Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2307 - Tier 3 Abyssal Blade

Chapter 2307 – Tier 3 Abyssal Blade

The moment Shi Feng tapped on the ‘Evolve* button, the Abyssal Blade transformed into a cloud of black fog that moved toward his bag. The black fog began to devour every Mana Crystal in his bag like a ravenous wolf.

The Mana within the Mana Crystals was only slightly less pure than within Seven Luminaries Crystals, and a single Mana Crystal contained enough mana to obliterate a small town from the face of the continent. When the Abyssal Blade devoured all 100 Mana Crystals, space around Shi Feng trembled violently with the transfer of such a frightening amount of energy. At the same time, a Dragon’s roar echoed across the island. It felt as if space were about to explode, making room for a Dragon’s arrival.

Is this a Backlash? Shi Feng’s expression darkened.

With every evolution, there was a chance that the Magic Weapon would release a Backlash, and each Backlash would be stronger than the last. If the weapon’s owner couldn’t cope with a single Backlash, it would cripple their account.

Initially, Shi Feng had been confident of contending with a potential second Backlash, but based on the Mana fluctuations he sensed, he doubted that he had more than a 50% chance of surviving.

Fortunately, the Mana only fluctuated for a few moments. After three seconds, the island returned to normal, and a pitch-black sword, decorated with engraved, draconic patterns, appeared some distance away.

Despite standing five yards away from the Abyssal Blade, Shi Feng could feel the Magic Weapons’ intense Dragon Might weighing him down. His heels even sunk into the ground.

[Abyssal Blade] (One-handed Sword, Magic Weapon)

Attack Power +4,055 All Attributes +320 Attack Speed +33 Ignore Levels +25 Attacks have:

70% chance to cause 250% damage.

40% chance to cause 300% damage.

Every attack increases damage by 2% to a maximum of 30%.

If wielder belongs to a Swordsman-related class, all Skill Levels +6.

Increase Free Ability Points received for every increase in Level by 2 points.

Equipment Level 80. Can be upgraded (Devour forty Level 85 Dark-Gold Weapons to upgrade to Level 85).

Equipment Tier 3. Can be evolved (Devour 5 God Crystals to evolve to Tier 4).

Additional Active Skill 1: Phantom Kill (Tier 3). Instantly creates a doppelganger under the wielder’s control. Doppelganger has 95% of the wielder’s Attributes and all Skills. The wielder can swap positions with the doppelganger at any time.

Duration: 2 minutes

Cooldown: 5 minutes

Additional Active Skill 2: Abyssal Bind (Tier 3). Binds up to 5 enemies simultaneously and prevents movement, reducing Defense and Magic Resistance by 100%. The higher tiered the target is, the weaker the effect will be.

Duration: 5 seconds

Cooldown: 40 seconds

Additional Active Skill 3: Nine Dragons Slash (Tier 3). Instantly creates 21 phantoms of the Abyssal Blade for wielder’s use; each phantom sword deals up to 80% damage.

Duration: 60 seconds

Cooldown: 8 minutes

Additional Active Skill 4: Abyssal Curse (Tier 3). Prevents all targets within a 100-yard radius from moving or attacking for 6 seconds and reduces their Attributes by 20% for 10 minutes. Effect doubles if there is only one target in range.

Cooldown: 30 minutes

Additional Active Skill 5: Dragon Soul (Tier 3). Grants a doppelganger a Dragon Soul, transforming it into a Black Dragon. The transformed doppelganger will have the same Life Rating as a Black Dragon and can use the Skill Dragon Breath.

Duration: 5 minutes Cooldown: 24 hours

Additional Passive Skill: Abyssal Will. Improves wielder’s physique depending on the surrounding Mana density. The higher the Mana density, the greater the improvement.

Additional Profound Inheritance: Black Emperor (Tier 3). When activated, every critical hit will accumulate one stack of Death Aura. Each stack can be used to increase all Attributes by 4% and Attack Speed and Movement Speed by 3% for 12 seconds or to reduce the Cooldown of a skill by 5 seconds. Maximum of 27 stacks of Death Aura.

