Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2318 - Sword Rises

Chapter 2318 – Sword Rises

After Vast Lock declared his decision, Shadowless Empire’s 200-man team accelerated their advance toward the Purgatory Giant, completely ignoring Shi Feng and the others’ existence.

“These people really don’t care about us at all.” Yan Tianxing could not help but shake his head and chuckle when he saw Shadowless Empire’s members’ nonchalant reaction toward Zero Wing’s arrival.

Normally, when players came across other players out in the fields, especially when they were raiding a Boss, they would give out a reminder or warning to the approaching players. However, Shadowless Empire’s members simply treated Zero Wing’s team as if it were air and did not even bother trying to make contact.

The only explanation for such a reaction was that Shadowless Empire had deemed them to be no threat and not worthy of any attention whatsoever.

“Guild Leader, are we really not going to make a move?” Blackie asked as he looked at the distant Purgatory Giant.

He did not particularly care about Shadowless Empire’s treatment of them. However, since the Guardian Boss of this cave served as the key to the Cold Spring Forest, its loot might provide them with some help once they entered the neutral map.

“We’re only traveling toward the Cold Spring Forest. Having someone to open up a path for us is a good thing,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. He then instructed everyone to get some rest first. He had no intention of snatching the Boss from Shadowless Empire at all.

The Purgatory Giant was indeed a very important Boss. After killing it, not only would players gain access to the Cold Spring Forest, but they would also obtain a special item called Purgatory Core. When activated, the Purgatory Core would create a natural barrier with a 200-yard radius that would help players adapt to Level 100 neutral maps.

The barrier’s effects were similar to Arctic Water, except that Arctic Water was only effective for one player while the Purgatory Core applied to a specific area. For Tier 2 teams looking to grind in Level 100-plus neutral maps, the Purgatory Core was a very useful item.

Killing the Purgatory Giant provided no other benefits aside from these two.

Meanwhile, his goal was to kill the Ice Dragon Heathwaite and occupy the Cold Spring Canyon. To him, the Purgatory Core held no meaning. After all, once he occupied the Cold Spring Canyon, he could obtain Arctic Water much more easily. At that time, let alone a 100-man team, even strengthening a 1,000-man team wouldn’t be difficult.

“I guess you’re right.”

Blackie nodded, as he found Shi Feng’s words reasonable. He then sat down on the ground and started recovering his Stamina and Concentration.

The Purgatory Giant was a Level 99 Mythic Boss. Moreover, it belonged to the Giant race. Its Life Rating was considerably high, so raiding it would not be easy. Since Shadowless Empire was willing to raid it for them, they could use this opportunity to conserve their strength for the Cold Spring Forest.

While Zero Wing’s members rested in a distant location, Shadowless Empire’s members, who were only 500 yards away from the Purgatory Giant now, also noticed what Zero Wing’s members were doing.

“It seems these people are quite smart. Had they dared try to snatch the Boss, I’d make sure they got a good beating!” a Level 96 Dark Berserker said, smirking when he saw Zero Wing’s members sitting down and resting.

“I doubt that’s the case. I bet they want to use us to test the Purgatory Giant’s prowess, so that they can have an easier time raiding it afterward,” Night Reader said as she glanced at Shi Feng and the others, a bright smile blooming on her face. “It’s a pity that they’re looking down on us too much.”

Shadowless Empire was the ruler of the entire Shadow World. Its capabilities were far beyond anything the main continent’s various superpowers could imagine.

Although the Shadow World was only the size of a kingdom, as one of the higher-standard Otherworlds, it possessed resources that many superpowers coveted. However, despite the superpowers’ numerous attempts to seize the Shadow World, Shadowless Empire always emerged victorious.

“Alright, focus! The Boss has already sensed us! Everyone, get ready!” Vast Lock suddenly shouted when he saw the Purgatory Giant opening its eyes.

The Purgatory Giant’s awakening immediately panicked the wandering Demonkin Soldiers and Demonkin Guards.

