Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2309 - Blade Saint Legacy Secured So strong!

Chapter 2309 – Blade Saint Legacy Secured So strong!

Shi Feng was surprised to see his doppelganger only lose a little over 5,000 HP after receiving Urdia’s Eight Extreme Slashes.

Although his doppelganger had already been quite powerful with Dragon Soul active, nearly invincible among beings of the same tier, it had grown even stronger, especially its Strength and Defense. In these two Attributes, his doppelganger could practically rival Tier 4 Mythic monsters.

Moreover, the size of the Black Dragon’s body afforded Shi Feng plenty of advantages. Before the Black Dragon’s ten- meter-tall frame, Urdia looked like little more than a small animal. The doppelganger wouldn’t have any issue stopping the Heroic Spirit’s attacks.

However, Urdia didn’t pause after his attack failed. He immediately appeared before the Black Dragon’s head, his flaming greatsword transforming into a colossal pillar of fire.

Tier 3 Taboo Skill, Burning Sword!

When the fire pillar completed its transformation, it stretched across 100 yards. The Black Dragon looked tiny before the flaming weapon, and Urdia swung it down on the doppelganger.

Not even Shi Feng could escape the pillar’s range, much less the Black Dragon.

“Don’t think I’m so easy to kill!”

As the fire pillar descended, Shi Feng had his Black Dragon use Dragon Breath.

Unlike the Dragon Breath Skill from his Heavenly Dragon’s Breath ring, the Black Dragon’s ability was the real deal. According to legend, a Tier 5 Dragon Breath could vaporize an entire city instantly. The true Dragon Breath was easily more powerful than any Taboo Skill or Curse, essentially rivaling Divine Arts.

The Black Dragon opened its maw, and a horrific amount of Mana concentrated between its jaws. In the blink of an eye, a pitch-black energy ball as large as a small house had taken shape, and as the Black Dragon released a deafening roar, the energy ball reformed as a pillar of pitch-black light, firing toward the Heroic Spirit’s pillar of fire.


The Dragon Breath and Burning Sword slammed into each other, creating a shockwave that shook their surroundings and didn’t dissipate until it had spread 500 yards away. At the point of impact, space had crumbled, forming a black hole. It felt as if Armageddon had begun.

Sure enough, the true Dragon Breath is far more powerful! Shi Feng could not help but be astonished when he saw Urdia being sent flying.

Shi Feng had only hoped that the Black Dragon would stop Urdia’s killing move; he hadn’t actually expected the doppelganger to win that exchange, dealing over -30,000 damage to the Heroic Spirit.

Urdia wasn’t in danger of dying after losing 30,000 HP, but it was enough damage for the Black Dragon to hold the Heroic Spirit’s aggro. Now, Urdia’s focus had turned away from Shi Feng’s main body.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Shi Feng charged at the gravestone.

System: Do you wish to activate the grave and absorb a portion of the grave owner’s Legacy?

Without any hesitation, Shi Feng activated the grave the moment the prompt window appeared.

Like the previous grave, a loading bar appeared when he activated. However, this loading bar required 12 seconds, rather than the 8 seconds the previous grave had required. Shi Feng celebrated the fact that he had decided to keep Absolute Defense in reserve. Had he used the Skill to stop Urdia, rather than rely on Dragon Soul, he would’ve died halfway through the activation process.

Unfortunately, the instant Shi Feng activated the grave, Urdia went berserk. Ignoring the Black Dragon, the Heroic Spirit dashed toward Shi Feng.

Only a little over 100 yards separated Urdia and Shi Feng, and a titled, Tier 3 Heroic Spirit would only need a few steps to cross that distance. However, the Black Dragon intercepted Urdia near the halfway mark, using its massive frame to keep the Heroic Spirit away from Shi Feng. The Black Dragon then swiped a claw at its foe.

The Black Dragon’s claw was the size of a car, and although Urdia sensed the incoming attack, he couldn’t dodge it in time, relying on his greatsword to block it.

As the claw slid along the massive blade, dazzling sparks flew from the weapon.

Urdia knocked away the Black Dragon’s claw with his greatsword. Now, he fully displayed the Strength of a Tier 3 Heroic Spirit. Even a Tier 2 Dragon would find him a difficult opponent.

Fortunately, there wasn’t a particularly large difference between the two combatants’ Basic Attributes. Although the Heroic Spirit had knocked away the Black Dragon’s claw, the Dragon steadily remained in its original position. It had only taken a little over -2,000 damage from the clash. The Black Dragon had tens of millions of HP, so this amount of damage was nothing.

Realizing this, Urdia stopped relying on brute-force to break past the Black Dragon. Instead, he executed a combat technique, transforming into seven phantoms that charged at Shi Feng’s main body.

Advanced Combat Technique, Flowing Shadow!

The seven phantoms looked and felt exactly the same; not even Shi Feng could tell the difference.

But he wasn’t ready to give up just yet. In response, he executed Lightning Slash through his Black Dragon.

As a Bronze Combat Technique, Shi Feng even had trouble executing Lightning Flash with his main body, not to mention with a doppelganger, but the Black Dragon’s physique was far superior to his, so Shi Feng barely managed to pull it off.

Fourteen claw strikes then plowed into the seven phantoms.

Peng… Peng… Peng…

Metallic clangs echoed through the cemetery as Urdia blocked all 14 strikes. The Black Dragon lost over 30,000 HP and stumbled a step back, but it had achieved its goal and stopped Urdia’s advance.

Only, Shi Feng had paled from the effort of executing Lightning Flash with the Black Dragon.

It consumed so much Concentration? Shi Feng could feel a wave of exhaustion wash over him. He had expended significantly more Concentration when executing the Bronze Combat Technique through the Black Dragon than when he used the technique himself.

Of course, Urdia hadn’t given up. He executed Flowing Shadow again, trying to reach Shi Feng.

With no other options, Shi Feng continued to rely on Lightning Flash to stop Urdia.

Two times… Three times… Four times…

Every time Shi Feng executed Lightning Flash, a considerable portion of his Concentration slipped away. By the time he executed the technique for the sixth time, he felt mentally lethargic. However, he still needed five more seconds to complete the activation process.

By the time Shi Feng executed Lightning Flash a ninth time, his complexion was as white as paper. He felt a stinging pain in his head, and the world seemed to spin around him. Now, he couldn’t even control the Abyssal Blade phantoms to stop the swarming Undead.

A large number of Forgotten Spirits flew toward Shi Feng, and Urdia circled the Black Dragon, appearing before Shi Feng’s main body. The Heroic Spirit swung his flaming greatsword down on the Swordsman.

Eight Extreme Slashes!

Eight massive sword lights appeared and threatened to devour Shi Feng completely.

When the eight sword lights were only an inch away from him, Shi Feng gritted his teeth and activated Absolute Domain. Golden, divine runes immediately began to appear on his body.

As the eight sword lights crossed that final inch, they came to an abrupt halt against the divine runes, unable to touch Shi Feng.

With Absolute Domain’s protection, neither Urdia nor the Forgotten Spirits could harm Shi Feng. Needless to say, they couldn’t stop Shi Feng from activating the grave, either.

System: Legacy Completion Rate 85%. Do you wish to accept this Legacy?