Duration: 10 minutes

Cooldown: 6 hours

The Famed Smith Olysses personally created the Abyssal Blade using the Black Dragon King’s fangs as material. It is one of thirty-six Famed Swords, ranking 31st. However, the Black Dragon King himself has cursed this sword. Beyond the immense strength the blade offers, the wielder must face a Backlash after a certain amount of time. However, after Jack had remodeled the Abyssal Blade with a Star Crystal, the strength of the Backlash has been reduced greatly. If the wielder is unable to suppress the Backlash, the wielder will receive the Black Dragon King’s curse, permanently reducing all Attributes by 50%.

Unable to be dropped.

Unable to be traded.

Unable to be destroyed.

So powerful! Shi Feng was stunned when he saw the evolved Abyssal Blade’s Attribute Panel.

The Abyssal Blade’s Attributes might not compare to the Twilight Bade and Killing Ray quite yet, but its Attributes could rival that of a top-tier Level 85 Epic Weapon, despite being only a Level 80 Magic Weapon. However, the improved Attributes weren’t the most shocking aspect.

The Abyssal Blade’s Skills had drastically improved now that it was a Tier 3 weapon. Now, it was the perfect weapon to use against groups. Not even an ordinary Fragmented Legendary Weapon would be its match in this regard.

Seeing the Tier 3 Abyssal Blade, Shi Feng couldn’t even imagine how much it would improve once it reached Tier 4.

Of course, evolving the Magic Weapon further would be immensely more difficult than it had been thus far, requiring God Crystals, and five of them, at that. One could only rely on luck to find God Crystals, which were even rarer and more difficult to locate than Epic Weapons.

She Feng then unequipped Killing Ray, replacing it with the Abyssal Blade.

So, this is the Abyssal Blade’s power after another evolution? As he equipped the Magic Weapon, Shi Feng was astounded.

His Attack Power and Basic Attributes might have decreased, but he was more compatible with the Abyssal Blade than he was with Killing Ray. The weapon felt like an extension of his body in his hand, and it was now unimaginably sharp.

In its current state, the Abyssal Blade could easily slice through a Level 100-plus Great Lord’s scales. Moreover, the Magic Weapon’s effects had substantially improved, and he could feel his physique growing considerably stronger. Despite replacing Killing Ray with a lower-leveled weapon, his overall combat power hadn’t decreased in the slightest. Rather, it had risen.

After taking a moment to familiarize himself with the upgraded Abyssal Blade, Shi Feng shifted his attention to the graves within the inner region.

The goal of his Promotion Quest was to locate the lost Blade Saint Legacy. Obviously, it should be inside one of those graves.

The countless Forgotten Spirits wandering through the forest and the Heroic Spirits guarding each grave were the only obstacles in his way.

A few minutes ago, Shi Feng had been helpless against the wandering Forgotten Spirits, but now that he had the Tier 3 Abyssal Blade, defeating the Undead wouldn’t be a problem.. Now, he only had to figure out a way to distract the Heroic Spirits while he opened the graves.

Unfortunately, since he didn’t know which grave contained the Legacy, he decided to challenge Heroic Spirit guarding the nearest and smallest grave.

The instant Shi Feng crossed through the translucent barrier, the Undead roaming near the chosen grave sensed Shi Feng’s aura and charged toward him.

Although the Forgotten Spirits didn’t have very high intellect, even a peak expert would have to flee if several dozen attacked together.


Shi Feng immediately activated Nine Dragons Slash. Like a group of experts, the 21 Abyssal Blade phantoms flew forth to open a path for Shi Feng.

Although each phantom only possessed 90% of Shi Feng’s Strength, the Attribute was just as high as an actual Level 100, Tier 3 player’s. As a result, the Abyssal Blade phantoms effortlessly suppressed the approaching Forgotten Spirits.

With one exchange, the phantoms shoved aside the several dozen Undead, allowing Shi Feng to reach the small grave.

“This is a resting place for the dead! The living have no place here!” the spear-wielding Tier 3 Heroic Spirit guarding the grave bellowed as he thrust his spear at Shi Feng.