The moment the Purgatory Giant opened its eyes, everyone present felt a horrific aura wash over them—even Zero Wing’s members, who sat several thousand yards away.

Based on its aura, the Purgatory Giant was definitely much stronger than ordinary Mythic monsters. Moreover, space within a 500-yard radius of the Purgatory Giant started changing upon the Guardian Boss’s awakening, the gravel on the ground shattering.

After awakening, the Purgatory Giant immediately advanced toward Shadowless Empire’s members and thrust its six spears at them, the spears tearing apart the space they passed through.

Just as the six spears were about to reach Shadowless Empire’s members, six shield-bearing Dark Knights jumped forward and met the spears in battle, the bodies of these Dark Knights radiating a bright, black light while the dark mark on their foreheads glowed a faint crimson.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

A series of explosions echoed throughout the entire tattered town. After receiving the Purgatory Giant’s spear, each of the six Dark Knights stumbled only three or four steps back before stabilizing their bodies. They also lost only 25% or so of their HP, which was quickly regenerated thanks to the rear-line healers.

When the Purgatory Giant started launching its second round of attacks, the six Dark Knights had yet to recover their balance. At this time, however, six more Dark Knights emerged from Shadowless Empire’s te视 to block the Purgat^ Giant’s spears.

Like so, the two parties of MTs took turns receiving the Purgatory Giant’s attacks, their coordination perfect. Due to their perfect execution and timing, the 12 MTs prevented the Purgatory Giant from inflicting any harm on the rest of the team.

“Start!” Vast Lock shouted.

Upon hearing Vast Lock’s command, the Cursemancers at the rear line immediately cast Dark Devour. In the next moment, a black puddle formed beneath the Purgatory Giant’s feet, the black liquid continuously crawling up the Giant and threatening to consume it.

Although the Spell did not deal any damage, it applied a significant speed debuff. This situation instantly reduced the pressure on the team. Immediately after, Shadowless Empire’s members started bombarding the Boss in a frenzy.

Taking the lead to attack, Night Reader drew her crimson bow and sent a crimson light pillar shooting at the Purgatory Giant.


With just one attack, Night Reader halted the movement of one of the Purgatory Giant’s arms.

At this time, Vast Lock had also made his way to the Purgatory Giant’s back and stabbed his two pitch-black, glowing daggers at the Mythic Boss. The instant the two daggers touched the Purgatory Giant’s skin, two black beams pierced through the Boss, each beam causing over -200,000 damage.

The Basic Attributes of these people are high. Every one of them is like a Great Lord. This is especially true for that Assassin and Ranger. Those two are most likely superior to Great Lords of the same level in terms of Basic Attributes. Moreover, these people can perfectly combine their combat techniques with their Skills and Spells. It’s no wonder they’re so confident in taking down the Purgatory Giant,” Yan Tianxing praised as he watched Shadowless Empire’s members fight.

At this stage of the game, the majority of the main continent’s experts were still experimenting with combining combat techniques with Skills and Spells. However, Shadowless Empire’s members had already accomplished this feat, allowing their Tier 2 Skills and Spells to undergo a qualitative improvement.

Just 30 minutes later, the Purgatory Giant finally went berserk. Shadowless Empire’s members started activating their Berserk Skills, one after another, in response. When Vast Lock and Night Reader activated their Berserk Skills, without even activating Twofold Berserk, their Basic Attributes already reached the standard of Mythic monsters. As a result, they managed to endure the Purgatory Giant’s berserk phase and eventually slew the Mythic Boss.

Along with the Purgatory Giant’s death, the magic barrier that protected the Cold Spring Forest started crumbling. The seal on the cave leading to the Cold Spring Forest was also removed. Meanwhile, beyond the cave, one could now see a snow-covered forest.

