Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2293 - Capturing the Northern Fortress

Chapter 2293 – Capturing the Northern Fortress

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion members gaped in shock when they saw the Undead General and 15 Undead Warriors die.

We won, just like that? Even Phoenix Rain felt as if she were dreaming.

She had read the report on Thirteen Thrones’ attempt to capture the Small fortress. Both Thirteen Thrones and Starlink had suffered over 10,000 casualties just to get through the fortress’s entrance. Moreover, they had only faced Level 100-plus Grand Lords, not a Level 100-plus Mythic monster, during that battle.

And yet, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had only lost a few hundred players, and Zero Wing’s forces had already slain the Undead Warriors and Undead General that served as the Northern Fortress’s gatekeepers. All it had taken was one Tier 4 Hero and two Personal Guards. Moreover, the Hero wasn’t as responsible for their success as the Personal Guard, Anna. No one would believe her if she told this tale.

The Undead General and Undead Warriors had also dropped better loot than any of them had expected. Not only had they dropped a lot of Level 100 Secret-Silver Equipment, but several pieces of Level 100 Fine-Gold Equipment had also dropped. The sight of their harvest even excited Phoenix Rain.

The equipment’s Attributes were awe-inspiring. It was no exaggeration to say that a player in full Level 100 Secret- Silver Equipment could easily defeat a player in Level 90 Dark-Gold Set Equipment. Furthermore, the loot included the Mountain Copper Set, a Level 100 Secret-Silver Set Equipment.

“Everyone, get into the fortress! Ignore the mobs!” Shi Feng hurriedly commanded once the mini Bosses had died. “We need to destroy the Defensive Magic Towers before they repair the magic barrier!”

As long as the Northern Fortress’s four Defensive Magic Towers remained, they would automatically reconstruct the defensive magic barrier around the fortress. If they wanted this operation to succeed, they had to be extremely fast.

Although destroying each Defensive Magic Tower would significantly increase the time needed to reconstruct the array, the towers weren’t easy to take down. As soon as players entered the fortress, they’d encounter an endless stream of monsters trying to stop them, and it wouldn’t be long before the fortress’s Guardian Boss joined the battle. With how large and spacious the Northern Fortress was, it was easy to imagine how difficult it would be to destroy the towers while keeping the Guardian Boss and mobs at bay.

With Shi Feng’s command, the players swarmed toward the fortress’s entrance, with everyone following the Tier 4 Hero as Arslet opened a path.

Beyond the walls, the Northern Fortress was organized like a town. As soon as they entered, the players were greeted by the sight of tattered houses. Undead filled the streets, and the Defensive Magic Towers stood in the fortress’s four corners, looking inconspicuous.

Once the players crossed the entrance’s threshold, they gasped.

Numerous Grand Lord ranked Undead Warriors roamed the streets, and when they saw the invaders, two Mythic ranked Undead Warlords emerged from the Undead army’s ranks. A six-meter-tall Undead followed behind the two Undead Warlords, wearing black armor and a crown on its head. When the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s experts sensed the crowned Undead’s horrific pressure and death energy, they couldn’t help but shudder. Some of them even struggled to move.

[Undead Warlord] (Undead, Mythic)

Level 102

HP 630,000,000/630,000,000

[Undead King] (Undead Creature, Ancient Fiend, Mythic)

Level 103

HP 1,420,000,000/1,420,000,000 “Why does it have to be an Ancient Fiend?”

Even Shi Feng was shocked when he saw the Undead King’s statistics. He had known the Northern Fortress would be immensely difficult to capture, but he had never dreamed that the challenge would be this great.

Based on what he remembered from his previous life, the Northern Fortress’s Guardian Boss should only have been a Mythic ranked Realm Lord, yet the Guardian Boss before him was a Mythic ranked Ancient Fiend…

Once it crossed the Level 100 threshold, and its restrictions had been removed, a Mythic ranked Ancient Fiend could nearly rival a Dragon.

Before anyone could react, the Undead King vanished.

It reappeared above the player army, swinging down its skeletal greatsword. Overwhelming death energy poured down on the player army, so powerful that it cracked the space around it.

Not good! Shi Feng’s expression turned grim at the sight.

The Undead King’s intellect was far higher than the Undead General they had faced moments ago. Once the Guardian Boss sensed the invaders, it launched an attack, targeting the most densely packed area. If they allowed the Undead King to land its AOE attack, several thousand players would die instantly.

However, just as the wave of dark energy was about to land on the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s members, a figure suddenly appeared in the air above them. This figure belonged to none other than Arslet.

