Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2319 - Tier 3?

Chapter 2319 – Tier 3?

As if time had stopped, silence fell over the entire Cold Spring Forest.

Whether it was the Dragonkin or Shadowless Empire’s members, they were all in a daze as they looked at the Dragonkin Warrior that had collapsed before the large tree.

At this moment, not only was the Dragonkin Warrior in a heavily injured state, but its silver armor even sported a large cut. If one looked closely, one could even see the white, broken bones of the Dragonkin Warrior beyond this cut.

If not for God’s Domain’s setting that made it so that creatures would die only if their HP fell to zero, the slash from before would undoubtedly have taken the Dragonkin Warrior’s life.

Even so, the attack still took away a large chunk of the Dragonkin Warrior’s HP.

“What did he do?”

Night Reader could not help her shock as she stared at Shi Feng, the person who executed the attack on the Dragonkin Warrior.

Previously, when she used her trump card to attack the Dragonkin Warrior, she had only managed to make it stumble back one step. Shi Feng, on the other hand, heavily injured the Dragonkin Warrior with just one stroke of his sword.

For a moment, she wondered if the Main God System was playing a joke on her.

After all, she was currently Level 97. She was also equipped in four pieces of Epic Equipment and a top-tier Epic Weapon. In addition, she had a special Legacy that increased her Basic Attributes and physique by a significant margin when fighting in darkness. Even the apex experts of Super Guilds were most likely no match for her when it came to Basic Attributes.

Now, however, Shi Feng, who looked very ordinary and gave off no aura whatsoever, actually surpassed her Strength by several degrees. No matter how she looked at this situation, she simply could not bring herself to accept it.

“He is probably Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Black Flame. According to rumors, he has already reached Level 100,” Vast Lock guessed as he looked at Shi Feng, his evaluation of Zero Wing increasing by a grade.

“Even if he is Level 100, there is no way he can have enough Strength to send the Dragonkin Warrior flying. We can’t, even if we activated our Berserk Skills,” Night Reader said.

Although the Dragonkin Warrior was only a Great Lord, its Strength was just slightly inferior to the Mythic ranked Purgatory Giant’s. Even if they activated a Berserk Skill, they would, at most, just match the Dragonkin Warrior. In order to send it flying over 20 yards, they would need Strength at the standard of Mythic monsters, at the very least.

“Of course, it’s impossible just by reaching Level 100. However, I suspect that he has already completed his Tier 3 Promotion Quest,” Vast Lock said in a definite tone.

“Tier 3? How is that possible?” Night Reader simply could not bring herself to believe Vast Lock’s speculation.

Previously, she already considered the rumor of Shi Feng reaching Level 100 a wild exaggeration. The Shadow World had much more abundant leveling resources compared to the main continent, yet even they, the top players of Shadowless Empire, had only managed to reach Level 97. Now, however, Vast Lock was telling her that Shi Feng had not only reached Level 100 but also completed his Tier 3 Promotion Quest. This was unbelievable.

The difficulty of Promotion Quests increased with each subsequent tier. The difficulty of the Tier 3 Promotion Quest was especially high. To complete the Tier 3 Promotion Quest, players would not only have to be of a sufficiently high level but also needed to invest a lot of time into making preparations. For Night Reader herself, even if she had made all the preparations she could, she still wouldn’t be confident of completing her Tier 3 Promotion Quest. After all, experts of their caliber couldn’t settle for a mediocre result in their Tier 3 Promotion Quest. Needless to say, someone like Shi Feng wouldn’t settle for this, either.

While Night Reader and Vast Lock were talking about Shi Feng, the heavily injured Dragonkin Warrior suddenly stood up and let loose a deafening roar, which echoed throughout the forest. Moreover, the Dragonkin Warrior did not stop at just one roar. Instead, it repeatedly roared again and again.

“Did it get hit too hard in the head?” Night Reader found the Dragonkin Warrior’s incessant roaring strange.

Moreover, the injured Dragonkin Warrior wasn’t the only one acting strangely. Every other Dragonkin in the army also started roaring.

“No!” Vast Lock’s complexion darkened as realization struck him. “They’re calling for reinforcements!”

As soon as Vast Lock finished speaking, a deafening roar came from the depths of the forest. Following which, a commotion broke out in the distant forest, and very quickly, a huge swarm of Dragonkin charged out of there.

The newly arrived Dragonkin numbered more than 3,000, including as many as five Dragonkin Warriors.

“Run!” Vast Lock shouted, his scalp turning numb at this sight.

At Vast Lock’s order, Shadowless Empire’s members immediately dropped what they were doing and fled for the cave they had come from, without hesitation.

However, despite seeing Shadowless Empire’s members retreating, Shi Feng and the others still maintained their positions.

“Why aren’t you guys running yet?” Night Reader asked as she looked at Shi Feng.