After killing the Purgatory Giant, Shadowless Empire’s members did not rest for long. As soon as they finished collecting the Boss’s loot, they made their way into the Cold Spring Forest. As they left, they glanced at the distant Zero Wing members, with gleeful expressions.

“Hahaha! Zero Wing’s members must be dumbfounded after seeing us defeat the Purgatory Giant!” the Dark Berserker carrying a two-handed axe laughed.

“Although we got to show them the gap in strength between us, they now get to enter the Cold Spring Forest without putting in any effort,” Night Reader grumbled.

“There’s nothing wrong with letting them gain some advantage. Zero Wing is Star-Moon Kingdom’s number one Guild. Its influence also reaches multiple kingdoms and empires. If we want to establish a foothold in the main continent quickly, we can make use of Zero Wing’s strength,” Vast Lock said.

After Vast Lock’s words, Shadowless Empire’s members no longer said anything. Instead, they simply focused on traveling to the Cold Spring Forest’s inner area.

Roughly five minutes after Shadowless Empire’s members entered the forest, a deafening roar suddenly echoed throughout the forest.

“How is this possible?!”

A grim look surfaced on Night Reader’s face when a group of fully armed Dragonkin suddenly emerged from the snowy forest ahead. However, what shocked her the most were the numbers and strength of these Dragonkin.

[Dragonkin Fighter] (Dragonkin, Lord)

Level 100

HP 63,000,000/63,000,000 [Dragonkin Captain] (Dragonkin, High Lord)

Level 101

HP 135,000,000/135,000,000 [Dragonkin Warrior] (Dragonkin, Great Lord) Level 101

HP 220,000,000/220,000,000

The Inferior Dragons standing before their team numbered more than a thousand, and even the weakest Dragonkin Fighter had an aura that was no weaker than that of the Great Lord ranked Demonkin Guards they faced before. As for the Great Lord ranked Dragonkin Warriors, their auras were just slightly weaker than that of the Purgatory Giant; moreover, there were three of them.

“Defensive formations!” Vast Lock shouted.

By the time Vast Lock gave his command, however, the Dragonkin army was already charging at them. Although Shadowless Empire’s members could barely hold their ground against the Lord ranked Dragonkin Fighters, they were at a severe disadvantage against the Dragonkin Captains, inferior in terms of both Basic Attributes and reaction speed. When one of the Dark Knights failed to defend himself in time and got hit by the saber of a Dragonkin Captain, he instantly lost over one-quarter of his HP.

As for the Dragonkin Warriors, Vast Lock and Night Reader had to coordinate with each other just to pin down one. Stopping the remaining two Great Lords was beyond them.

“Retreat! Retreat to the cave!” Vast Lock shouted when he saw the two unfettered Dragonkin Warriors slaughtering his teammates. Retreating was now their only option. Otherwise, a team-wipe was inevitable.

As Shadowless Empire’s members continuously fell back, they eventually came across Zero Wing’s members, who had also entered the Cold Spring Forest.

“You guys, hurry up and retreat! These Dragonkin are much stronger than the Lords and Great Lords in that cave! You’ll die if you go up against them!” Vast Lock warned as he looked at Shi Feng.

However, as soon as the Dark Assassin gave this advice, one of the Dragonkin Warriors slaughtering Shadowless Empire’s members shifted its gaze toward Zero Wing’s team, which was less than 100 yards away from it. Squinting its eyes, it immediately charged toward Zero Wing.

“They’re doomed!” Night Reader could not help but look at Zero Wing’s members in pity at this sudden turn of events.

The Dragonkin Warriors possessed very high reaction speeds and intellect. These Great Lords posed an enormous threat even to Shadowless Empire’s members, not to mention Zero Wing’s members.

However, just as the Dragonkin Warrior arrived before Zero Wing’s team and was swinging down its saber…

A sword light suddenly struck at it.

Suddenly, the Dragonkin Warrior let out a wheeze as its four-meter-tall body shot backward like a bullet and crashed heavily into a nearby tree, the massive tree shuddering at the impact.