Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2311 - Mana Body

Chapter 2311 – Mana Body

Star-Moon Kingdom, White River City:

Once Shi Feng and Anna had arrived in the Void Land’s safe zone, he used a Return Scroll and teleported back to White River City. However, he nearly thought he had arrived at the wrong place when he emerged from the teleportation array.

Many of the players in the Teleportation Hall had already reached Level 90, and there were quite a few Level 91 players among the crowd. Not even Dragonheart Island’s experts should’ve reached this level yet. He had only been busy with his Tier 3 Promotion Quest for a few days.

The effects of the Planar Passages opening early are so drastic?

The open Planar Passages was the only explanation Shi Feng could think of.

The Planar Passages’ activation wouldn’t just lead to new players on the main continent; it would also bring in an abundance of resources, including leveling resources. During Shi Feng’s previous life, the Planar Passages’ activation had triggered a leveling frenzy among the main continent’s players, but it had been nothing compared to this.

However, after giving the matter some more thought, Shi Feng knew such a situation wasn’t impossible.

His presence in God’s Domain had already caused a significant butterfly effect, and players in this life leveled much faster than in the past. With the Planar Passages activating before mainstream players had even reached Level 100, the increased resources would have a greater effect on players. With so many excellent grinding spots available, it was only natural that players would level up faster than before.

As Shi Feng was about to leave the Teleportation Hall, a 100-man team of independent players walked into the building.

Noticing the team’s arrival, many players in the hall turned their attention to the newcomers, chatting quietly amongst themselves.

“Quick, look! It_s Silver Arrow!”

They must be heading out to raid another Level 95 Team Dungeon. I wonder when our adventurer team will be ready to do the same.”

“Your adventurer team? Dream on. Even the Black Dragon Empire’s players are just starting to raid Level 95 Team Dungeons, not to mention Star-Moon Kingdom’s players. Moreover, Silver Arrow was one of the first adventurer teams to join the Shadowless Adventurer Alliance, and it’s received a lot of help from the Shadow Empire adventurer team[l].

“I guess you’re right. But joining the Shadowless Adventurer Alliance is so difficult. I’ve heard that many of the well- known adventurer teams from the neighboring kingdoms have been rejected.”

“That’s right. The passing rate is incredibly low, but as long as an adventurer team becomes a member, it’ll undergo a metamorphosis. Not only will its overall strength significantly increase, but not even first-rate Guilds and superpowers’ experts would dare to mess with it.”

The various players discussing the Silver Arrow adventurer team did so in envy. Most of Silver Arrow’s members had already reached Level 92, which not even superpowers’ main force members had reached.

The surrounding players were even more jealous when they saw the equipment Silver Arrow’s members wore. Every member of the adventurer team had a full set of Level 90 Fine-Gold Equipment. Although many expert players had climbed to Level 90 or above due to the Planar Passages, very few had acquired Level 90 weapons and equipment, much less top-tier items. With a full set of Level 90 Fine-Gold Equipment, players would qualify to raid Level 95 Team Dungeons.

The Otherworlds’ adventurer alliances have already developed this far? Shi Feng had to admit that he was a little surprised to see Silver Arrow’s members.

The Otherworlds’ adventurer teams had only begun to form adventurer alliances after the main continent’s various powers had tried to invade these Otherworlds multiple times in the past. The adventurer alliances had then relied on independent players to contest for the Level 100-plus neutral maps on the main continent, at which point, many of the main continent’s powers had begun to perish.

Shi Feng had never thought the butterfly effect would be so massive that Otherworlds’ powers would form adventurer alliances by this stage of the game. With this, these Otherworld powers would pose a much greater threat to the main continent’s powers than they had during his previous life.

After the commotion Silver Arrow’s team had caused, Shi Feng rushed out of the Teleportation Hall and made his way to the library.

He had thought that he was far ahead of most players since he had reached Level 100 and completed his Tier 3 Promotion Quest. He also had Cola and the others, who had already reached Level 95 and beyond. They should reach Level 100 soon.

However, it seemed that the butterfly effect he had caused would be disastrous for him. If he couldn’t quickly become a Lord of a neutral map, as the various superpowers in the past had, both he and Zero Wing would vanish into history.

Half an hour later, Shi Feng arrived at the top floor of White River City’s library. He found Sharlyn quietly reading an ancient tome from her throne at the far end of the Star-Moon Hall.

You really know how to surprise people. I thought you’d be stuck there for several months,” Sharlyn said, smiling as she pulled her gaze from the book and looked at Shi Feng. “Are you really prepared to inherit your Legacy? You only have one opportunity. Your performance will greatly affect your future.”

Yes, I’m ready.” Shi Feng nodded.

The Tier 3 Promotion Quest consisted of two parts. Locating the lost Legacy was the first part, and inheriting it was the second. The second part was also the most important of the Promotion Quest, in which, one would change their body’s Mana framework.

As a major turning point in God’s Domain, players’ physiques and their body’s Mana framework would transform when they reached Tier 3.

Of course, not all Mana frameworks were equal. The difference in their strengths would even exist among players with ordinary Tier 3 classes. Players inherited a variety of Legacies, and those with different Mana frameworks would display varying levels of strength.

However, these differences wouldn’t display in a player’s physique, but would affect the world’s rules.

For example, Tier 2 players could only survive for a short time in Level 100-plus neutral maps due to the areas’ environments, even if they just stood there and did nothing. In comparison, Tier 3 players could survive for a long time in a Level 100-plus neutral map due to their body’s Mana framework.

The stronger a player’s Mana framework was, the greater their survivability would be in poor environments. Their Mana framework would also largely impact their Stamina and Concentration recovery rates.

This was why Tier 3 classes had such a huge impact in God’s Domain.

Although Shi Feng had already obtained his Legacy, he wasn’t out of the woods yet. His ability to inherit the Legacy was far more important.

Shi Feng had only completed a Tier 3 Bronze Legacy in the past, and although the Bronze Legacy had been among the best of its peers, and he had formed a nearly perfect Mana Body, it hadn’t been enough to get him through his Tier 4 Promotion Quest. Normally, only players with a Silver ranked Mana Body could survive in the harsh environments that served as the venue for Tier 4 Promotion Quests. As a result, he had always been a step away from clearing the quest in his previous life.

Of course, if he had had a piece of Legendary Equipment back then, the results would’ve been different. Even a piece of Fragmented Legendary Equipment would’ve changed the outcome significantly. Unfortunately, he never managed to find one, so he hadn’t been able to cross that threshold.

“Alright, this is your decision, but you must remember that your time is limited! Don’t bite off more than you can chew!” Sharlyn warned. Seeing how determined Shi Feng was to see the rest of his Promotion Quest through, she began to chant the incantation.

The sword mark on the back of Shi Feng’s right hand began to burn, and at the same time, countless divine runes appeared across his body, gradually forming a gigantic, fourfold magic array. Three windows displaying Mana Body samples then appeared before him, each more complex than the last.

Shi Feng was ecstatic the moment he saw the magic array and sample Mana Bodies.

The number of layers the magic array had, which would construct the Mana Body, represented the rank of the Mana Body that could be created. A single-layered magic array represented Bronze rank, a two-layered magic array represented Silver rank, and so on. The Mana Body samples represented the complete Mana Body’s standard. The first sample represented the Basic standard, the second represented the Intermediate standard, and the third represented the Advanced standard.

However, the magic array that enveloped Shi Feng now had four layers. He had never heard of a fourfold magic array creating a Mana Body before.