Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2305 - Tier 3 Promotion Quest

Chapter 2305 – Tier 3 Promotion Quest

Star-Moon Kingdom, White River City’s library:

Following a Level 180, Tier 3 Templar Knight, Shi Feng arrived before the Star-Moon Hall on the library’s top floor. As he entered the hall and spotted Sharlyn, who wore luxurious red robes and sat in her throne on the far end of the room, something surprised Shi Feng.

Now, he could sense a trace of Divine Might from Sherlyn, and it was nothing like the Divine Might items radiated. Although it wasn’t as strong as the Divine Might from items Gods had used, it was incredibly pure. The closer he got to the woman, the stronger the pressure felt.

Even with his powerful Basic Attributes, Shi Feng couldn’t step within 10 yards of Sharlyn. He suspected she was already more powerful than Demigods.

“You’re here. Looking at you, I assume you intend to challenge your Tier 3 promotion; am I correct?” Sharlyn asked, giving Shi Feng a natural, humanlike smile. She looked at him like an old friend.

“That’s right.” Shi Feng nodded.

He might be quite powerful, even enough to give the various superpowers a huge headache, but to truly contend with the superpowers, he had to reach Tier 3 at the very least.

Once he was a Tier 3 player, he could freely explore Level 100-plus maps and qualify to become a Lord, gaining full rights to manage a territory.

As true Lords, players could gain full control over the land they had earned. Their authority would no longer be limited to a town or city. Not only would they have the authority to slay anyone they wished within their territory, but they could also hire NPC soldiers to protect the area and remove intruders. This would make it a lot easier to harvest resources within one’s territory.

Zero Wing had the strength to protect its assets, but it couldn’t contend with the various superpowers in the fields. Even an ordinary superpower had countless experts under its command, and Zero Wing would need more time before it could rival these superpowers in that regard.

There were only so many Level 100-plus neutral maps in God’s Domain, and once players reached Level 100, the various superpowers would begin to take their territories seriously. They would no longer be as peaceful.

Shi Feng’s only option was to become a Lord. Once he had that status, not only would Zero Wing’s ability to protect itself increase by tenfold, but the Guild’s development speed would also undergo a qualitative transformation.

“Since you’ve already prepared, I won’t waste your time,” Sharlyn said, smiling. She extended a hand toward Shi Feng and continued, “Three hundred Mana Stones and 20 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal.”

Shi Feng’s lips twitched when he heard Sharlyn’s price.

This was daylight robbery!

Since his Tier 3 Promotion Quest’s Mana Stone cost had been so high, he had prepared over 300 Mana Stones before revisiting Sharlyn. Fortunately, he had also prepared 30 units of Seven Luminaries Crystals just in case.

And of course, Sharlyn casually demanded 90% of the Mana Stones and Seven Luminaries Crystals he had on hand…

“Here!” Shi Feng growled, gritting his teeth. In the end, he had no choice but to hand the items over.

Tier 3 was a huge turning point for players, and he was a Blade Saint. His wouldn’t be an ordinary Promotion Quest. He couldn’t exactly avoid challenging the quest due to the cost.

“Not bad. This should just be enough to support the magic array’s activation,” Sharlyn said, smiling as she received the Mana Stones and Seven Luminaries Crystals. “However, I must warn you that you’ll be heading to a special location.

The dangers you will encounter there are beyond your imagination. Even a true Tier 3 being would struggle to survive. How much you accomplish will be entirely up to you.”

Sharlyn began to chant an incantation, and a threefold magic array appeared in the center of the hall. Gradually, a set of pitch-black doors began to appear, and Shi Feng’s knees nearly buckled under the door’s horrific pressure.

I’m not going to a Level 100 neutral map to find my lost Legacy? Shi Feng frowned as he watched the spatial tear form between the black doors.

The Tier 3 Promotion Quest wouldn’t be like the previous Promotion quests. Since the various kingdoms and empires lacked Tier 3 Legacies, players would have to search ancient ruins in Level 100-plus neutral maps for them. Not even Peak Legacies were exempt from the process.

However, it was clear that he wouldn’t be visiting some Level 100 neutral map on the main continent. The unexpected development interfered with his plans. His past experiences and knowledge about Tier 3 Promotion Quests would be useless.

Shi Feng didn’t give the matter much thought, however, as he approached the black doors. These doors wouldn’t remain for long, and if they disappeared before he entered the spatial tear, the system would deem the Promotion Quest a failure. Not only would he have wasted a ton of valuable resources, but he’d also have to wait a long time before he could attempt the Promotion Quest again.

The moment Shi Feng stepped into the spatial tear, he transformed into a streak of light, vanishing from the large hall. He had no idea how long he had been stuck in the space-time tunnel, but when he reopened his eyes, he found himself on a huge island floating in an endless void. The island was barren and quiet, containing multiple spatial tears that had enough power to tear a Mythic monster to shreds.

The island’s environment was a complete mess. Shi Feng constantly felt some berserk energy assault his body, causing damage and limiting his perception.

A Void Land? Shi Feng was speechless as he examined his surroundings.

A Void Land was a land of death in God’s Domain. Even a Domain Realm expert would be as weak as a noob when subjected to a Void Land’s environment, barely able to exhibit any of their combat power.

When he spotted the island’s Level 100-plus Void Creatures, a chill crawled down his spine.

[Void Worm] (Void Creature, Great Lord)

Level 101

HP 120,000,000/120,000,000

[Void Viper] (Void Creature, Grand Lord)

Level 102

HP 300,000,000/300,000,000

Void Creatures had extremely high resistance to physical and magical damage. Normally, even Tier 3 players would have to work with a full party to defeat a Level 100 Great Lord ranked Void Creature. Unfortunately, not only was this barren island home to thousands of Void Worms, but they also moved in groups of three to five. As for the Void Vipers that floated in the air, a single one of them could easily annihilate an entire Tier 3 team.

Not even Tier 3 players would survive long on this island, much less Tier 2 players.

System: You have accepted your Tier 3 Promotion Quest.

Quest content: Locate the Blade Saint Legacy sealed in this Void Land and remove the seal to obtain the Legacy.

Sure enough, the Promotion Quest for one of the Ten Saint Legacies is vicious. The corners of Shi Feng’s lips twitched as he read the system notification.

He’d be at his limit fighting a single Void Worm. He’d have no choice but to flee if he encountered two at the same time, yet these Void Worms roamed in such large groups. Just exploring the island would be a problem, not to mention finding the Blade Saint Legacy.

Fortunately, he was allowed to use items in this Void Land, and as such, he immediately pulled the Bible of Darkness from his bag and summoned a Tier 3 Demon. He summoned Anna and Kite as well. He then relied on the Tier 3 Demon as his MT, while Anna and Kite offered support from the sides.

The Void Worms might be a problem for ordinary Tier 3 players, but they were merely practice targets with high HP to Anna and Kite. Their battle with the Void Worms was completely one-sided, and after just half an hour, five Void Worms had fallen.

As they died, the Void Worms granted Shi Feng a ton of EXP and dropped a crystal that was as dark as night.

A Mana Crystal! Shi Feng could not believe his eyes as he held the crystal. How is this possible?