Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2321 - Superior Mythic

Chapter 2321 – Superior Mythic

The players that had reached Level 100 were astonished.

“My Attributes are so high! And I feel so much more coordinated than before!”

“That’s not all that’s changed. My senses are so much sharper and more realistic. In this state, my combat power has increased by at least 30%!”

“Amazing! There’s such a huge gap between Level 99 and 100! Once I complete my Tier 3 promotion, Tier 2 experts under Level 100 won’t stand a chance against me!”

Ordinary players might not sense the changes that occurred when they reached Level 100 right away, but Yan Tianxing and his companions noticed the changes immediately. They were stunned when they did.

None of them had realized how great the difference was between Level 99 and 100 before now. After leveling up once, their combat power had reached a whole new standard, and this was considering that most of their weapons and equipment were still Level 95. If they equipped Level 100 weapons and equipment, their combat power would skyrocket.

Naturally, there was a major difference between Level 95 and Level 100 equipment. The Level 100 Mysterious-Iron items they had obtained after slaying the Dragonkin made that obvious. A Level 100 Mysterious-Iron Weapon’s Attack Power could almost rival that of a Level 95 Dark-Gold Weapon, and the Basic Attribute bonuses were even slightly higher.

It was easy to imagine how much their Attack Power, Defense, and Basic Attributes would rise if they fully geared themselves with Level 100 Fine-Gold Weapons and Equipment. Furthermore, they had yet to challenge their Tier 3 Promotion Quests.

“Now that a number of us have reached Level 100, Guild Leader, we should start raiding Level 100 Team Dungeons,” Blackie eagerly suggested after experiencing the changes due to his new level.

They hadn’t even dared consider setting foot in a Level 100 Team Dungeon previously. Dungeons’ monsters were far stronger than monsters in the fields, after all, and without Shi Feng’s help, they had barely held their ground against Level 100-plus field monsters before reaching Level 100. Trying to raid a Level 100 Team Dungeon would’ve been suicide.

However, they had grown considerably stronger after leveling up, especially the players with Epic Weapons and Equipment. These players’ combat power had risen by far more than a mere 30%. Now, they’d have no issues taking on a dozen or so Dragonkin Warriors, even without Shi Feng’s help. They definitely qualified to challenge Level 100 Team Dungeons.

Not only could they test their newfound strength by successfully raiding such a Dungeon, but they’d also acquire high- quality Level 100 weapons and equipment. In addition, their achievement would help spread Zero Wing’s fame across the eastern continent, maybe even throughout God’s Domain.

The other Level 100 players voiced their agreement with Blackie’s suggestion. They were all eager to challenge a Level 100 Team Dungeon.

“Don’t get so excited just yet. The systems restrictions on your bodies have been lifted now that you’ve reached Level 100, so your physical condition is slightly different. Fight the Dragonkin first and give yourselves a chance to adapt,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head. Smiling, he continued, “If you’re so eager to test your new limits, I know the perfect place for you to do that.”

Players’ combat power would substantially increase upon reaching Level 100. They could now use their five senses and reaction speed to its full potential, but exerting all of their strength wasn’t an easy task. Even Domain Realm experts would need quite some time to adjust, not to mention Refinement Realm experts.

Shi Feng had only been able to adapt so quickly because he was most familiar with this body. Although there were some minor differences between his current form and the body he had used during his previous life, he had sensed and adapted to these minor changes easily as a Domain Realm expert, perfectly exhibiting his full potential.

“A perfect place to test our strength? Where is it, Guild Leader?” Cola excitedly asked.

Unlike the others, he carried the Titan Guard, a Fragmented Legendary Shield. Once he reached Level 100, the restrictions on his shield had also vanished. As a result, he sensed a massive boost to his combat power. Overall, he had likely improved more than anyone else on the team.

“A Superior Mythic Boss’s lair!” Shi Feng announced, gesturing to the Cold Spring Forest’s central region.

Every member of the team was stunned when they heard Shi Feng’s answer.

God’s Domain’s Mythic monsters weren’t equal in terms of strength. Among them, Superior Mythics stood at the apex of their kind, wielding even more power than Mythic ranked Archaic Species.

