Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2323 - Valkyrie Versus Dragon

Chapter 2323 – Valkyrie Versus Dragon

Anna finished the Angel Summoning incantation in two seconds, and the moment she did, a gigantic magic array appeared above her, no smaller than Heathwaite’s Meteorite Fall.

A Valkyrie with three sets of pure-white wings then emerged, landing before Anna.

A Tier 4 Higher Valkyrie? When he saw the upgraded version, Shi Feng was stunned.

Angel Summoning was Anna’s Legacy Skill, and Shi Feng had always treated it as his final trump card since the Skill allowed Anna to summon a Valkyrie that was two tiers higher than her.

When Anna had been a Tier 2 personal Guard, she had been able to summon a Tier 4 Valkyrie.

Now that Anna had reached Tier 3, she should logically be able to summon a Tier 5 Valkyrie. With such a powerful ally, Zero Wing’s remaining team should have no problem suppressing a Tier 4 Infant Dragon. However, Anna’s Valkyrie was still only Tier 4.

The only difference between the previous Valkyrie and this one was the extra set of wings.

Angels’ wings represented their status. An Angel with three sets of wings was considered a Higher Ang^

with four sets were considered Archangels. In terms of Life Rating, Archangels rivaled Dragons, while Higher Angels

were slightly weaker.

But before Shi Feng had any time to ponder the matter, the meteorite above them had nearly completed.

“Block it!”

Shi Feng couldn’t care less about the Valkyrie’s status at the moment. He immediately commanded Anna to send her Valkyrie to stop Heathwaite’s Meteorite Fall.

The Higher Valkyrie began to chant an incantation as soon as Shi Feng gave the command.

The Higher Valkyrie’s incantation was unique. Rather than draw Mana from her environment, it drew on a primitive form of Mana from the void. In less than a second, a dazzling, golden Spear of Thunder manifested in the Valkyrie’s hands.

An Origin Spell!

Shi Feng was ecstatic to see the Spear of Thunder form from the void’s Mana in the Valkyrie’s hands.

Origin Spells were the most primitive form of magic in God’s Domain. They were the root of all Spells, capable of rivaling Divine Arts. However, humanity had lost track of Origin Spells due to repeated wars between the Gods.

Shi Feng had never expected the Higher Valkyrie to use such magic.

Before Shi Feng could get over his excitement, the giant meteorite, so large that it covered the sky and so heavy that it shattered space around it, began to descend. It looked as if Armageddon had begun for a moment, and Zero Wing’s members fell further into despair.

As the meteorite began to fall, the Higher Valkyrie finished her incantation. She then threw her spear at the meteorite. Soundlessly, the thunder spear transformed into a streak of golden light as it struck the incoming meteorite.


The moment the two attacks met, the impact caused a powerful explosion. The resulting shockwave was so powerful that it nearly lifted the players below off their feet.

The gigantic meteorite disintegrated into countless, smaller meteors that rained down, creating craters as they struck the ground. Every meteorite was nearly as powerful as a Tier 4 large-scale destruction Spell. Zero Wing’s members gaped as they watched the stones slam into the ground.

Tier 2 and 3 players were little more than ants in a battle of this scale.

If this battle had taken place in a city, rather than in this special space, the Spells’ residual effects alone would be more than enough to level half the city.

After blocking Heathwaite’s Meteorite Fall, the Higher Valkyrie shifted her attention to the Ice Dragon itself. She formed another spear of golden electricity in her hands before vanishing. By the time Zero Wing’s players realized where she had gone, the Valkyrie had appeared before Heathwaite.

Tier 4 Superior Instantaneous Movement!

Not only did Superior Instantaneous Movement have more range than the normal spell, but there was also almost no delay between the caster’s disappearance and reappearance. Moreover, the Spell didn’t affect the ambient Mana, making it impossible for enemies to determine the caster’s destination.

When she appeared before Heathwaite, the Higher Valkyrie thrust her spear at the Ice Dragon. The attack was so fast that not even Shi Feng would have enough time to react. If that attack struck him, he’d die instantly.

However, Heathwaite was a Dragon and reacted instantly, countering the golden spear with a rage-filled claw strike.

The impact of the collision created a deafening boom that echoed throughout the area.

Surprisingly, the Valkyrie’s Strength was too much for Heathwaite, and the Infant Dragon stumbled two steps backward. After suffering this humiliating blow, Heathwaite turned a wrathful glare on Shi Feng.

Heavenly Dragon’s Breath’s suppression on Dragons was simply too powerful, and the Passive Ability had plundered 20% of Heathwaite’s Basic Attributes.

Heathwaite already suffered a Life Curse’ so its Stren抑 was slightly lower th抓 the Higher Valkyrie’s. Now Dragon’s Domination affected it as well, it was no match for the summoned Angel.

“Good! Everyone, attack with everything you’ve got!” Shi Feng quickly shouted when he realized that Heathwaite was thoroughly suppressed.

He had originally planned to use Angel Summoning only after Heathwaite had gone berserk, but he had been forced to use it early due to Meteorite Fall.

