Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2322 - Draconic Spell

Chapter 2322 – Draconic Spell

Heathwaite was a Tier 4 Dragon, and normally, Shi Feng would’ve tried to stay as far away from it as possible. Heathwaite might merely be an Infant Dragon, but it still stood at the peak among Tier 4 beings. It was no exaggeration to say that this Dragon was invincible among Tier 4 beings of the same level.

Even 1,000 Tier 3 players would meet their doom if they encountered a Tier 4 Infant Dragon of the same level, let alone Tier 2 players. The gap between their Life Ratings was simply too vast. Normally, only Tier 4 Heroes, who had passed a Trial of God and received a God’s blessing, would have the strength to contend with an Infant Dragon.

However, Heathwaite was under a Life Curse, which significantly reduced the effects of its Life Rating. If that weren’t the case, it wouldn’t have only had 1.84 billion HP and only be categorized as a Monarch ranked Boss.

Even a random Dragon had the strength of a World Boss, and a top-ranked World Boss at that. Normally, defeating a true Dragon without a Tier 6 God-ranked player would be impossible. Otherwise, the players that had successfully defeated a Dragon of the same tier wouldn’t have been regarded as legends and inspiration for countless players in God’s Domain.

As the two summoning arrays gathered the necessary Mana, the Level 106 Summoner, Anna, and the Level 105 Swordsman, Kite, emerged.

During the short break Shi Feng had taken after completing his Tier 3 Promotion Quest, Anna and Kite had completed another Epic Quest. As a result, their weapons and equipment had changed. Previously, they had both worn Epic Equipment that could grow with them to Level 100, but now, they both had Epic Set Equipment that would grow until they reached Level 150.

They had also both reached or surpassed Level 105, and their Basic Attributes had undergone a considerable transformation. Despite the fact that Shi Feng had reached Tier 3 and wore the Disintegration Armor, his Attributes were no match for Anna’s and Kite’s.

Once he had summoned his Personal Guards, Shi Feng retrieved the Bible of Darkness and called forth a Demon.

Shi Feng’s Bible of Darkness was the real deal, so its power was unmatched. Moreover, as its user rose to a new tier, the Bible of Darkness would exhibit even greater strength.

After a moment, a twenty-meter-tall Demon Gate appeared before Shi Feng.

As the Demon Gate slowly opened, a Tier 4 Great Demon, enveloped in blue flame, stepped through.

[Blaze Demon] (Dark Creature, Great Demon) Level 116

HP 420,000,000/420,000,000

Zero Wing’s main force members gasped when they saw the Blaze Demon. They then turned to stare at Shi Feng with incredulous looks.

“You’re too vicious, Guild Leader. You can actually summon a Great Demon to do your bidding. The various superpowers would likely go crazy if they knew about this,” Blackie said as he glanced at the Bible of Darkness in Shi Feng’s hands.

Blackie had seen the Bible of Darkness before, so he knew just how powerful it was. Its ability to summon Tier 3 Demons was particularly useful to Tier 2 players. A Tier 3 Demon would even be useful after players reached Tier 3. Such Demons had many Skills and Spells and were far more powerful than ordinary Tier 3 summoned creatures.

However, Blackie hadn’t dreamed that the Bible of Darkness could summon a Tier 4 Great Demon once Shi Feng had reached Tier 3. This power was ridiculous.

Tier 4 Summoning Scrolls were even rarer than Epic Weapons and Equipment, and the various superpowers treated such items like priceless treasures, avoiding using them unless absolutely necessary.

And yet, Shi Feng could summon a Tier 4 Great Demon with the Bible of Darkness at no cost…

Although a Great Demon had far less HP than ordinary Mythic monsters of the same level, its combat power would be far greater than ordinary Mythic monsters.

“Alright, everyone, get ready! The Blaze Demon will tank the Ice Dragon later during the raid. You guys only need to support and attack from the sidelines,” Shi Feng announced, chuckling as he returned the Bible of Darkness to his bag.

The Spirit Emperor, Fantasy Extinguisher, had caused a sensation throughout God’s Domain during Shi Feng’s previous life due to the Bible of Darkness. With it, he had developed Fantasy Shrine from a first-rate Guild into a superpower that could even suppress the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion in the Black Dragon Empire. Since Shi Feng now had the real Bible of Darkness, he had even greater power.

The Bible of Darkness was the very reason that Shi Feng even dared to consider challenging the Cold Spring Forest’s Monarchs. He wouldn’t have harbored the thought if he only had Anna and Kite to rely on. After all, a Mythic ranked Monarch was even stronger than a “Tier 4 Hero.

With Shi Feng’s command, Zero Wing’s main force members went to work.

Once his teammates were in position, Shi Feng sent the Blaze Demon to charge at the Ice Dragon. Within seconds, the Blaze Demon was within 500 yards of Heathwaite.