[Forgotten Heroic Spirit] (Undead, Tier 3 Berserker King)

Level 10

HP 54,000,000/54,000,000

Although the Heroic Spirit did not have a lot of HP, he employed an Advanced Combat Technique with that simple thrust, causing his opponent to ignore the weapon unconsciously. Moreover, the attack contained Peak Tier 3 power, easily enough to repulse Level 100-plus Grand Lords.

If this attack struck a Tier 3 player, they’d die instantly.

Witnessing the Heroic Spirit’s strength, Shi Feng lost any confidence in defeating the Undead. Fortunately, he didn’t actually plan to fight the Heroic Spirit. Shi Feng responded to the attack by using Phantom Kill, sending his doppelganger forward while activating Defensive Blade to block the strike. Shi Feng then rushed toward the grave.

The moment Shi Feng touched the grave, a prompt window appeared before him.

System: Do you wish to activate the grave and absorb a portion of the grave owner’s Legacy?

Ecstatic, Shi Feng activated the grave.

However, a loading bar appeared the moment he did. Activating the grave would require a total of eight seconds.

When the Heroic Spirit sensed the grave’s activation, he flew into a rage. Ignoring Shi Feng’s doppelganger, the Heroic Spirit dashed toward the offending player.

Sure enough, this won’t be that easy.

As the Heroic Spirit ran toward him, Shi Feng stopped holding back. He had his doppelganger activate its Legacy Berserk Skill, Blade Liberation, focusing all of his attention on controlling the doppelganger as it attacked the Heroic Spirit.

Lightning Flash!

A web of sword lights enveloped the Heroic Spirit, yet the Undead didn’t seem concerned in the least. He spun and met the attack with his spear.

Peng… Peng… Peng…

The sounds of clanging metal echoed throughout the forest. Not only had the Heroic Spirit blocked every sword light the doppelganger had sent at him, but he managed to do so without stumbling a single step backward.

The doppelganger wasn’t a match for the Heroic Spirit, but Shi Feng didn’t care. His only goal was to delay the Tier 3 Heroic Spirit for eight seconds, not defeat him.

Shi Feng finally absorbed a portion of the grave owner’s Legacy as he sacrificed his doppelganger. As he did, a Legacy Completion Rate section had appeared in his quest window.

System: Legacy Completion Rate 15%. Do you wish to accept this Legacy?

So, that’s how this works. Shi Feng immediately understood how he was supposed to complete his Promotion Quest.

Every grave in this lush forest contained the Blade Saint Legacy, but each grave contained a different Completion Rate of the Legacy, which couldn’t be combined. It was up to him to decide how much of the Legacy he wanted to leave with.

Following which, Shi Feng abandoned the Completion Rate he had acquired from the small grave and escaped through the barrier.

The moment he crossed the magic barrier, the Forgotten Spirits and Heroic Spirit chasing him gave up and returned to their original positions.

Now that he understood his quest’s mechanics, Shi Feng set his sights on the higher-quality graves in the island’s inner region.

Naturally, the more magnificent graves were guarded by stronger Heroic Spirits. The largest grave sat within the forest’s core, as opulent as a palace with a Level 100, Tier 4 Heroic Spirit standing guard.

The graves that were a grade inferior to the palace-like grave in the center were protected by Heroic Spirits with titles.

Heroic Spirits that earned a title after their deaths had been Heroes among Heroes during their lives. Killing apex experts of the same tier would’ve been child’s play. Although they had lost a significant portion of the strength after death, they could still kill apex experts with little-to-no effort.

I can only give it a try. Shi Feng gritted his teeth as he set his sights on a greatsword-wielding, titled Heroic Spirit.

He knew he had no hope of activating the grandest grave in the cemetery. The gap between Tier 3 and Tier 4 existences was massive, let alone the gap between Tier 2 and Tier 4. The moment the Tier 4 Heroic Spirit noticed him, he’d die. However, he wasn’t willing to settle for third-grade graves. After all, the Legacy’s Completion Rate would severely affect the Tier 3 Promotion Quest’s rewards. At the very least, he had to try for the second-grade graves.

Once his Skills’ Cooldowns had finished, Shi Feng dashed into the inner region once more, running straight for a grave that was the size of a small high-rise.