Although Anna had risen to Tier 3, which strengthened her Angel Summoning, its duration had only increased from 10 seconds to 15 seconds. Unfortunately, Heathwaite still had nearly 30% of its HP remaining, and 15 seconds wouldn’t be enough to kill it.

“Attack!” Yan Tianxing shouted.

Yan Tianxing realized the predicament they were in, as well. He immediately activated his Berserk Skill and his trump card, Shadow Stink, a Tier 2 Taboo Skill.

In a frenzy, Yan Tianxing transformed into three streams of fog, attacking the Ice Dragon and dealing over -70,000 damage with each hit. Occasionally, the fog streams landed a critical hit, dealing over -150,000 damage.

The rest of Zero Wing’s survivors activated their trump cards as well, with the weaker players dealing around -50,000 damage, while the stronger members of the team, such as Zhao Yueru, dealing upwards of -200,000 damage. Zhao Yueru’s critical hits even dealt over -500,000 damage to the Ice Dragon. Her Tier 3 fire-type Spells were a massive advantage in this raid.

However, Shi Feng’s DPS was undoubtedly the highest. After activating Heavenly Dragon’s Power, his Strength could even surpass an ordinary Mythic monster’s, and as a result, he dealt over -1,000,000 damage, even without fire-type Skills or Spells. When he used Void Slash, he instantly devoured over 10,000,000 of Heathwaite’s HP.

With the Higher Valkyrie, Anna, Kite, and the Blaze Demon attacking as well, Heathwaite’s HP rapidly decreased.

25%… 20%… 15%…

The Higher Valkyrie continued to suppress Heathwaite after the Dragon had gone berserk. However, she didn’t deal quite as much damage.

When Heathwaite’s HP dropped below 10%, the Higher Valkyrie’s duration ended, and she vanished.

“Humans, you’re dead!” Heathwaite bellowed as the Higher Valkyrie disappeared.

The Ice Dragon swiped its tail at the Blaze Demon and Anna’s Holy Knight, sending both of them flying. It then swiped a claw at Anna, ignoring the Blaze Demon completely. The Ice Dragon intended to rid itself of the most troublesome opponents before dealing with the remaining pests.

Even without her army of summoned creatures, Anna’s DPS was exceptionally high. With her summoned creatures, she was the Infant Dragon’s most challenging opponent.

Although Anna’s Spells could overwhelm ordinary Mythic monsters, they were utterly useless against the berserk Heathwaite.

“Don’t think you can take out our main DPS so easily!”

Suddenly, Shi Feng appeared before Anna and activated his Disintegration Power, swinging Killing Ray at Heathwaite’s incoming claw.

The moment Shi Feng activated Disintegration Power, it canceled out Heavenly Dragon’s Power. In return, however, the ability temporarily elevated Shi Feng to Tier 4. Not only did he now wield Tier 4 Strength, but his physique, reaction speed, and Skills had risen as well.

When the attacks collided, Shi Feng stumbled three steps backward due to the impact, losing more than 50,000 HP. He was still at a disadvantage, but he had successfully blocked Heathwaite’s berserk attack.

When that attack had failed, Heathwaite responded with another claw strike. This time, however, the Ice Dragon activated a Skill in the process.

Tier 4 Skill, Sky Splitter!

Five razor-sharp claws flew toward Anna from different directions, each with more power than the previous claw strike.

As soon as Shi Feng steadied himself, he executed Lightning Flash to counter the attacks.

Executing the Secret Technique proved far easier after his forceful upgrade to Tier 4, and he sent 17 sword lights at the approaching claws.

Peng… Peng… Peng…

A series of explosions blew apart the ground around Shi Feng, but even after all five attacks, he had only stumbled back three steps. He also only lost around 200,000 HP. Even at Tier 3, Shi Feng had over 1,700,000 HP, far less than he currently had. Losing 200,000 HP was nothing life-threatening.

After watching Shi Feng pin down the Ice Dragon, his teammates breathed a sigh of relief and continued their frenzied assault against Heathwaite.

Time passed quickly. As the battle progressed, Heathwaite’s attacks grew stronger, but with the Blaze Dragon and the Holy Knight’s help, Shi Feng kept the Ice Dragon in check, preventing it from harming Anna or Kite. However, the team suffered the occasional casualty when Heathwaite fired its Dragon Breath.

5%”. 4%”. 3%…

When Disintegration Power’s duration ended, Shi Feng followed it up by activating Power of Darkness and Blade Awakening, relying on his Twofold Berserk’s effects to tank Heathwaite’s attacks.

When less than five seconds of Shi Feng’s Twofold Berserk remained, Heathwaite’s HP had fallen below 7,000,000. Meanwhile, fewer than 30 players were still standing, and the surviving healers could no longer keep up with the Ice Dragon’s damage output.


Shi Feng activated Divine Providence and swung Killing Ray for a final blow.

Lightning Slash!

A massive lightning bolt sliced through Heathwaite’s neck, leaving a deep gash across its throat. That lightning bolt also destroyed the last of the Infant Dragon’s HP.