Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2315 - Ice Dragon Heathwaite

Chapter 2315 – Ice Dragon Heathwaite

After Shi Feng made his request, the Elven administrator made a quick trip to the Adventurer’s Association’s reference room and returned with seven parchment scrolls.

“Lord Bronze Legatee, here are the Crusade Quests you’ve requested. Here is the information on all seven of Cold Spring Forest’s Monarchs,” the Elven administrator said as she placed the scrolls on the table.

Seven Monarchs? Shi Feng was a little surprised when he saw the seven ancient scrolls.

In God’s Domain, only one Monarch would manage a region, and as far as he knew, Cold Spring Forest only consisted of six regions. This meant that there should only be six Monarchs. He had never heard of a seventh.

“My lord, I have to remind you that you may only accept one Crusade Quest. Whether or you succeed or fail, you may only accept another Crusade Quest after ten days. The materials needed to create the Transfer Stones are quite expensive, as well. Please, choose wisely,” the Elven administrator explained.

Shi Feng had already known all of that, and nodding silently, he began to inspect the scrolls. He wanted to know if the information he had obtained during his previous life had changed.

If Cold Spring Forest’s Monarchs had massively changed due to his reincarnation, his plans would come to an abrupt end.

A Monarch was no ordinary Field Boss. They might not be as powerful as Level 100-plus World Bosses, but they were considered Superior Mythic monsters. They could kill Tier 3 players as effortlessly as squishing ants. Trying to raid such a Boss with a Tier 3,100-man team the same level would be futile. Players needed to rely on special means to raid a Monarch.

After browsing through the information for ten or so minutes, Shi Feng breathed a sigh of relief.

Thank goodness everything’s the same as I remembered. The only difference is the extra Monarch.

But even as he sighed, his gaze was glued on the extra Monarch’s information.

The seventh Monarch was part of the legendary Dragon race—the Ice Dragon, Heathwaite.

Meanwhile, the region Heathwaite ruled over was the Cold Spring Canyon, which was located in the Cold Spring Forest’s central region. Cold Spring Canyon had been quite famous in the past in God’s Domain due to the extremely rare Arctic Water it produced.

Arctic Water was one of the few items in God’s Domain that could improve a player’s adaptability to their environment.

The effects might not be astounding, and the item was useless to players with Gold Mana Bodies or better, but it would be tremendously helpful to Tier 2 players when they challenged their Tier 3 Promotion Quests.

This was why so many powers had fought for control of the Cold Spring Canyon during Shi Feng’s previous life.

Shi Feng had never dreamed that someone could actually rule over the Cold Spring Canyon.

Without any more hesitation, Shi Feng accepted the Crusade Quest to hunt the Ice Dragon, Heathwaite.

“Are you sure you wish to accept this quest, Lord Bronze Legatee? We only have one Transfer Stone connected to the Ice Dragon’s lair left. If you fail this quest, you will not be able to accept it again in the future,” the Elven administrator warned when Shi Feng selected the Crusade Quest that had remained untouched for over a century.

“I’ll take it,” Shi Feng said with determination.

He’d have a high chance of success with hunting the other Monarchs thanks to his memories, but the Cold Spring Canyon was simply too valuable to give up.

Technically, he could hunt one of the other six Monarchs first and raid the Ice Dragon after the ten-day wait, but covering one area would be quite taxing on the Guild with Zero Wing’s current standards. Zero Wing simply couldn’t manage two areas.

Since he was limited to a single area, he had to choose the best option available. Even if he failed, he could prevent another power from obtaining the Cold Spring Canyon.

“The cost to teleport to Heathwaite’s lair is quite high. You will have to pay 10,000 Gold and 20,000 Magic Crystals as a deposit. If you complete the quest, we will return the deposit in full, as well as pay you your deserved remuneration. If you fail, however, your deposit will be forfeit,” the Elven administrator said seriously.

“That’s fine.”

Shi Feng had already prepared for this cost. He handed the Elven administrator the deposit in exchange for a gray- white crystal. This crystal was none other than the Transfer Stone for the Ice Dragon’s lair.

After obtaining the Transfer Stone, Shi Feng made his way to the Candlelight Trading Firm to retrieve some of the Dark-Gold Weapons that had been stored there. He then upgraded the Abyssal Blade to Level 90, which was as high as he could upgrade the Magic Weapon right now. Level 95 weapons were still considered a luxury, not to mention Level 95 Dark-Gold Weapons.

Fortunately, the Abyssal Blade’s Attack Power and Attributes were only slightly lower than those of a Level 100 Epic Weapon, despite the fact that it was only a Level 90 Magic Weapon. The Abyssal Blade would be more than enough for Shi Feng’s needs.

Shi Feng then visited the Candlelight Trading Firm’s second basement floor, which was where he stored his most important items.

A Guild Residence was quite secure, but the Candlelight Trading Firm in White River City was many times safer than Zero Wing’s Guild Hall. At this point, only Tier 4 players would have any hope of breaking past the Shop’s defenses.

At this moment, an NPC guard stood before the warehouse on the second basement floor. He was a Level 100, Tier 3 Fine-Gold Guard, and unless one had permission, not even a Tier 3 apex expert would get past him. The Candlelight Trading Firm’s defenses were impressively strict.

With the help of the Grandmaster Forger Seliora, Shi Feng had previously recast the Disintegration Armor, a piece of Legendary Equipment, yet despite being unfinished, it was too powerful for Shi Feng to use. Moreover, carrying the Disintegration Armor on him wasn’t safe, so he had stored it in the Candlelight Trading Firm’s underground warehouse.

First, he didn’t want to risk losing it, even if the chance of it dropping upon his death was negligible.

Second, even after recasting it, the Disintegration Armor’s aura would still attract Ores, especially powerful, hightiered Ores. If he had attracted a powerful Ore’s attention as a Tier 2 player, he would’ve been helpless.

Furthermore, he couldn’t equip it yet.

He had coveted Legendary items for a long time. He had heard countless stories of players who owned a Legendary item in his previous life. There were tales of Tier 4 players defeating Tier 5 players and Tier 5 players slaying Tier 6 God-ranked players. One player had even soloed a Tier 5 Dragon.

Yet, the piece of Legendary Equipment he had gone to great lengths to obtain was an unfinished product, and its minimum use requirement was Tier 3. To make matters worse, he hadn’t even been able to inspect its Attribute Panel until he had reached Tier 3. Holding onto the Disintegration Armor would’ve only frustrated him.

Now that he had finally reached Tier 3 and met the minimum requirements to equip the Disintegration Armor, it was time to retrieve it. With a piece of Legendary Equipment, defeating the Ice Dragon, Heathwaite, would be far easier. Legendary items could, after all, allow players to transcend tiers, and as a Tier 3 player, he should be able to contend with a Tier 4 Ice Dragon with the Disintegration Armor equipped.

Once he entered the warehouse and arrived before the Disintegration Armor, Shi Feng chanted an incantation to release the seal protecting it. As soon as the seal faded, crimson energy pulsed away from the pitch-black chest piece, spreading. A pressure that would even make Tier 2 experts uncomfortable began to fill the warehouse.

As the Disintegration Armor’s aura swept over him, Shi Feng felt his blood begin to boil as bloodlust wormed its way into his mind.

Taking several seconds to suppress the maddening feeling, Shi Feng tapped on the Disintegration Armor to inspect its Attribute Panel.