As the Blaze Demon approached, the Ice Dragon’s eyes opened abruptly, and it woke from its slumber, turning its amber gaze on the intruder.

Needing neither chants nor gestures, Heathwaite spread its jaws.

With Heathwaite as the center, the Ice Dragon sucked a 300-yard radius dry of Mana before a towering, white beam shot toward the Blaze Demon.

Tier 4 Dragon Breath!

Compared to the Dragon Breath Shi Feng’s Black Dragon doppelganger had used, a true Dragon’s Dragon Breath was on an entirely different level.

The Blaze Demon transformed into an ice sculpture before flying back over 500 yards. At the same time, the area around Heathwaite became a world of ice, the attack utterly transforming the terrain…

Aside from Shi Feng, every member of Zero Wing’s team was dumbfounded. They had all heard legends and details about Dragons, but they hadn’t actually seen one in action. At this moment, they finally understood what a Dragon truly was.

If they hadn’t stood over a thousand yards away, that Dragon Breath attack would’ve killed every one of them.

Fortunately, the Blaze Demon had initiated the raid. Even so, the Blaze Demon had lost over 20 million HP after taking a direct hit from Heathwaite’s Dragon Breath.”

“All of you, snap out of it! Once you get close to the Boss, make sure that you’re spread out! Healers, throw everything you have at the Blaze Demon!” Shi Feng barked. He couldn’t help his sigh of relief as he watched the Blaze Demon break free from its icy prison, appearing mostly intact.

If that Dragon Breath had heavily injured the Blaze Demon, this raid would be over. Neither Anna nor Kite could tank the Ice Dragon, and their combat power couldn’t even compare to the Level 116 Blaze Demon’s. They’d either die instantly or be heavily injured if they took a direct hit from a Tier 4 Dragon Breath.

The Blaze Demon ran at Heathwaite again. Fortunately, Dragon Breath had a relatively long cooldown, and because of that, the Ice Dragon switched to using its claws to attack the incoming Demon.

The Blaze Demon proved to be no match for Heathwaite. Each time it blocked an attack, it lost over 8 million HP. Although the Blaze Demon launched a counterattack from time to time, its Tier 4 Spells only dealt a few million damage. The two creatures’ strengths were on completely different levels.

Shi Feng only activated Miniature World and Ring of Brilliance to suppress the Ice Dragon and enhance his allies’ combat power once the Blaze Demon had secured Heathwaite’s aggro. Unfortunately, Miniature World was barley effective against the Infant Dragon. However, Heavenly Dragon’s Breath’s Dragon Domination was fully effective, reducing the Dragon’s Basic Attributes by 20%.

Once Heathwaite’s Basic Attributes had been suppressed, Zero Wing’s healers were barely able to keep up with the damage the Ice Dragon dealt to the Blaze Demon. Shi Feng also used Life Domain to restore the Blaze Demon’s HP to full, on occasion. For a time, the Ice Dragon was helpless against the summoned Demon, during which, Heathwait’s HP continued to decrease under Zero Wing’s bombardment.

95%… 90%… 85%…

However, Heathwaite was not an easy opponent, and it turned its Dragon Breath on a random target from time to time. The players who had failed to dodge the attack had become ice sculptures, losing all of their HP in the blink of an eye. Dragon Breath had even slain Turtledove, despite her active Lifesaving Skill.

As Heathwaite’s HP continued to fall, the intervals between each Dragon Breath grew shorter. By the time Heathwaite’s HP reached 30%, only a little over half of the team remained standing.

“Despicable ants! I’ll burn you to ash!” Heathwaite bellowed before chanting an incantation.

A threefold magic array with a 500-yard radius then appeared above the Ice Dragon, plundering all of the Mana within a 1,000-yard radius.

Tier 4 Draconic Spell, Meteorite Fall!

Suddenly, a colossal meteorite, which blocked out the sun, descended from the magic array, growing larger as it emerged. When Zero Wing’s survivors saw this, they began to despair.

A Tier 4 Draconic Spell?! Even Shi Feng’s expression darkened at the unexpected sight. How is this possible?

Draconic Spells were some of the most primitive Spells in God’s Domain, beginning at Tier 4. Even Dragons rarely possessed Draconic Spells of the same tier. Meanwhile, a Draconic Spell was even more powerful than a large-scale destruction Spell, capable of rivaling the Gods’ Divine Arts. A single blow from such a Spell could annihilate tens of thousands of creatures. Not even Invulnerability Spells could stop their devastation…

“Anna, summon the Valkyrie!” Shi Feng shouted.

Not even he had a countermeasure for a Tier 4 Draconic Spell. Anna’s Valkyrie was his only hope.

Anna immediately began to chant her Angel Summoning incantation.