. If the various powers of his previous life had known this, they would’ve slaughtered every Ice Dragon in God’s Domain.

Unable to contain his excitement any longer, Shi Feng clicked on the design to inspect its statistics. He wanted to know what rank this Flying Ship Design was.

[Crimson Dragon Flying Ship Design]

Can be used to construct a Common Flying Ship with a maximum capacity of 100 people and peak Tier 3 combat power. The Crimson Dragon Flying Ship carries eight Magic Cannons and one Magic Crystal Cannon. Piloting the Flying Ship requires a minimum of six people. Producing the Flying Ship requires 1,000 Titan Silver, 10,000 Void Iron, 2,000 Mana Stones, and 100 Magic Elven Stones.

Sure enough, it is the most common type. Shi Feng inwardly sighed when he saw the statistics.

If he had obtained a Bronze Flying Ship Design, he could’ve ruled over the entire Cold Spring Forest without any issues. Bronze Flying Ships had Tier 4 combat power, after all, and would be a massive threat to Tier 3 players. Not even Shi Feng would escape from a Bronze Flying Ship’s all-out assault with his life.

A Flying Ship wasn’t a monster. It did not have the mobility flying monsters possessed, and it didn’t have monsters’ vast repertoire of Skills and Spells. The so-called ‘Tier 4 combat power’ didn’t mean that the Flying Ship’s overall combat power was limited to Tier 4. Rather, each of the Flying Ship’s attacks had peak Tier 4 power.

With over a dozen cannons, a Flying Ship’s bombardment could even blow a Tier 4 apex expert to smithereens.

Without a Tier 4 Legendary Flying Mount or something even more powerful, they’d have to flee the moment they spotted a Bronze Flying Ship.

After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng realized that he was being too greedy. Superpowers struggled just to obtain a single Common Flying Ship, let alone a Bronze Flying Ship.

One thousand Titan Silver and one hundred Magic Elven Stones… The production cost is vicious. The Crimson Dragon Flying Ship’s necessary materials astonished Shi Feng.

Titan Silver was a rare by-product that could be obtained from mining Fine Titan Ore. Thus far, Zero Wing had only compiled a little over 2,000 Titan Silver ingots. Magic Elven Stone was even rarer and more valuable. One could only obtain the super-rare ore from Grade 2 ore veins. It was just slightly more common than Seven Luminaries Crystals.

Including the other materials, producing the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship would cost roughly 50,000 Gold, several times more than the Bronze ranked Guardian Puppets’ production cost. However, it was still cheaper than trying to become a Duke.

Moreover, he would get more value for his money.

A Common Flying Ship would be far more useful to players than Bronze Combat Puppets. Even though a Common Flying Ship’s combat power was only at the peak of Tier 3, it could transport 100 players, allowing them to travel across the continent freely. Moreover, players could rest and recover while on a Flying Ship, which they couldn’t do while riding a Flying Mount. The recovery ability wasn’t very powerful, but it was a precious asset when exploring Level 100- plus neutral maps. Moreover, players would be able to flee when they encountered Mythic ranked flying monsters thanks to the Flying Ship’s defensive capabilities.

“Did the Boss drop something good, Guild Leader?” Blackie asked, curious about the joyful expression on Shi Feng’s face.

“Here, take a look for yourselves,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. Aside from the Flying Ship Design, he shared the loot’s information in the team chat.

“Crap! Legendary materials!”

“And that’s a design for a Level 100 Secret-Silver Equipment!”

“This Fine-Gold ranked Polar Ice Set is amazing!”

When they saw the Boss’s loot, every member of the team was excited. Heathwaite might not have dropped an Epic item, but these players weren’t fools. They knew how precious Inferior Legendary and Legendary materials were. These were all top-tier materials that could be used to produce Epic items.

Moreover, the Ice Dragon had dropped seven pieces of Level 100 Dark-Gold Equipment and over 30 Level 100 Fine- Gold Weapons and Equipment pieces. These weapons and equipment would grant many of the team members a massive boost to their combat power. The Polar Ice Set Heathwaite had dropped was particularly eye-catching. It might only be a six-piece, Level 100 Fine-Gold Set Equipment, but its Attributes were nearly three ranks stronger than that of Level 95 Dark-Gold Equipment.

With this set, a Level 100 Elementalist could easily defeat lower-level experts in full Epic Equipment.

Following which, Shi Feng held an internal auction, and Yi Luofei claimed the Polar Ice Set. Now, only Shi Feng, Cola, and Zhao Yueru, who had at least one Fragmented Legendary item and multiple pieces of Epic Equipment, had higher Basic Attributes than she did.

Once the weapons and equipment had been distributed, Shi Feng returned to White River City with his team.

Since Zero Wing’s main force members had finally reached Level 100 or higher, they qualified to challenge their Tier 3 Promotion Quests. Naturally, he couldn’t continue to help them level up in the Cold Spring Forest, and more than a dozen of the team members were ready to challenge their Promotion Quests now. Wasting time would be a pity. Players would only become true powerhouses in God’s Domain once they reached Tier 3, after all.

Shi Feng spent some time advising his players on how to complete their Tier 3 Promotion Quests before he dismissed them. Those that weren’t strong enough yet left to prepare a bit more, and the players that were strong enough headed to the Adventurer’s Association immediately. Meanwhile, Shi Feng headed toward White River City’s Adventurer’s Association for another matter.

Within one of the Adventurer’s Association’s second-floor VIP reception rooms…

“Lord Bronze Legatee, how may I be of service?” the female Elven administrator asked as she entered the room.

“I wish to turn in my Crusade Quest for Cold Spring Forest’s Ice Dragon, Heathwaite,” Shi Feng announced as he retrieved a colossal, silvery-white Dragon Horn and placed it on the table between them. This Dragon Horn was proof that he had slain Heathwaite.

As soon as Shi Feng proved that he had completed his Crusade Quest, the sounds of a series of system notifications reached his ears.