Everyone here was an expert, and they all had an idea of how powerful Mythic monsters would become after Level 100. Trying to challenge a Level 100 Mythic monster before they reached Tier 3 was tantamount to throwing themselves into the jaws of death, let alone challenging a Level 100 Superior Mythic.

“Relax. I‘m quite confident that we_ll be victorious,’1 Shi Feng assured them, chuckling at his ^ now, take some time to adapt to your new bodies.”

A Tier 4 Dragon was an incredibly powerful being, but he had his Heavenly Dragon’s Breath. The ring was capable of suppressing Dragons to an intense degree. Including Anna and Kite’s assistance, they definitely had a chance of defeating the monster.

Hearing that Shi Feng was confident of their victory, his teammates breathed a sigh of relief. They obediently followed their leader’s orders and used the nearby Dragonkin as training dummies.

After around four hours of training, the team had a basic grasp of their unrestricted strength. Once his team was ready, Shi Feng led them toward the Cold Spring Canyon.

The Cold Spring Canyon was far more dangerous than the Cold Spring Forest’s other areas, home to many Level 103 and 104 Dragonkin. Even Level 105 Grand Lord ranked Dragonkin Commanders wandered the area.

If Zero Wing’s members had come here before reaching Level 100, they would’ve died the moment they aggroed a Dragonkin Commander. Fortunately, Cola could single-handedly tank one of these Grand Lords at Level 100, preventing the Dragonkin from targeting any of his comrades. Once he had a hold on the Dragonkin Commander’s aggro, the rest of the team slowly shaved away the Grand Lord’s HP, eventually killing it.

When Blackie looted the Dragonkin Commander, he obtained the Dragontooth Pendant, a Level 100 Fine-Gold Necklace. Its Basic Attributes were more than two ranks higher than a Level 95 Dark-Gold Necklace, and it increased the power of the wearer’s Dragon Bloodline. Cola ended up winning the bid for the necklace, and when he equipped it, not only did it increase his Basic Attributes, but it also improved the purity of his Dragon Blood, improving his physique.

Shi Feng and his team finally reached the heart of the Cold Spring Canyon after another six hours or so of combat. He then retrieved the Transfer Stone he had received from the Adventurer’s Association and began to chant the incantation.

The Transfer Stone transformed into violent energy that pierced an invisible barrier before Zero Wing’s main force.

As the barrier shattered, it revealed a paradise. Zero Wing’s members could hear birds chirping and smell fragrant flowers, and as they entered the space, they felt a pleasant sensation encompass their bodies. The fatigue from their long hours of grinding faded quickly as their Stamina and Concentration began to recover. This space was nothing like the outside world.

However, before any of them had the chance to inspect this area, a horrific aura washed over them, so intense that it nearly knocked them on their backs.

“A Dragon?!”

Turning toward the aura’s origin, their gaze rested on a thirty-meter-tall Infant Dragon. Protected by its sno^ scales, the Infant Dragon was sound asleep. Every breath it took was powerful enough to shake the entire area.

[Ice Dragon, Heathwaite] (Dragon, Mythic)

Level 101

HP 1,840,000,000/1,840,000,000

When the team saw Heathwaite’s statistics, they had no doubt that if this Infant Dragon wished it, it could likely shatter this entire space, plunging it into the void.

Dragons had always been the symbol of destruction in God’s Domain. The various NPC cities’ libraries contained a vast amount of information on these beings, always depicting Dragons as natural disasters that could bring about the downfall of an entire country.

If there hadn’t been so few Dragons in existence, they would likely have become God’s Domain’s absolute overlords.

“Are we really going to raid a Dragon, Guild Leader?” Cola asked, gulping as he watched the slumbering Ice Dragon.

For a moment, Cola wondered if Shi Feng were playing some kind of joke on them. Even if he were Tier 3, Heathwaite could likely kill him in one hit, much less now.

“That’s right! That’s what we’re going to raid!” Shi Feng nodded after taking a deep breath. He then pulled two Summon Guard Scrolls from his bag and summoned Anna and Kite.