Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2313 - Prototype Domain I succeeded?

Chapter 2313 – Prototype Domain I succeeded?

Shi Feng was momentarily stunned when he heard the system notification.

He had never considered that he’d achieve a 91% Completion Rate. An Epic Mana Body was many times more complex than a Bronze ranked version, and even achieving a 90% with a Silver Mana Body was immensely difficult.

There were very few players in God’s Domain that were capable of achieving a 90% Completion Rate with a Gold Mana Body. As far as Shi Feng could remember, the player with the highest Completion Rate Gold Mana Body had been Alice, the Witch of the West, in the past. She had managed to secure a Peak Gold Mana Body with a 98% Completion Rate.

Of course, Alice was extraordinarily talented, which was why she had obtained such a high Completion Rate. Her manipulation of Mana was simply godlike. Not even veteran Domain Realm experts could match her.

Thanks to her powerful Mana Body, she had remained at the peak of God’s Domain even after becoming a Tier 6 Mage God.

The higher a Mana Body’s Completion Rate, the more frighteningly powerful the Mana Body would be, especially for high-ranked Mana Bodies. Mana Bodies might not provide any bonus Basic Attributes, but they offered significant increases to Stamina and Concentration recovery, Defense, and self-healing capabilities. A Gold Mana Body with a 98% Completion Rate could even reinforce players’ control over their Mana, allowing them to exhibit greater power with their Skills and Spells.

Because of this, Alice had undergone a qualitative transformation after reaching Tier 3.

Her Mana manipulation had already been impressive, and after receiving the boons from her Mana Body, she had been able to achieve a 100% Completion Rate with practically all of her Tier 3 Spells. Most peak experts had only been able to maintain a 90% Completion Rate with their Tier 3 spells after arduous training, yet Alice managed to level out at 100% in a very short time.

After reaching a 90% Completion Rate with a Tier 3 Spell, every additional percentage would significantly increase the Spell’s power. At 100% Completion Rate, a player’s Tier 3 Spell could even contend with the Spells Tier 3 Heroes used.

It was easy to imagine how devastating these Spells would be against players.

Although Shi Feng hadn’t achieved a 98% Completion Rate, earning a 91% was beyond his expectations.

“I’ll keep it!”

Snapping out of his daze, Shi Feng promptly chose to keep his current Mana Body.

There was no save option when constructing a Mana Body. If players gave up on a construction attempt, they’d have to start over. Hence, players had to have a clear goal in mind when constructing their Mana Body. Once they’d reached that goal, it would be wise to accept the Mana Body and avoid any further attempts. If one continued to seek a better outcome, they’d eventually run out of time and lose everything.

Shi Feng had seen many players make that mistake in his previous life. The endless pursuit of perfection was the reason that many expert players had been forced to delete their accounts and begin again.

While players could set up a stronger foundation by starting a new account, they’d also lose out on many opportunities. Others would’ve already explored the low-level maps, leaving little for new players. When starting a new account, players weren’t guaranteed to become as powerful as they had been with their old one.

While part of the reason that Shi Feng had achieved a 91% Completion Rate was his discovery of the correct thought process, luck was a larger part. He wasn’t confident of repeating these results, and if he tried and earned an 89% Completion Rate, he’d just cry.

There was a huge difference between a Mana Body with an 89% Completion Rate and one with a 90%.

Mana Bodies with a 75% Completion Rate or above wouldn’t negatively affect players, and those with an 85% to 89% Completion Rate would receive a significant boost to their Defense and Stamina and Concentration recovery. Mana Bodies with a 90% to 94% Completion Rate, however, were considered top-grade, and all of the aforementioned bonuses would be maxed out.

If he had a high probability of achieving a 95% Completion Rate or above, another attempt might be worth the risk. A 93% or 94% Completion Rate wouldn’t make much of a difference, after all. However, he’d be ruined if he earned a Completion Rate below 90%.

After Shi Feng accepted the Mana Body, the magic array around him flashed with a blinding light, and a horrific amount of Mana gathered rapidly before flowing into him.