Arslet had activated a Skill, sending a towering pillar of light crashing into the wave of dark energy. The light pillar neutralized the attack in the collision, and the resulting shockwave devoured a significant portion of the players’ HPs. Some of them hadn’t been able to cope at all and died.

Although Arslet had the upper hand against the Undead King, he couldn’t suppress the Ancient Fiend completely. As a result, the Undead King attacked the player army from time to time, each blow reaping several hundred lives and devastating the surrounding terrain.

The Pavilion’s players began to despair. The difference between their strength and the Undead King’s was too massive. This was no longer a fight Tier 2 players had any hope of surviving.

If the Undead King was so terrifying, even while it was distracted, how were they supposed to deal with the two Undead Warlords and numerous Undead Warriors?

“Phoenix Pavilion Master, leave the Bosses to us. Your team should try to destroy the Defensive Magic Towers as quickly as possible,” Shi Feng quickly reminded Phoenix Rain.

Not only could the Defensive Magic Towers regenerate the defensive magic array around the Northern Fortress, but they could also reinforce the Guardian Boss. Without those towers, the Undead King, which was 17 levels lower than Arslet, wouldn’t be able to attack the surrounding players while fighting the Hero.

The only hope they had of defeating the Undead King relied on the Defensive Magic Towers’ destruction. If that failed, the fortress’s Undead would slay every player, regardless of whether nor not Arslet could survive against the Ancient Fiend.

“But those two Undead Warlords…” Phoenix Rain insisted, worried as she glanced at the Mythic monsters that guarded the path to the Defensive Magic Towers.

The two Undead Warlords were no trivial opponents. They might not be as strong as the Undead King, but if they ambushed her army’s healers, the rest of her players would fall.

“Don’t worry about them! We’ll keep those two Undead Warlords busy!” Shi Feng shouted back.

Shi Feng then retrieved the Ring of Gospel, sacrificing 7,000 Magic Crystals to activate Miniature World and Ring of Brilliance. Within a 5,000-yard radius, space froze, and all enemies’ physiques and Basic Attributes dropped. At the same time, all allies within 2,000 yards of Shi Feng received a boost to their physiques and Basic Attributes.

Everyone immediately sensed the gap between themselves and the Undead army shortening significantly.

Once that was done, Shi Feng sent Anna and Kite after the two Undead Warlords.

Although the Undead Warlords were powerful, the two Mythic Bosses would need quite some time to deal with the players when faced with the strengthened Holy Knight, Kite, and the suppressing barrier the 18 Rock guardians had formed.

When she saw this, Phoenix Rain stopped holding back, activating all of the Tier 3 Summoning Scrolls she had prepared to open a path to the Defensive Magic Towers. She also used quite a few defensive magic arrays and Tier 4 large-scale destruction Magic Scrolls. Once the force had reached one of the towers, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s members bombarded it with their attacks.

Time passed quickly.

As each Defensive Magic Tower fell, the Undead King’s attacks became more powerful. As a result, the player armor suffered more casualties. When only one Defensive Magic Tower remained, the Undead King began to attack the Rock Guardians’ magic barrier to free the Undead Warriors.

“Hurry! That barrier won’t last much longer!” Shi Feng urged Phoenix Rain and the others as he watched the barrier’s Mana reserves rapidly deplete.

Just before the magic barrier shattered, the sound of a collapsing building echoed throughout the fortress.

After fighting for more than an hour, suffering over 10,000 casualties, and expending all of their Tier 3 and Tier 4 Magic Scrolls, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s members had finally destroyed all four Defensive Magic Towers.

As the fourth and final Defensive Magic Tower fell, the death energy and Mana within the Northern Fortress substantially decreased. The Undead King’s Basic Attributes also fell by as much as 20%, instantly giving Arslet an overwhelming advantage.

With Arslet suppressing the Ancient Fiend, the players were able to attack the Undead Warlords without interruption. Finally, after nearly two hours, the Undead King and the two Undead Warlords died.

“We did it!”

“We won!”

The surviving players cheered as the Undead King collapsed to the ground. Even Phoenix Rain was immensely excited. She hadn’t actually thought that they’d successfully capture the Northern Fortress.

Shi Feng stepped up to the Undead King’s corpse, quickly locating a dark-gold token and picking it up.

The moment Shi Feng touched the token, the sound of a system notification reached every player’s ears.

Gravity Mountain Range Region System Announcement: Congratulations to Zero Wing for capturing the Northern Fortress and becoming its lord. Guild Popularity in Dragonheart City increased by 10,000.