Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2310 - Urdia Versus Anna

Chapter 2310 – Urdia Versus Anna

As soon as he saw the system notification, Shi Feng accepted the Legacy.

He didn’t know how good a Legacy with an 85% Completion Rate would be, but it was undoubtedly better than the 15% Legacy he had found earlier.

After Shi Feng accepted the Legacy, countless divine runes began to flow from the grave toward him, forming a glowing imprint on the back of his hand. Suddenly, Shi Feng bore the mark of a purple-gold sword.

The moment the mark formed, Urdia descended into madness. His muscles bulged, and a cloak of fire enveloped his frame. The temperature around him soared, and the flaming cloak burned the earth under his feet to black ash.

If Shi Feng hadn’t activated Absolute Domain, he’d likely lose astonishing amounts of HP due to his proximity to the Heroic Spirit.

With Urdia going into full berserk mode and his Absolute Domain’s duration almost up, Shi Feng switched the Seven Luminaries Ring’s Aura of Earth to the Aura of Wind and activated Gale Domain to make a hasty retreat.

While all forms of teleportation were prohibited in the Void Land’s inner area, flying, fortunately, was not. Gale Domain was Shi Feng’s only hope of escaping from the inner area. Without it, he wouldn’t have any chance of leaving the inner region even if he had the Legacy. He no longer had Nine Dragons Slash to rely on, and he had a titled, Tier 3 Heroic Spirit after him.

However, before Shi Feng could leave the grave, Urdia charged forth like a meteor. The Heroic Spirit was so fast that not even the Black Dragon could stop him in time.


Urdia crashed into Shi Feng, and the golden, divine runes that protected him actually trembled. This hadn’t even happened when Urdia had hacked and slashed at Shi Feng earlier.

The Heroic Spirit proceeded to brandish his flaming greatsword at Shi Feng, over and over. For a moment, even Shi Feng was helpless against the countless sword lights; he couldn’t keep up with the speed of any of these attacks.

Urdia’s Attack Speed wasn’t that much faster than his, but he couldn’t keep up with the Heroic Spirit’s reaction speed.

With Urdia’s Basic Attributes, the Heroic Spirit could finish Shi Feng off in two or three hits, even if Shi Feng activated Twofold Berserk.

Absolute Domain only had six seconds remaining, and Shi Feng was still nearly 1,500 yards away from the inner region’s barrier. Throwing caution to the wind, he flew straight for the barrier.

Despite the fact that Urdia couldn’t fly, the Undead had no issues keeping up with Shi Feng, continuously attacking the fleeing Swordsman. Every one of Urdia’s attacks had enough power to injure Mythic monsters. Shi Feng would’ve already died several times if it hadn’t been for Absolute Domain’s protection.

Five seconds!

Three seconds!

One second!

Unfortunately, Shi Feng’s flying speed was fast, but he couldn’t reach the barrier within six seconds. He was still roughly 500 yards from his target when Absolute Domain’s effects wore off.

As soon as they did, Shi Feng felt a scorching heat envelop his body, dealing -10,000 damage per second.

Seeing the divine runes fade from Shi Feng’s body, Urdia sneered at his prey. He pushed off the ground and arrived before Shi Feng in an instant, plunging his flaming greatsword down on Shi Feng’s head.

Eight Extreme Slashes!

This time, every one of the eight sword lights contained Tier 4 power. Not even the Black Dragon would be strong enough to block the attack, much less Shi Feng.

Fortunately, Shi Feng had prepared for this moment and activated Defensive Blade.

Peng… Peng… Peng…

Another series of metallic clangs echoed throughout the forest.

Urdia had exhausted over half of Defensive Blade’s block counts in that one exchange. By the time Defensive Blade ended, Shi Feng had only moved 50 yards closer to the barrier.

As Urdia was about to launch another attack, Shi Feng activated Abyssal Bind.

Over 20 pitch-black chains emerged from the void, binding Urdia and forcing the Heroic Spirit to a grinding halt.

At Tier 3, Abyssal Bind could hold a target for up to five seconds, and it should be 100% effective against a Tier 3 being like Urdia. It was also Shi Feng’s final trump card.


However, before Shi Feng could relax, he heard the sound of a chain shattering.

When he had gone berserk, Urdia had become nearly stronger than a Mythic monster. It had only taken the Heroic Spirit an instant to shatter one of the chains. As if they were made of paper, the other chains began to break, one after another.

“For the crime of desecrating a saint’s grave, you will die!” Urdia bellowed as he swung his freed arms, slashing his greatsword at Shi Feng, who stood over 50 yards away.

As Urdia swung his greatsword, a torrent of fire swept toward Shi Feng.

Shi Feng spun, meeting the attack with his swords as the flames were about to hit him.

Void Shield!

The Void Shield, which had 10 times Shi Feng’s maximum HP, nearly shattered as a result of the attack, and the impact threw Shi Feng backward over 30 yards.

What a frightening move! Shi Feng silently celebrated when he saw that his Void Shield had only cracked. If he hadn’t responded appropriately, that attack would’ve killed him.

Urdia was far more powerful than Shi Feng had imagined. Had he allowed his strength and greed to blind him, challenging the largest grave instead, he would’ve died the moment his Absolute Domain’s duration ended.

Meanwhile, thanks to Urdia’s attack, Shi Feng and the Heroic Spirit were now separated by 100 yards. Although Abyssal Bind wouldn’t hold down Urdia for five seconds, it should be able to keep him in place for two.

Fortunately, as a Tier 3 Heroic Spirit, Urdia couldn’t attack a target that was so far away.

In the remaining two seconds, Shi Feng widened the gap between him and his pursuer by more than 300 yards.

Urdia’s Movement Speed was much higher than Shi Feng’s, but during a chance, Urdia would need some time to get within attack range. Meanwhile, Shi Feng continued to move closer to the barrier.

150 yards… 100 yards… 50 yards…

When Urdia was less than 80 yards away from Shi Feng and was about to bombard the fleeing Swordsman once more, Shi Feng finally slipped through the magic barrier.

Enraged, Urdia sent another wave of fire at Shi Feng, but this time, Shi Feng retrieved a Summon Guard Scroll and called forth Anna.

As Anna appeared before him, Shi Feng breathed a sigh of relief.

He might not be a match for a titled, Tier 3 Heroic Spirit, but that wasn’t the case for Anna. Anna was an Epic Guard with a 113-point Growth Potential. She might not rival an NPC Hero of the same Tier, but she wasn’t far from it. She’d have no problems holding off Urdia.

Calmly, Anna swung her staff and cast a Spell in response to Urdia’s fiery attack.

A black-white, two-fold magic array appeared before the Personal Guard. The moment Urdia’s flames encountered the array, it looked like they had crashed into the side of a rocky mountain. No matter how much fire crashed into and burned the magic array, they didn’t do any damage.

“Alright! Let’s leave!”

With Urdia chasing after him, even after he had crossed the inner region’s magic barrier, Shi Feng immediately activated the Tier 2 Group Instantaneous Teleportation Scroll he had pulled from his bag earlier, leaving the island with Anna by his side.