As the torrent of Mana filled him, Shi Feng felt like his body had been set on fire. The burning sensation was far more intense than it had been with his Peak Bronze Mana Body. But as his Advanced Epic Mana Body began to take shape,

Shi Feng’s perception of the world around him grew sharper.

After six seconds, magic circuits began to surface across Shi Feng’s body, and the ambient Mana steadily gathered within him. Although the magic circuits faded away two seconds later, the Mana didn’t stop flowing into him.

System: Congratulations! You have become a Tier 3 Blade Saint and obtained an Advanced Epic Mana Body. All Basic Attributes +400, all Resistance +80, Attack Power and Attack Speed increased by 30%, all Basic Attributes increased by 60%, and physique increased by 70%. Rewarding 80 Legacy Skill Points.

Finally! I got my body back! Shi Feng was ecstatic as he felt the new changes. Tier 3!

He had spent nearly a decade as a Tier 3 player during his previous life, so he was most familiar with this tier. Now that he had recovered to his peak, he could finally exhibit his true combat power.

While Shi Feng basked in the familiar strength, he noticed that his perception had become drastically sharper than before. He could even sense the flow of Mana in the air.

A Prototype Domain?! The sensation astonished Shi Feng. Is this an Advanced Epic Mana Body’s ability?

Previously, he’d only been able to perceive such details within a 30-yard radius around him by relying on his five senses. Now, however, his perception had extended to 50 yards away. Moreover, he felt like an absolute overlord within the 50-yard radius.

Of course, he didn’t actually have control over this area. He only had rudimentary control of the ambient Mana. Even so, this was a Prototype Domain.

A Domain operated on the principle of controlling the Mana in a specific area to create a miniature world that favored the player. Although he couldn’t suppress his enemies with a Prototype Domain, he could manipulate the ambient Mana and reduce the Mana density where his enemies stood. The decreased density wouldn’t affect players’ Basic Attributes, but it would impact their concentration in battle. Such an ability would definitely grant him an edge in combat.

Moreover, he could sense that his Stamina and Concentration recovery rates had improved by at least 70% due to his new Mana Body. He had also become tough enough that not even full-powered attacks from a Secret-Silver Weapon could easily injure him.

In other words, if a player wielding a Secret-Silver Weapon struck the unprotected parts of his body, their damage would be reduced to the lowest possible value as if they had struck a piece of armor.

Now that he had obtained his Mana Body, Shi Feng opened his Legacy Skill Menu to check for new Skills.

There were over 20 Tier 3 Skills available, and every one of them required at least 20 Legacy Skill Points to learn. Some of the more powerful Skills even required 50 points. Players that had failed to collect Legacy Skill Points from unconventional means would be fortunate to learn two Tier 3 Skills upon reaching Tier 3. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case for Shi Feng.

With the points he had saved up thus far and the points he just obtained, he had nearly 100 Legacy Skill Points to spend.

Shi Feng immediately spent 40 Legacy Skill Points to upgrade Blade Liberation and Blade Awakening to Tier 3. He then spent another 50 points to learn Void Slash, the strongest Skill a Tier 3 Blade Saint could learn.

[Void Slash] (Action-type)

Requires: Sword

Tier 3 (Proficiency needed to upgrade to Tier 4: 0/100,000)

Manipulate the power of the void to execute six slashes. Each slash carries 150% of user’s Strength and causes 200% divine damage. User may transfer to the location of any of the six slashes.

Cooldown: 8 seconds

Not only did Tier 3 Skills possess greater raw power than Tier 2 Skills, but they were also more capable of injuring high-tiered monsters. However, Tier 3 Skills had very long Cooldowns; those with immense power and short Cooldowns, like Void Slash, were exceptionally rare. Normally, players tried to learn several Tier 3 Skills and link them together to make up for the long Cooldowns.

However, with Void Slash alone, Shi Feng could exhibit nearly the full potential DPS of a Tier 3 player.

Now that I’ve reached Tier 3, it’s time I lead everyone to a Level 100 neutral map!

With his new strength, Shi Feng was confident that he could eliminate a Level 100 Great Lord, even without Anna and Kite’s help.