Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2308 - Abyssal Blade's Might

Chapter 2308 – Abyssal Blade’s Might

Shi Feng’s target was near the center of the forest. Simply approaching it would be incredibly difficult due to the groups of Forgotten Spirits that moved closer together near the forest’s core. If Shi Feng relied on his own strength to reach the grave, he wouldn’t get close to it, much less activate it.

Several hundred Forgotten Spirits flew toward him, and Shi Feng felt his scalp go numb.

Fortunately, he was barely able to keep the Forgotten Spirits out of attack range with the 21 Abyssal Blades fighting for him. Nine Dragons Slash had a time limit, however, so he couldn’t stop the Undead like this forever.

Although Shi Feng was confident that he could escape these monsters with his life, if he couldn’t keep the Forgotten Spirits at bay, that would be it. He wouldn’t be able to do anything more.

If he wished to secure the second-grade Legacy, it was crucial that he utilized Nine Dragons Slash’s duration efficiently.

It took me 42 seconds to reach this grave, which is about as long as I estimated. Glancing at Nine Dragons Slash’s remaining duration, Shi Feng breathed a sigh of relief. I should be able to activate the grave within the remaining time.

There were two reasons that Shi Feng had passed up the highest-grade grave. Naturally, the first was the Tier 4 Heroic Spirit that guarded it. His second reason was the lack of time. Reaching and activating the second-grade graves within Nine Dragons Slash’s 60-second duration was his limit.

Before Shi Feng could catch his breath, the silver-armored, greatsword-wielding Heroic Spirit that guarded the gravestone abruptly opened his eyes. A faint, red barrier then enveloped the gravesite, decreasing Shi Feng’s Basic Attributes and physique by 20%.

[Urdia (Flame Knight)] (Heroic Spirit, Tier 3 Berserker King) Level 101

HP 78,000,000/78,000,000

A Domain?! Shi Feng’s expression darkened as he stared at Urdia.

Shi Feng had assumed that Urdia had the strength to instant-kill Tier 3 players, but he had never thought that the Heroic Spirit would be this powerful.

Urdia might not have a lot more HP than the Heroic Spirit he had fought earlier, but he was definitely much stronger. Purely regarding Basic Attributes, he had to be 30% stronger than the Forgotten Heroic Spirit. In combination with its Domain, which only Tier 4 NPCs and above could grasp, Urdia could squash Tier 3 players like ants.

“I commend your bravery, adventurer. Over the several millennia I have stood guard, you’re the first to dare approach in search of the Blade Saint’s Legacy. I hope you can offer some entertainment,” Urdia leisurely commented. Unlike the Forgotten Heroic Spirit, which had attacked immediately, he joked around like a player as he slowly approached Shi Feng.

Seeing this, a chill crawled down Shi Feng’s spine.

They might be dead Heroes, but Heroic Spirits weren’t considered NPCs in God’s Domain. Because of this, their intellect shouldn’t be as high as NPCs’. However, that was obviously not the case for Urdia. This was also the first time Shi Feng had encountered such an intelligent Heroic Spirit.

Seeing that Urdia was already 50 yards away, Shi Feng activated the Ring of Gospel’s Miniature World and Ring of Brilliance as a precaution.

Unfortunately, Shi Feng could tell that wouldn’t be enough after the two Skills had taken effect. He then activated Blade Liberation to bolster his Basic Attributes further, and at the same time, he activated the Twilight Blade’s Twilight of the Gods and Twilight’s Shadow, splitting into eight clones.

With Twilight of the Gods and Blade Liberation active, Shi Feng’s physical doppelgangers inherited the Skills’ effects. Now, every one of his doppelgangers had the Strength to rival Grand Lords of the same level.

If eight Level 100 Grand Lords worked together, they could even take on a Level 100 Mythic monster.

However, before Shi Feng could control his doppelgangers, Urdia vanished, reappearing before Shi Feng’s clones.

The Heroic Spirit brandished his flaming greatsword, sending eight crimson sword lights at all eight doppelgangers.

Shi Feng’s doppelgangers reacted quickly, intercepting the attacks with their swords. However, the moment the crimson sword lights met the doppelgangers’ blades, the impact threw them over a dozen yards before they slammed into the ground, their swords humming. Each doppelganger instantly lost over 20,000 HP…

A Bronze Combat Technique? Shi Feng’s expression turned grim when he saw the outcome.