“We’ll block them, so you guys should use this opportunity to retreat. It is still too soon for you all to come here,” Shi Feng said before walking toward the Dragonkin army, together with Zero Wing’s members.

Since Vast Lock had warned him before out of goodv^ll, Shi Feng naturally didn’t mind helping Shadowless Empire now.

“You’re crazy! Do whatever you want!” Night Reader huffed when she saw Zero Wing advancing toward the Dragonkin army. She then turned her head away and left.

Shi Feng might have reached Tier 3, but he was only one person. He wouldn’t be able to keep the several thousand Dragonkin at bay all by himself. Not to mention, five more Dragonkin Warriors had joined the fight now. Even if the Swordsman could suppress these Great Lords, could he suppress all eight of them?

However, before Night Reader had gone 100 yards away from her previous position, she saw Zero Wing’s team clashing with the Dragonkin army.

When the two sides came into contact, Shi Feng initiated the battle by executing Void Slash, using the six slashes his Skill generated to send six Dragonkin Warriors flying back and crashing into the Dragonkin behind them. As for the two remaining Dragonkin Warriors, Cola stopped one of them while Turtledove stopped the other.

Cola’s Strength might not be comparable to the Dragonkin Warrior’s, but with the Fragmented Legendary ranked Titan Guard and his Dragonslayer Legacy, he neutralized all of the Dragonkin Warrior’s attacks without fail. As for Turtledove, although she was inferior to Cola in terms of both Defense and Strength, she had Yan Tianxing assisting her from the side. Yan Tianxing influenced the Dragonkin Warrior’s attacks, such that they all landed on Turtledove’s shield and nowhere else.

After seeing that all eight Dragonkin Warriors were stopped, Alluring Summer, Yi Luofei, Zhao Yueru, and the other magical-class players started bombarding the approaching Dragonkin Captains and Dragonkin Fighters.

Like a mobile turret, Zhao Yueru sent even the High Lord ranked Dragonkin Captains flying with her Spells. With just one AOE Spell, she created a large clearing amid the Dragonkin army. Even the Dragonkin Warriors stumbled when struck by her attacks.

Despite the severe numerical disadvantage, Zero Wing’s 100-man team coped with the Dragonkin army without suffering any casualties and relentlessly pressed deeper into the Cold Spring Forest, suppressing the Dragonkin army thoroughly. Dragonking Fighters and Dragonkin Captains died quickly, one after another, under Zero Wing’s bombardment.

“Crap! Are they even human?” an axe-carrying Dark Berserker, who had already arrived back at the cave, cursed aloud when he saw the Dragonkin army getting repulsed.

He had had a tough time dealing with just one Dragonkin Captain, yet Zero Wing’s members were toying with the High Lords as if they were children. Zhao Yueru, Alluring Summer, and Yi Luofei, in particular, had devastated the several dozen Dragonkin Captains with their attacks, preventing the High Lords from reaching Zero Wing’s rear line.

Shi Feng was even more frightening, single-handedly suppressing six Dragonkin Warriors. Let alone damaging the Swordsman, the six Dragonkin Warriors couldn’t even get within five yards of him. Their HPs also plummeted. After only a short moment, the six Dragonkin Warriors had already lost one-tenth of their HPs. At this rate, the deaths of all six were just a matter of time.

“How is Zero Wing so strong?”

After Zero Wing’s team disappeared into the snow-mantled forest, Night Reader was in a daze for a long time.

When she remembered how they had thought to prove their superiority over Zero Wing by defeating the Purgatory Giant, she felt a little embarrassed. She had never imagined that things would turn out this way.

Shi Feng’s performance, in particular, had shocked her. Every one of his actions was beyond her perception. If he had decided to contest for the Purgatory Giant back then, the consequences would have been dire. Most likely, he could annihilate their entire 200-man team all by himself.

“Let’s return now. Zero Wing is much stronger than we initially thought. The higher-ups will need to adjust our approach to Star-Moon Kingdom,” Vast Lock said after giving the matter some thought.

Shi Feng’s strength was simply too frightening. He was no longer an existence Tier 2 players could hope to contend with. Moreover, the other members of Zero Wing also possessed considerable strength. With the Guild definitely much stronger than ordinary major powers, Shadowless Empire would have to tread carefully in Star-Moon Kingdom from now on.

After saying so, Vast Lock turned around and had everyone prepare to leave the Cold Spring Forest. As for Night Reader, she turned involuntarily for one last look towards the direction Shi Feng disappeared.

So what if you’re Tier 3? Just you wait! I’ll catch up with you soon! At that time, I’ll show you just how powerful I am! I’ll make you regret looking down on me! When Night Reader thought of the words Shi Feng said to her before, she gnashed her teeth in anger and frustration, feeling as if she had been treated like a fool. Immediately afterward, she turned around and left the Cold Spring Forest.