Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2300 - Clash with the Fang Family

Chapter 2300 – Clash with the Fang Family

Zero Wing’s main headquarters, top-floor reception room:

Four people waited in the reception room, and the atmosphere was unusually depressing. Xiao Yu, who acted as the receptionist, wore a particularly ugly expression.

Xiao Yu’s reaction to the middle-aged man was the cause of the atmosphere in the room. The older gentleman wore gray, martial artist robes and loomed like a mountain. His aura was also quite oppressive.

However, his physical presence wasn’t the only reason for Xiao Yu’s reaction. His identity was the true reason.

The middle-aged man was the current head of the Fang Family and the chairman of the Qilin Corporation, Fang Zhenyuan!

The Qilin Corporation might not be on the same level as the Five States Corporation, but it was one of the first-rate corporations in the country. It was also why the Fang Family stood at the top among Fenglin City’s powerful families.

If Fang Zhenyuan wished it, he could destroy the Big Dipper Group with a word.

Why wouldn’t Xiao Yu be afraid with such an important individual before him?

Fang Zhenyuan was a true mogul in the business world, nothing like the youngsters that had inherited their families’ businesses.

A young man and woman accompanied Fang Zhenyuan in the room. The young man was none other than Fang Mingyu, the Fang Family’s strongest expert of the younger generation. On the other hand, Xiao Yu didn’t recognize the young woman with long, wavy hair and wearing a bright-red dress. However, he knew she must be of high status, considering that she visited Zero Wing’s headquarters alongside Fang Zhenyuan.

As Xiao Yu wondered why a VIP like Fang Zhenyuan would visit Zero Wing’s headquarters, the reception room’s doors opened, and Shi Feng, Bai Qingxue, and Lei Bao entered.

Fang Mingyu’s indifferent expression vanished the moment he saw Shi Feng. Even Xiao Yu could see the fear in the large man’s eyes. However, Fang Mingyu’s gaze also contained a trace of killing intent.

Xiao Yu found the man’s reaction reasonable after giving the matter some thought. Fang Mingyu was the Fang Family’s prided genius, yet Shi Feng had subdued him with a single move in the Redstone Restaurant. To make matters worse, Fenglin City’s upper society frequently visited the Redstone Restaurant, and they wouldn’t miss the news of Fang Mingyu’s miserable defeat.

“I had my doubts about Mingyu’s claim, but looking at you now, it seems he had been correct. You are both courageous and strong. I’m afraid none among the younger generation is a match for you,” Fang Zhenyuan said, a trace of shock flashing in his eyes as he examined Shi Feng.

Gentle Snow, who had already been worried about this visit, began to panic when she saw Fang Zhenyuan. She had never expected him to visit Zero Wing personally.

“Mister Fang’s praise is too generous. May I know what business the Fang Family has with me today?” Shi Feng asked, getting straight to the point.

The Fang Family’s visit didn’t particularly surprise Shi Feng. Since they had made a personal appearance, they must have important business to discuss, but Shi Feng had no desire to play their word games. He still had a lot he needed to do.

“Since you’ve asked, I’ll just put it bluntly. You’d caused quite a commotion in the Redstone Restaurant. After all is said and done, the Fang Family is one of the most reputable families in Fenglin City. If we don’t take act, how do you think the other families will view ours?” Fang Zhenyuan peacefully explained. “However, I’ve heard that Zero Wing’s development in God’s Domain is quite impressive, and the virtual combat platform you’ve recently set up has been performing considerably well. The Fang Family has interests in these aspects, so we plan to invest in Zero Wing. In return, the Fang Family only wants 51% of Zero Wing’s shares.

“Not only will Zero Wing receive a massive capital deposit from the Qilin Corporation too boost its development, but you’ll also have access to the various dojos and training centers in Fenglin City for recruiting and nurturing talented players. What are your thoughts?”

After Fang Zhenyuan’s statement, the room fell silent. Xiao Yu stared at the man in astonishment. He had never thought that this colossal existence would be interested in Zero Wing enough to offer full investment.

Although many Guilds in God’s Domain were supported by major corporations, that support was limited. No corporation would invest so much in a single Guild.

If Zero Wing had the Qilin Corporation’s full support, both Zero Wing and the Heaven’s Rumble Training Center’s development speed would undergo a qualitative transformation. However, Fang Zhenyuan’s demand for 51% of the organization’s shares would set him up as Zero Wing’s owner.

Gentle Snow paled instantly. She hadn’t expected the Fang Family’s appetite to be this large.

“This is the friendliest threat I’ve ever heard,” Shi Feng said, chuckling.

To put it simply, Fang Zhenyuan wanted to become Zero Wing’s majority shareholder in exchange for letting the previous insult slide.

“Do you intend to make an enemy of the Fang Family?” Fang Zhenyuan asked, frowning. Coldy, he continued, “Or do you think that you can lead Zero Wing and Heaven’s Rumble against the Fang Family with your martial prowess alone?”

As Fang Zhenyuan’s tone chilled, the intensity of his aura spiked. The room grew heated as if a volcano had begun to erupt.

“A neutralizing grandmaster!” Lei Bao exclaimed from behind Shi Feng, stunned by the revelation.

Although Lei Bao had felt substantial pressure from Fang Zhenyuan and knew this man was no ordinary person, he hadn’t expected the head of the Fang Family to be a neutralizing grandmaster.

It was impressive enough for one family to nurture a single neutralizing grandmaster. A family could prosper for an entire century with just one such individual. The Fang Family only enjoyed its current status today due to Old Man Fang, Fang Zhenyuan’s father.

And yet, Fang Zhenyuan exposed the fact that he was also a neutralizing grandmaster, which meant the Fang Family had two such individuals.

When Xiao Yu heard Lei Bao’s statement, he was just as stunned. With two neutralizing grandmasters, it had enough influence to force the various families, dojos, and training centers in Fenglin City to obey its every command, regardless of the rest of the Fang Family’s martial prowess.

Fang Mingyu, who reclined on a sofa, sneered at Shi Feng.

Everyone had assumed the Fang Family’s rise was due to his grandfather. They also believed that once his grandfather reached his 101st birthday, the family would crumble.

However, the public didn’t realize that the Fang Family’s foundations had grown since his grandfather had led the family. If they hadn’t, his grandfather would never have passed control of the family to his father, Fang Zhenyuan.

Fang Mingyu acknowledged that he was no match for Shi Feng, but the tricks Shi Feng had played against him wouldn’t work with his father. When he faced his father, Fang Mingyu didn’t even have the heart to resist. He had no hope of contending with his father’s inhuman fitness in a direct confrontation.

“How can I know if I don’t try?” Shi Feng nonchalantly replied.

“Good! Let me see if you’re as strong as you claim!”

Fang Zhenyuan’s fist then shot toward Shi Feng with exceptional speed and grace.