Extreme Slash!

Although Urdia had only executed Eight Extreme Slashes, one fewer than Miracle Dragon’s Nine Extreme Slashes, Urdia’s mastery with the technique was far greater than Miracle Dragon’s. He had mastered the Advanced Combat Technique until he had upgraded it into a Bronze Combat Technique.

This was a Tier 3 Heroic Spirit that could use Bronze Combat Techniques!

No one would’ve believed Shi Feng if he had told them about Urdia’s abilities in his previous life. Some might even mock him for his stupidity. Heroic Spirits might have once been Heroes, but they weren’t anymore. They particularly lacked intellect and weren’t even a match for ordinary NPCs regarding this aspect. Seeing a Heroic Spirit execute an Advanced Combat Technique was already quite impressive. Most Tier 3 NPCs couldn’t even master a Bronze Combat Technique, much less a Tier 3 Heroic Spirit.

And yet, the impossible had just happened…

After repelling the eight doppelgangers, Urdia shifted his gaze to Shi Feng’s main body. He executed Flame Charge, transforming into a fiery meteor as he flew toward the Swordsman. Based on how this Flame Charge appeared, Urdia’s Skill Completion Rate should be 99% or 100%.

Shi Feng didn’t dare take Urdia’s charge head-on. If the Heroic Spirit had already thrown his doppelgangers, he could definitely send Shi Feng flying. Shi Feng activated Phantom Kill, summoning another doppelganger and having it activate Blade Liberation and Defensive Blade to intercept the approaching Berserker King.

If he died during his Tier 3 Promotion Quest, he’d have to wait a long time before he could challenge it again. It was a risk he wasn’t willing to take.

However, the moment Shi Feng’s doppelganger activated Defensive Blade, urdia canceled his Flame Charge and thrust his flaming greatsword into the ground. Dozens of fiery blades the rose from the dirt, flying toward the doppelganger.

Tier 3 Skill, Storm Garrote!

Defensive Blade’s block counts were exhausted in an instant. Seeing this, Shi Feng had no choice but to focus most of his attention on his doppelganger and executed Sword’s Orbit.

When the galaxy of stars and the flaming blades met, both attacks shattered. Although the doppelganger had successfully blocked the attacks, it had been forced to stumble over a dozen steps backward. Moreover, each attack had devoured nearly 10,000 of the doppelganger’s HP. With just one Skill, Urdia had dealt over -200,000 damage…

As they kept the Forgotten Spirits away from the gravesite, the Abyssal Blade phantom’s duration continued to decrease, and Shi Feng’s doppelganger couldn’t keep Urdia distracted. It began to make Shi Feng even more nervous.

If he activated Twofold Berserk, he could hold Urdia off, but he needed to activate the grave with his main body. There was no point in trying to distract the Heroic Spirit himself.

He intended to reserve Absolute Domain for his escape from this place. Even if he activated the grave and obtained the Legacy contained within, he would fail his quest without it

“Your doppelgangers are quite good, but this is as far as you’ll get!” Urdia declared, chuckling when he realized Shi Feng’s doppelganger had survived his Storm Garrote.

Urdia pulled his greatsword from the ground and appeared before the doppelganger. He executed Eight Extreme Slashes once more, but this time, he concentrated all eight attacks on a single target.

“Dragon Soul!”

Shi Feng understood that if his doppelganger died, this quest would come to an end. Hence, he decided to use the Abyssal Blade’s strongest Skill, Dragon Soul. Right now, every Attribute point mattered.

Shi Feng’s doppelganger roared, the sound filling the entire forest. As it did, the doppelganger transformed into a ten- meter-tall, pitch-black Dragon. It had more than doubled in size than when the Abyssal Blade had only been a Tier 2 weapon.

Seeing the eight sword lights fly toward it, Shi Feng’s doppelganger swiped a single claw to block them all.


The sword lights slammed into the doppelganger’s claw, and an intense shockwave shook the forest, only fading after extending 100 yards away. A spatial tear had even appeared before the Dragon’s claw, and the doppelganger only stumbled a step back.