Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2324 - Ice Dragon's Loot

Chapter 2324 – Ice Dragon’s Loot

Everyone’s experience bars exploded with EXP as Heathwaite’s colossal body crashed to the ground.

A Level 100-plus Mythic Boss would already provide a lot of EXP, and as a Monarch ranked Boss, Heathwaite would award even more. In the end, the two dozen or so survivors watched as their experience barse rose beyond 90%. Although they had only reached Level 100 less than a day ago, they were almost at Level 101.

Shi Feng was now at 63% of Level 101, as well. The EXP from the Ice Dragon alone was worth nearly three days of normal grinding.

“It’s finally dead. And I thought we were finished,” Blackie said, sighing deeply as he plopped down on the ground. He was ecstatic that they had finally won.

Near the end of the raid, Heathwaite’s Defense and Attack Speed had steadily increased. At one point, Shi Feng hadn’t even been able to pin down the Ice Dragon with the Blaze Demon and Holy Knight’s help. Moreover, Heathwaite’s battle recovery generated over 10 million HP every five seconds, and as a result, they had barely moved the Infant Dragon’s HP Bar toward the raid’s end.

Yan Tianxing and the others felt like survivors of some great disaster. None of them wanted to imagine how the raid would’ve gone without Shi Feng’s Bible of Darkness and two Personal Guards.

When Heathwait had died, it had dropped over a hundred items beside its corpse, forming a small mountain that radiated waves of intense pressure.

“It’s so powerful!”

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen items that emitted such intense pressure. I wonder what kind of items dropped?” “Maybe there’s a Legendary item.”

Everyone stared at the mountain of loot with glowing eyes, and when they heard mention of a ‘Legendary item,’ the eager light in their gazes grew even brighter. They all forgot about their exhaustion for a moment, wanting to charge forth and inspect the dropped items.

The strongest known item at this stage of the game was Fragmented Legendary rank, which everyone assumed Shi Feng possessed. However, Zero Wing’s main force members knew the truth; there was more than one Fragmented Legendary item. Naturally, this was a Guild secret. Exposing this truth would only invite God’s Domain’s various powers to target Zero Wing, and only an expert of Shi Feng’s caliber could openly own a Fragmented Legendary item without having to fear for his life. If anyone else were in his position, they wouldn’t even dare to set foot outside of an NPC city.

Epic items couldn’t even compare to the benefits a Fragmented Legendary item provided, much less a true Legendary item.

Based on what players had learned from the game’s libraries, every Legendary item in the game had the strength to decimate heaven and earth. With such an item, players would have the power to transcend tiers!

Before their fight with Heathwaite, these players wouldn’t have been so concerned about such a power, convinced that they could bridge the gap between tiers with high enough Basic Attributes, but now, they understood what that kind of strength truly meant. Without the strength to transcend tiers, Tier 3 players had no hope of contending with Superior Mythic Bosses.

“Alright, let’s resurrect our fallen!”

Shi Feng simply chuckled when he saw the hunger in everyone’s eyes. He found their assumptions hilarious.

Obtaining a Legendary item with so little effort was impossible, and after Level 100, weapons and equipment drop- rates decreased considerably. On average, even Mythic Bosses’ loot would consist of Fine-Gold Weapons and Equipment. One would have to be incredibly lucky to acquire Dark-Gold Weapons or Equipment from a Mythic Boss.

However, Shi Feng had to admit that he was surprised by how much Heathwaite had dropped. This was the first time he had felt such an incredible pressure from a Boss’s loot, as well.

Having received their orders, the surviving team members pushed aside their curiosity for the moment and began to resurrect their teammates.

Fortunately, a Monarch Boss’s lair was similar to the space within Dungeons. Even if players died here, they’d only lose 10% of their EXP, and only 5% if a healer revived them. Thus, the Level 100 players that had fallen hadn’t dropped back to Level 99.

While his companions revived, Shi Feng organized the Infant Dragon’s loot.

Amazing! Is this a benefit for the First Kill? Shi Feng was stunned as he examined the items.

His only aim in killing Heathwaite was to complete his Crusade Quest and become Cold Spring Canyon’s Lord. He hadn’t expected to gain much from the raid itself, yet he was elated that he had chosen this Monarch Boss to raid.

The Ice Dragon had dropped a total of 121 items, which was normal for a Monarch. However, the items’ quality far exceeded Shi Feng’s expectations.

There were as many as 24 Inferior Legendary materials among the loot, all necessary for producing Epic and Fragmented Legendary items. Even without a design for such items, these materials could increase one’s production success rates when crafting Level 100 Dark-Gold items.

Level 100-plus Dark-Gold items were incredibly rare in God’s Domain, only slightly more common than Epic items under Level 100. They’d still be rare even after Master Lifestyle players gained the ability to craft Level 100-plus Dark- Gold items.

The required materials for producing such items were incredibly precious. They only dropped from powerful Bosses, and each Boss dropped very few at a time. Moreover, the production success rate for Level 100-plus Dark-Gold items was very low. Advanced Master Lifestyle players would only have a theoretical success rate of 35%.

Every player that focused on their subclass knew that theoretical success rates were nowhere near the actual success rates. It was merely the highest possible success rate players could achieve. In practice, a minor deviation in the process could reduce the success rate to 20% or 30%.

If one included an Inferior Legendary material in the process, however, their production success rate with Level 100- plus Dark Gold items would increase by at least 5%. With these 24 materials, Zero Wing could produce a dozen or so Level 100-plus Dark Gold items.

Surprising Shi Feng further, Heathwaite had also dropped Legendary materials.

The Ice Dragon’s Claw!

Countless Grandmaster Forgers dreamed of obtaining this item.

Dragons were one of the rarest types of monsters in God’s Domain, and they were immensely formidable. Acquiring a Dragon’s claw was nearly impossible.

When used to forge weapons, Dragons’ claws were godly materials. As long as the player made some minor modifications to the claw, they could easily produce an Epic Weapon, even without an appropriate design. If they had an Epic Weapon Design, they could craft a Fragmented Legendary Weapon by using a Dragon Claw as the base material.

Any Dragon Claw that had appeared on the market during Shi Feng’s previous life had easily fetched the price of two Fragmented Legendary items in an auction. After all, one could sacrifice two random Fragmented Legendary items to secure a weapon of the same rank that was more compatible with its wielder.

And Heathwaite had actually dropped two Ice Dragon’s Claws. Why wouldn’t Shi Feng be excited??

It was no wonder why the Ice Dragon’s loot had radiated such an incredible pressure.

Aside from materials, Heathwaite had dropped five Dragon’s Blood vials that could boost Cola and Alluring Summer’s Dragon Bloodlines, further strengthening their Dragonslayer classes.

While Shi Feng appraised the several designs the Infant Dragon had dropped, one result left him utterly dumbfounded. How is this possible?! A Flying Ship Design!